Game Dogs: Episode Four: Satan

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A demonic chihuahua with horns and a tail? This is gonna be awesome!

More bob, and more Mr. Yee, and again. You guys win.

Keeps getting better. I will still watch it.



(the animation is far crisper than most of the other shows and employs a variety of people)

Animation... crispier? Is that a compliment? First episode of South Park had better animation.

Okay allow me to put this into perspective: Look at Apocalypse Lane. Fantastic as the script may be you have to admit the drawing is a little rough around the edges.

Now look at Game Dogs: despite the fact that their mouths move in one direction only the actual designs are smoother and more carefully drawn than most of the Escapists cartoons.

This actually means their animation is worse. They sacrificed it for "prettier" characters.

Also, I gave up on Apocalypse Lane when the Gamerz were introduced, but I had my hopes a lot higher than with Game Dogs. I'm just waiting for a fart joke in this show to drop REALLY low.

Distinct lack of funny here, 4 episodes and not one line capable of making me laugh.

Doraleous on the other hand is pure gold.

Uneventful, predeictable, them being dogs has no bearing on anything, and there's no humor. Though I must admit, everything Bob has said is pure gold.

Um... Yeah. I should have known from the pilot that this wasn't going to be any good.

And I'm done.

Gave it one more episode than normal, but I see nothing that leads me to believe this show has any promise. Good night.

I give up, this show sucks.
If it's just like one big joke about how shit sitcoms are, while it is true sitcoms suck, it's not a good joke.
It's a very, VERY bad joke.

eeeeeehh... I thought it was kind of funny, but I just don't think this show is for me. I'm sure there are people who appreciate this kind of humor more than I do, but personally I think it's pretty "meh". Sorry it's just not for me...

I have a hunch this is what happened during the creative process when designing War in Darksiders -_-0

I'm really trying to like this series, but your making it really hard. I can't put my finger on why it's so dislikable...Maybe because I don't like dogs, mabe because the animation is terrible, maybe because it's not very funny anyways, maybe because it's a cheap rip off of an older webcomic. I don't know.

I just know it's not good.

Its pretty bad when the main compliment I see about this show is "well at least it wasn't as terrible as last week". This show needs an overall bad. The feedback is just terrible. And you have a fanbase of loyal escapists that really WANT to like this show. They are trying so hard. And thats the problem. We shouldn't have to TRY to like something, its not like its a step parent or something.

You know, I've been undecided about this show so far. Been kind of taking a cautiously optimistic approach, but hasn't really done anything for me yet, but Bob in this episode actually cracked me up. I enjoyed that.

jtesauro knows what he is talking about.

Bob actually brings some intellect to the show, but the other four make it seem like it's being marketed to six year-olds. Keep the witty humor and some more video game in-jokes.

I think I know who they're gonna design Satan after... :P

I don't really get the show I mean the concept is weak the ideas are played out and a bit flawed I am hopping for a major turn around but the only thing this has going for it is Bob kinda reminds me of the guy from office space.

this one actually made me laugh! but i'm realizing i think i don't like gary's character very much, especially his voice, and all he ever talks about is firing everyone. After 2 episodes i just got sick of him for some reason. but the rest of this episode was awesome! :D

I do love amusing blasphemy, and Bob's deep thought was quite good. That said, a satanic purse dog can be seen as a fairly deep symbol itself. Evil as an incessant voice in one's ear, urging one to perform wrong, yet ultimately impotent on its own without at least one loyal ally.

I'm thinking way too much about this, aren't I?

... Whatever.

Damn I thought it would get progressively more sucky, not finally be tolerable.

I think I finally started ignoring the bad parts and whenever a joke or satire was attempted I just let it fly over my head and it is more enjoyable that way because then instead of saying, "what the fuck that was terribly stupid" I don't even have a thought. the plot is actually okay, but if he says, "fire" one more time I'm going to fire a GUN at him. At least finally the reason he wants them gone is clearly stated but it's incredibly unrealistic.

This, basically. First episode had decent slapstick, second one was horrific, third one had SOME humor, and this one at least didn't feel like a complete waste of my time.

I think Gary is kinda funny. Maybe it is the name... like Gary from unforgotten realms.

