Zero Punctuation: Dark Void

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I would just like to comment that Dark Void is probably the stupidest video game title I've ever seen. What exactly would be a non-dark void? Isn't the fact of it being dark in the very nature of void-ness?


Go rent George Lucas's first film, THX 1138. A significant fraction of it takes place in what amounts to a white featureless void.

In order for something to appear white to the human eye, it must either be a light-emitting object (in which case the "void" part doesn't apply), or be a light-reflecting object (in which case the "void" part . . . doesn't apply.) "Void" and "full of objects" are mutually exclusive.

lol the jetpack, something original hahahaahha

I loved this game's gameplay, but it was pretty ungratifying in the end, mainly due to the length. I can honestly see some great multiplayer potential in it, but as it is, the game has an incredible lack of replay value. I recommend a rental, or at least waiting till the price drops, but nothing more is really necessary.

Is there anyone I can contact as to why I can't watch the video? Everytime I click play, I get a very long advert for Escapist shows. And I missing something?

3:32 Bacon Chart!!! YEAH!!!

Excellent review, nice to see there are games being made that offer exciting moments of escape from whatever thing you did things in. I still hold disbelief that the final mission in Medal of Honor:Allied Assault should be that fun. Guess Dark Void missed that dramatic escape sequence bit.

So too Human is supposed to be Yahtzee's worst game he reviewed?
Interesting I thought there were a lot worse games he did but yeah Too Human is incredibly badly made.

It's in a box he keeps listed "crappiest games ever." It got picked for comparison to this.

brilliant review. Though have you noticed recently main characters in a lot of games are all starting to sound suspiciously like Nathan Drake lately?

Not so loud, they will hear us!

I won't be getting the game, but it's nice to know that developers are trying something new. Maybe somday they'll also get it right.

I like to think there is no one way to 'get it right.' But the things Yahtzee describes that you can do with the jetpack in Dark Void seems a step in the right direction to a way to get it right.

I've never heard of a game called Dark Void, and the video wasn't loading (leaving only an empty black screen) so until I read the comments I assumed Yahtzee was being a dick and making a joke.

Awesome review, Yahtzee. Nice to see you're returning back to your old style.

No way in hell is Too human the worst game of the decade. Yeah it was sloppy, and unpolished, but it was a good concept and once you got into the combat system it worked just fine. and i know alot of poeple that had a hell of a lot of fun with it.

Same here, no video, however I've kind of already made my mind up about Dark Void, it looks like an update to an old old old PC game called Rocket Ranger (Also set in an alternate World War 2 and looked like an inspiration for the film the Rocketeer) and gameplay elements aside Nolan North is another reason not to get the game.

I've gotten fed up of hearing his voice in the other titles he's done, surely there must be someone else that could be used for a few titles? Next thing you know he'll be working on MGS5 as the voice of Snake, then he'll do the voice work for the next GTA, Resi Evil and all the other franchises until it's nothing but him.

Don't get me wrong, he was great in a few games, but so overused now that he's becoming an anti-selling point for me.

Um... why can't I watch the video? I keep getting this five minute montage instead of some good old Zero Punctuation. And now it's doing it with all the reviews. Help?

Me too. I don't know what to do


Good Review, but is Dark Void really "generic" like Wolfenstein?

I was very impressed with the TAMITFM reference in the credits.

That was basically the highlight for me.


Sounds like prime rental material then. I'll give it a go, when it comes down in price (or when my local video store gets itself together. Honestly, they've got 360 LAUNCH TITLES still in the 'Overnight' rental section.)

There is a very good book series set in an alternate Napoleonic wars fought on the back of Dragons...
But it actually reaffirmed my desire to BUY Dark Void because, even if it has some bad points, if lots of people buy it, they'll make a sequel and hopefully fix everything that was wrong with it.
... It's wrong for me to be this idealistic.
This probably was my favorite, funniest ZP in a while. I loved the part about it being cinematic. ... hack.

One of Yahtzee's best ones, loved the inspiration meter.

Now I'm debating if I should get it just for the jetpack parts...

that was a good review. i'm not going to rush out and buy the game but the review was a fun watch

Nice review, gotta check some gameplay video now to get a better grip of it.

I'll give it a rent then.

I'm more inclined to play it now.. Is that strange?

I may rent it after I'm done with Fable 2 and Ghostbusters. Excellent review Yahtzee! I can't wait for the Tatsunoku vs. Capcom and/or the No More Heroes 2 review.

No intrest in the game but i did enjoy that insperation counter at the bottom.

The same thing that happened the Ninety Nine Nights. But if they went to someone with a ton of money to make the game, that corporation would screw the idea into oblivion.

"But once I caught up to it and started making out with it, all its teeth fell out and gave me scurvey."

I just lol'd so fukn hard at that part and its animation XD

Did he just give away the ending to Dead Space in this review? I may have saved myself some money if he did.

These days, that a game has an up between two downs instead of all down and no up is a reason to give it a tentative half-recommendation. Consider Dark Void in my "try it out when it hits $20" bin.

I almost thought Yahtzee would make a reference to The Crying Game, but I guess that would be more suitable for a game like, say, Brütal Legend, where the demo made it look like a hack 'em up but it was more RTS/open world than anything else. You know, something that isn't exactly what it seems...

I laughed,
I well, I didn't cry, but still great review.

Sad that the game was a bit of a let down, but it does sound as though there were some fun parts at least!

to bad, this was like the only pc game to be released this year if I remember right

Dark Void didn't appeal to me anyway. Loved the Crimson Skies reference though.

Funny how people keep bringing up Crimson Skies. This game was actually made by former members of FASA Studios the guys who made Crimson Skies the High Road to Revenge.

Crimson Skies was a great game and a great X-Box live game. But according to Wikipedia it wasn't a best seller.Which is weird because I thought it was the number one game on X Box live for awhile. It even had freed down loadable content. And this was good free DLC too. One of the things they gave you was a plane that shot lighting. FASA could have easily made a sequel and turned it into a franchise on par with Call of Duty or Halo. But instead they made Shadowrun. And not like the amazing Super NES RPG. They made it into an online only multiplayer shooter. And it was also the first game to use Games for Windows Live so I think you can imagine how that turned out.

I'm surprised Yahtzee was as nice to this game as he was. It's a real shame when a new developer tries something new and it ends up not working out. I may pick this game up when it hits the bargain bins. I think they should hand Airtight Gsmes the Crimson Skies License and let them redeem themselves.

Why, oh why, oh why, has no-one been able to do a PROPER Jet-pack game since

No they have.


I used to play this all the time when I was a kid. It even had one of the first Giant Robot-Mech Fight thing sections in a game.

That was a relatively positive review coming from Yahtzee. That means this game has to be something special :)

Well, to be fair, the original PC/SNES game for 'The Rocketeer' did do the whole jetpack flight combat thing (after Rocket Ranger by Cinemaware, best as I know anyhow).. Oh, sure, it was portrayed as a sidescroller shooter with minigames aplenty that was, in a word, crap.. but hey, don't you think that counts? :(

(I.. yeah, I got it as a young, impressionable youth. I totally got by the first level! With.. cheat codes.)

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