Zero Punctuation: Dark Void

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I literally choked when I saw the meter jump. Well... I enyojed this video, as I did all the others, but damn, the meter got me. :D

I don't if it's my buggered controller,but whenever i pressed Y to fly,he did a nosedive and i had to slam the control stick down (or up,it may have been inverted flight controls that are usually inverted anyway) to stop him burying his head in the sand.
couldn't stand this game at all.
good review though.

"It's down, then up, then down again, like an alzheimer's patient on a stairlift."

A great closing line, as always.

If a little mean-spirited

I won't be getting the game, but it's nice to know that developers are trying something new. Maybe somday they'll also get it right.

Well, there are always developers trying something new, as Yahtzee graciously points out frequently as he is, after all, our overlordly master of all fantasticalness with a bristish accent. Where was I going with this? -- Right.. There are always developers trying something new. Unfortunately, people as a whole are so sheepish and retarded (see any Facebook group that suggests its members will not pay for Facebook and look jsut how many idiots have joined thinking they are actually protesting something that might happen.. Say it with me, it will never happen, it will never fucking happen, Facebook makes money out the ass with their ads alone to support their servers... And drug addictions..) Wait.. -- Right.. So sheepish and retarded that they'll continue to buy the same game as long as they add a number to the end.. See also: Halo.. It's more of an expansion pack than a new game..

The fact of the matter is, developers who try new stuff will always be plagued by the masses who will cry out in unity, "This is not Halo!!!!" and proceed to gloss over the different games in search of something more comfortable, sort of like a kid who carries around an old raggedy security blanket that wreaks of moldy cheese and despair. Until the world as a whole removes its cranium from its rectum, games like this that have the potential to rock the very foundation of your mind with just how awesome they are, will always have problems with funding and actually finishing a game to what they wanted it to be.. And until then, we're stuck with, "Man this game is getting gre---- ****CREDITS****

great review as always. from what i played of the demo it didn't really interest me much anyways

This review has probably the best similes I've ever heard. Kudos!

Dark Void didn't appeal to me anyway. Loved the Crimson Skies reference though.

Hmm. You've actually gone and made it sound really interesting. I filed this game in the same place as haze and terminator salvation, and here you are telling me it's slightly enjoyable... cool.

I have to say I loved the dead space joke. As a fan of it, I've constantly been through those moments and inevitably have been murdered. No matter how annoying the cheap death was, I always found it amusing to see Isaac disappear for a few moments, then see him reappear with three limbs off.

Ironically enough, for a lackluster game, this is one of the games I'd really like to see a sequel for. The innovative idea of um, jetpacks plus guns plus freedom could equal wonderfully shooty fun... if it gets a budget next time, anyway.

Down, up then down again.
Hmm, that reminds me of:
Last night with your mum
My breakfast this morning
Anytime me and me chums go drinking
Or any other humorus shit you could pin that to.

Excelent review as per always, better than most.
"With cleavage that could hold up a fucking Christmas tree."
Best bit right there.

Just want to remind Yahtzee and the Escapist community that Jetpacks has been an integral part of game play in Tribes 1, 2, & vengeance. Also from what I hear Shattered Horizon also implements some interesting jet pack mechanics. However they are all multi player focused so I guess they don't exist for Yahtzee.

It does take balls on the part of the developer to include such a freedom enhancing tool such as a jet pack. When the ceiling no longer boxes you in to a room, your level designer's job becomes a lot more difficult.

Alzheimer's patient on a stair lift is your best metaphor yet.

Hmm. Think I'm gonna' rent it now. Didn't even plan to before seeing this video.

It'd be worth it just to check out the zany jetpack combat.

Great video. I must admit i was never really interested in this game, the jetjack doesn't sell it for me.


I am always on the lookout for a game where i can paint walls with body parts and rocket engines... so I'm probably gonna have to check this out.

Dark Void Zero is actually an easier sell. I might get that, but probably not the full game. I might kick myself for that later because I did the same with Bionic Commando 09, and that game is actually tons of fun once you get the hang of it.

I think the dsi version will be the best of the 2

When I first saw this game I instantly thought "oh boy, a pretty Rocketman game" and still hold it to that.

So, let me sum this up:

Okay game. Has its moments. Too short. Rent, do not buy.

Sounds like a plan.

Pretty good BUUUUUT I was really hoping for a Mass effect 2 Review.