I'm starting to warm up to this show a little bit. Even I have an idea for a Satan worshipping game in Antarctica.

ok *clears throat*

Your a Satan occultist, that's part of a larger cult secretly stationed in Antarctica, since they believe that is the spot where Satan fell when he descended from Heaven. Your tasked with various missions to infiltrate society and find new recruits and recover artifacts necessary for a ceremony that will bring Satan to the mortal realm. Along the way you meet a ton of interesting characters, and learn the fundamental tenants of Satanism.

You can upgrade your character with blood sacrifices and do evil deeds to gain favor with the dark one. All the while you're trying to be stopped by various religious groups with the final mission being to defend the base from Christians while the ceremony takes place. At then end, Satan rises from below the ice, smites all of his enemies, turns all of his followers into demons and makes you his right hand man, and enslaves the human race for an eternity of torture and suffering.

Oh dear. LOL. This is at once awesome, hilarious and mildly disturbing. Am I the only one with that responce? lol

Seriously, doesn't matter how many times the fans say 'Game dogs' isn't funny...get rid of it. Escaptionist doesn't care, they are trying to fill spots...and now this garbage is a side bar tab. Why...because the voice actors are the same as in apocalypse lane...and our comments mean nothing to the people in charge. Seriously, from what I've seen, nothing gets as bad of reviews on escaptionist as this and for good reason. The only hope Game Dogs has is to sustain long enough for the very young and/or huge followers to get a backing for it...and then it will (in some stupid way) justify its presence.

The show IS the joke, and THAT'S the punchline.

So.....when does it start to get funny again?

I'm gonna say this until the dude animating this gets it right.


Each dog has one freaking facial expression in this episode and Gary and Bethany have had ONE different one in another episode.

It's hard to resonate with a character when they appear to lack any emotion of their own.

The only funny part was when he said "How in the hell" that actually made me smile a bit.

Also, I like to take note that it says the show was filmed (animated[if that's what you think is animated anyway]) in front of a live studio audience. It's funny cause there is NO laughter. EVER. Which just goes to show that this show is not funny to the audience and everyone else.

This show has officially sunk. Hard.

can i just say its getting better but i am still a bit iffy on the hole series, however if i cared about the characters (a bit more with a bit more backstory i.e why is Gary an complete arse and what made him get demoted etc may do this) i think i could begin think more of the show on the hole

It's up to a rough start, but hopefully it'll pick up.
The videos keep getting better, and that's a good thing.

I really don't know what to make of this. It made me chuckle when bob opened his mouth, and when it was hinted that Gary was the devil and/or that the devil is a chihuahua. Other than that, not all that good, 'cept not terrible voices/voicework, and this was WAY funnier than the "mr.yee" episode *shudder*
Edit: Still better than both apocalypse lane and unforgotten realms though

well... uh..yea.. oh i don't know!

i think everyone is over exaggerating a bit here. It not as bad as everyone says and this episode wasn't really that bad. I don't really think its that funny but maybe it doesn't need to be.

I'm torn here if i like it or hate it but well i think I'll keep watching it, for now...

Not to be rude, but right now this series is basically seems bad. I mena there are a ot worse, but it seems kind of low. It might get better, I really have enough free time every Thursday to keep seeing, so I will, and who knows, this satan game might turn out to be funny.
anyway, the only think that really annoys me is that Gary repeats so many words that don't even need repeated. That repetition of the same words just bothers me so much.

Hehe i liked it i'd keep watching even if it sucked just to support furries in animation

Ok good things first... Now thats over, The series keep playing the you-get-fired-if-you-do- something-i-dont-like joke. It wasn't funny the first time and it will not be funny the next hundred times, also the series need more progression in the story. Well you could throw in a joke or two written by a mentaly unstable frog, but then series would have some humor and it's obvious you guys don't want that. The episode with mister yee was and still is the funniest. I gave you guys a chance and well im going to watch next week's episode, but i think i would be better off jamming a fork in my eye because it's more fun.

More Bob. It's alright so far, but the 'main' characters are bland. I'd like to see more of the other employees.

I'm gonna say this until the dude animating this gets it right.

Are you an animator?

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