239: Journey Into Darkness

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This is one of my favorite shooters, right up there with Half-Life and Bioshock in terms of engrossing story. Having more detailed environments kept it from being a stellar technical shooter, but it's still worth playing just for the narrative. Thanks to Logan for recognizing greatness!

The story may have been nice,but the game was so bad.You died in a snap,most of your little companions were useless,and a helicopter was indestructible!I hated that game

3 pages and no mention of Steven segal films I am sad panda...

The darkness is a masterpiece ,broken perhaps but damn good, Its so bad so good factor is up there with Infernal and Dark sector!

Boy do you have a way with words Logan. An excellent article.

Indeed this hypes me for the next installment of The Darkness.

Great write up. I absolutely love this game. One of the few shooters I even like. The storytelling was on an extremely high level and was one of the emotive games out there. It's great there's a sequel coming out after so long. I thought it would never happen. I just hope so much that the quality remains from the change of studio. It's going to be very very hard to top the first game.

The Darkness still stands out as one of my favorite FPS games of all time. not because of the action which is fun even though you'll be spending most of it shooting out lights and using the creeping horror, but because of the story. The scene with Jenny is still one of the only turely romantic scenes i've ever encountered in a video game.

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