The Escapist Presents: Five Things You Shouldn't Do in Mass Effect 2

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But I love to dance! Shakin my stuff on the dance floor is what I live for!


Vangards can melee Krogans no bother. Throw some Advanced Training Cleave on there to get their shields down and bolster there's then use Charge and alternate that with face slaps or shotgun. Whatever works. Definitely doable for a Vanguard without firing a single bullet though.

Meh... I melee krogan as an infiltrator. that's right. I take my sniper 3 feet away, attempt a no-scope, then melee the krogan away. (after weakening it to 1/4 health.)

You have to feed the fish? Seriously? Ohkay I will check once I am back from that Overlord Mision [grumble] how the fish are doing.

And yes how less dancing how better... I mean hell the ME dance was laughable bad. The ME2 dance is..yeah not worth mention. You know what the stores should have. Dance lessons...

Not to melee Krogan?!

It's nothing more awesome to melee Krogan and it isn't that hard.
Just make sure you destroy it's armor first, give him distraction( Combat Drone), immobilize him( Cryo, Throw, Pull, Concussive Shot) or use Cloak and then just kick his ass!

Also Geth Shield Boost, Barrier and Fortification( if not Sentinel which has Tech Armor) special power helps in case you overestimate yourself.

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