I'm not too sure where I sit on this particular review. A little drunken from end to end, considering how many times it hobbles between the "good" and "bad" labels. If anything, I'm more curious about the fanbase than the review-content itself. It's a lot easier to be negative and funny than positive, but angry rants seem to have a limit of how much they can truly accomplish.

Somehow, Zero Punctuation has reminded delightlessly immune to long-running positive commentary, and it ends up making the series strike me as stale. The humor's still there, and still funny, but bile gets so tiresome for more than a video at a time. Although that's the genius of one video a week.

I agree with Yahtzee. Dark Void feels unfinished and overambitious.

My question is how ambitious does something have to be before it's overambitious. I'd like to see more games spew the kind of ambition this game shows. The ambition wasn't met with enough drive to really capitalize itself on a solid game. I remember enjoying what of it I played, and finding out it ended too quickly is a shame, but the ambition is something that should be celebrated, not condemned. Perhaps not due to unfulfilled potential, but at least the game tried. It's a lot more than we can say for a lot of titles out in the world right now.

Shamanic Enzan:
Makes you wonder just how much money it'll take for the studios to let someone actually finish a decent game.

Depending on how you define decent game, but there are arguably examples out there. The games Indigo Prophecy (Farenheit in most other countries) and Shenmue both saw a lot more development time and budget than many games do, are ambitious, and accomplish the scope of their dreams. So it's not impossible to find an example of games that really spent the money and time.

They're out there, if you look, just not many of them.

Cyanide Christ:
Thanks yahtzee, you saved me 60 bucks once more :)

I'd say you should be careful with listening to reviews too closely for all your purchasing decisions, especially those by Yahtzee. While he may be technically a game critic, his work often lacks the depth to really detail whether or not a game is worth the mention.

As well as that, part of his charm is his subjectivity. The issue comes from the fact that subjectivity is the sort of thing that needs to be put aside for game reviews. It's subjectivity that made Yahtzee speak a little too favorably on Psychonauts, and a little too harshly on Brutal Legend. That same subjectivity manages to paint every review he's made.

So, you're welcome to take his opinion. Just do so with a grain of salt, and looking around at other reviewers as well. It never hurts to have a wide opinion.

Why didn't someone on the planning committee realize "Wait! The jetpack is the cool, innovative, fun thing about the game? Make the game about THAT! Ditch the story, forget trying to be Uncharted, just give the player a jetpack and have them fly around shooting crap at a whim! Like Grand Theft Auto but in three dimensions!"

The biggest problem with this is it would become an offline MMO. While a lot of Grand Theft Auto makes its calling on being sandbox-y, the games wouldn't have a bit of direction to explore when the sandbox mood is set aside. I'm not sure a jetpack would be enough to justify getting bored of sandboxing.

Depends on the gamer, though.

Love it

I laughed then I cried because it's all too true.

I saw it comming but it was throughly entertaining.

it sounds like he actually liked it. It's always nice that he wants MORE of something otehr than "be more less shitty"

Nice review as per usual. I'll be passing on this one

Nice one, I'm still amazed people pull that comment before seeing crap.

Funny review as always, I must admit I played the demo an while I wasnt blown away I did laugh like a madman when I accidentally turned on my jetpack indoors and then ragdolled all over the place after smashing my skull in off the ceiling. A very painful looking, yet amusing as all hell spectical.

Might have to buy it when it comes down in price, but hardly one to rush out for.

was expecting Dante's Inferno but still great video

All i could think of trough the video was about "the rocketeer" game for the ness based on the movie based on the comic (yeah, i know) *google search*


it was really fun to play, weird it wasnt mentioned on the vid... or is it too old to be remembered??

I was really looking forward to Dark Void a first, then i saw actual gameplay =(

Same here...saw gameplay and then was like...yeah >_>

Nice review though Yahtzee!

why were the first several posts banned? also, the jet pack thing was in destroy all humans. except you're destroying the world.

Do the mods just suspend the first 4 commenters on every ZP video? Two of the commenters didnt break any rules at all, there comments are identical to the ones that followed, and its obvious they watched the whole video.

why were the first several posts banned? also, the jet pack thing was in destroy all humans. except you're destroying the world.

the first bans are always because they havent posibly seen the whole video and are already making comments about it

look at the time the video went up, the time of their posts and how long is the video

Philip K. Asimov! I laughed my effin' brains out on that reference. Good job!

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