Game Dogs: Episode Four: Satan

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Take'em out of the break room. That'll give you more background characters to play with.

Put them in the game world, tron style. Or put them down.

:/ they need to be taken behind the shed and have both barrels put in em.

Not really any humour, but I think I might keep watching to give me something to do on the sport-less school nights.

I don't mind the humor just that I don't like the premise (game devleoper's thinking of what to put in their current game). You guys kind of boxed yourselves in with this setting, the whole in a lunch room of a random office building? not much to expect form something like that, so hopefully you add more then just the two rooms. That and to me animals (preferably dogs and cats) don't work well on a large scale audience, maybe to younger kids but I'm just not seeing it being that good of an idea. While I do get it has to be done weekly there isn't a heck of a lot of energy or excitement going on making it kind of boring. The show is already surreal why not have something completely out of the ordinary happen? I'll keep watching and hopefully you guys can pull this series out of the box, both figuratively and literally. very excited to see how you continue with it though, always been interested in this type of animation (great work on the visuals by the way) and episodic content. Not all series start out great so I'm hoping you guys can turn it around and make this something great.

Maybe Gary's cousin visits from out of town, and she's really hot? The fact she's his cousin could be revealed at the end. TWIST: It's a girl dog and Bethanie is the one attracted! WHOAH WE'RE CROSSING THE LINE, PEEPS

This show remains due to the high level of creepy zoophiles that hang out at this site.

geeting better but still meh

Sorry chaps. Abscence-of humour as evidenced by apocalypse lane and other videos. I understand the team put a lot of work into this, but it's not particularly worth watching.

This show remains due to the high level of creepy zoophiles that hang out at this site.

They're called Furries.

Anyways, still find this series to be boring and dull. The excessive use of the same settings and joke props is making the series even less bearable. Time to put down Old Yeller.

Still not great, but getting better... ill see where it leads

This was like the first five minutes of a TV show (which sounds like a terrible way to do this kind of thing). screw you Game Dogs, you made me want to know what happens next. One more and if there is no awesomeness I am out-- for good.

can't wait to see the ultimate chiuaua satan of destruction.

In this action-packed episode, we see...what? A summary of the conclusion from the previous episode followed by a few jokes about making a satanic game, and the ever present desire of the boss to fire them. In short, this episode recapped last episode, and tacked on around 3 jokes? Unless you're a goldfish, I don't think we need to be reminded of what the previous 5 minute segment was.

Awful. Just Awful. I'm done with it. It's worse than the final episodes of "Unforgotten Realms," a series that started with ACTUAL potential and went down hill.

"Furries" and fans of sugar-coated content empty sitcoms can keep it. As far as "The Escapist" goes, put the dog to sleep.

this show is fail and people that like it are joke murderers

Russ Pitts:


Russ Pitts:

PLEASE tell me this isn't supposed to be replacing Doomsday Arcade... *Also saying that DA is actually just being delayed would be nice too...*

DA is just being delayed.

*sigh of relief* Thanks Russ. Nobody seemed to know what was going on in the DA Topics.

Michael and Michael are working very hard on the next set of episodes. We hope to be able to bring them out one after the other. Stay tuned. We're actually planning to make kind of a big deal about it around here when they show up.

Yeah, well I say that they should take all the time they need to make it awesome, I was just afraid of it getting cancelled. Lol.

I love Bob the Basset xD

I still want to know why people show up week after week after saying they will never watch this any more and complain yet AGAIN about how much they don't like the show.

Also, I'm not sure how the furry argument plays into it because isn't the definition of a "Furry" someone that derives sexual pleasure from animals? It's quite the non sequitur guys, because the points don't connect logically. This cartoon isn't trying to give someone sexual pleasure.

If the show isn't for you, stop leaving hate comments and go watch something else. I find it amusing and will continue to watch.

A couple points of criticism:
- The opening could be shorter and the "Are you insane?" could be dropped or changed with every episode.
- The actors don't feel like they are "into" it enough. The acting feels very shallow and uninspired.
- Try including other aspects of the game-making process than just the idea-throwing. It'll be much more entertaining if we see the dogs doing something else besides talking.
- Try and flesh out the characters a tad more. Interesting characters will make the show in itself more interesting.

Wow. That Satan-empty bowl thing became the one and only thing I've laughed at in this series so far.



God damn four episodes in and i still can't make up my mind.I guess I'll keep watching,and i found out what comedy style it reminds me of...SITCOM!Like sinfeld or something.I was never really a big fan of Sinfeld,or however you spell it,but it had it's moments,Just like this show.

Hurray for commas!!

Anyway,do i recomend this show?The answer is maby,watch it for youreself...Like anybody is reading this anyhow.

\m/ Satan \m/

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