Zero Punctuation: Dark Void

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on the Inspiration-O-Meter u missed for flying around in a jetpack Star Wars Bounty Hunter.

Fuck Tescos
Love, A Peacock & Gamble Podcast fan.

Jetpack you say?

Sounds interetsing.

Maybe the jetpack will make up for the bad gameplay.

...And I didn't even notice the switch to wide-screen until you pointed it out.

Actually even the jetpack thing has been done before too, in an old PC game quaintly entitled 'Jetpack'.

Lol, that was the bacon flow chart he used.
Great review, made me laugh.

Next week should be a flashback review of Rune: Viking Warlord.

I think that might be the best one yet. I have no idea about the game or anything, but the way this review kept flinging me into walls of smart remarks held me 97% in shock.

Either that or I'm easily amused since I haven't slept for 24h..

It took me four days to check this video (Mass Effect 2 is to blame) but that was a great review Yahtzee. I wonder how that final boss battle would have looked like. It's weird to find a game that ends before the final boss. Any ideas how could that be?

Hahaha, don't think anyone likes this game.

Womp womp womp, as my bf would say.

Flight of the Amazon Queen was an AWESOME game, ahh the memories! I think i should look up this "Snatcher" game, yay for obscure references!

I'm surprised iron man wasn't mentioned o_o

But I loved the last analogy there, 'alzheimer's patient on a stairlift' made me laugh so hard XD

Did I see the Bacon Flow Chart in there?

He almost got my full name in there.

I will love you forever if you just type one more A next time.

Inspiration o meter was a nice touch. Frankly I'm surprised he wasn't more harsh on this game. I was very excited for it, then I sat down to play and found out it was a pile of stinking shit. Absurdly terrible controls, shitty graphics, obnoxious battlestar galactica music, characters with less appeal than a transvestite hooker carrying syphilis, worst cover system ever, blah blah blah the list goes on.

Great review none the less.

that review was funny. Post count +1

Seriously, reading the comments for these videos makes me want to run far away from this place and the internet. I have a generic opinion, woo hoo. I do to. Lets talk about it.

on the Inspiration-O-Meter u missed for flying around in a jetpack Star Wars Bounty Hunter.

or The Rocketeer

The Worst game ever reviewed was "Too Human". So Sonic the Hedgehog even fails at being the worst?

Watching it a second time I realised I missed the play on the Dead Space character's name the first time.
Doing a quick search through the thread no one commented on it. I'm feeling quite cocky now, to be honest.

The Worst game ever reviewed was "Too Human". So Sonic the Hedgehog even fails at being the worst?

Lol, respect!

Love the fact that he's able to hold a grudge for so long...

Great review, good bloodsplatter and usual banter. How many more GoW ripoffs before Bioshock 2?

i really had high hopes after following this game.

An alternative world where the Napoleonic Wars have people riding pterodactyls? I know something close. The Temeraire series by Naomi Novik. Except instead of pterodactyls they're riding dragons, which I think, is much cooler. If only they'd make a game like that.

Anyway great review yet again.


Cyanide Christ:
Thanks yahtzee, you saved me 60 bucks once more :)

I'd say you should be careful with listening to reviews too closely for all your purchasing decisions, especially those by Yahtzee. While he may be technically a game critic, his work often lacks the depth to really detail whether or not a game is worth the mention.

As well as that, part of his charm is his subjectivity. The issue comes from the fact that subjectivity is the sort of thing that needs to be put aside for game reviews. It's subjectivity that made Yahtzee speak a little too favorably on Psychonauts, and a little too harshly on Brutal Legend. That same subjectivity manages to paint every review he's made.

So, you're welcome to take his opinion. Just do so with a grain of salt, and looking around at other reviewers as well. It never hurts to have a wide opinion.

Ofcourse I use my handy bag of salt with Yahtzee's work, however I do tend to agree on the points he pics out in the games I've played so far.

Still, according to yahtzee, I'm a fat 50 year old (or something like that) because i love the total war series XD

How about a Snatcher review?

And that's not obscure.

You want obscure, try Xyanide.

i only played the demo of this game, it was a MESS. you can barely aim when flying, the quicktime event quick-kill on the flying disk things i could never beat, and when i finnally got to ground combat, a bunch of fast weird alien things started swarming me and getting out of range whenever i started shooting. i never intended to buy this game, but i did find the ragdoll physics quite enjoyable :D

In the Inspiration-o-meter for the flying around in the jetpack, you missed Red Faction Guerilla.

just wondering. I remember you saying you didn't like Dead Space much, but you referenced it here pretty specifically...

daw, I'm just a fan wondering if you harbor a secret liking of it. There were some memorable scenes, tho...

Jet Pack is original?

What about Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire?

Too Human is the worst game you ever reviewed?!
Strange, I could have sworn that it was Sonic Unleashed...
I might rent this one.
Good review as always...

I'd say the main protagonist looks more like Atton Rand from Star Wars: The Sith Lords [Knights of the Old Republic]

Sorry if somebody has already mentioned this

What's with the woman body without any head, feet or arms doing near the top right at about 1:33? O_o

I definitely really wanna give this game a try
probably rent it for a fun run the best I can manage haha
know it's not great but oh well there are worst ways to blow off $9 lol

Sorry for coming in so late.

But really, these.. these are my exact feelings. Started.. iffy. Turned freaking bloody awesome and- .. huh. Credits.

I want moooore T-T

.. In fact, in a sad, sad attempt to get more Dark Void, I'm going to watch the review again.

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