Stolen Pixels #166: Versus Zombies

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To think what could have been :,(. Popcap do seem to create a lot of games don't they? Also how dare they underestimate the power of a rabbit, unless those zombies had a certain holy relic they wouldn't have stood a chance.

I would love to play cake vs zombies...

Onyx Oblivion:


Onyx Oblivion:

Also, Darth Vader vs Zombies would just be unfair.

Yeah. Vader always wears his helmet making it impossible to get to his brrraaaaaaains!

No wait... he takes it off in his meditation capsule-thingy. Zombies only chance!

And he's not gonna do that in a fight.

Who do you think lives in the house? ;)

Tower defense games...
I haven't been addicted to those since Wintermaul in 7th grade...

I think I'll start off my pathetic, little post just by saying that the above comment makes me feel REALLY old. Now that I got that off my chest...

I think a better question might be: Why haven't more gaming companies gone the Popcap route themselves? It's not particularly difficult to figure out what us gamers want in games and if you REALLY need a source for ideas, look no further than youtube and sites like this one. Wholly aside from this point, the modern game market is just SO TOTALLY FLOODED with utter CRAP that, even if you make a BAD game or, at least, something most gamers wouldn't really like, it doesn't matter! The gamer masses are sure to buy the pants off any new title so long as it promises to have boobs, zombies or stupid, over the top, features. If your game has ALL of the above then, gosh, just open up your Swiss bank account now and start planning for your retirement. With all this being said, I would just like to say that I LOVED plants vs zombies and I've been playing TD style maps/games since Starcraft was still a semi-new game. I honestly wish, that, some of the "big" name companies like Ubisoft would take more queues from Popcap. We would start to see games being a lot less epic, but at least gaming would go back to being stupid fun again like in the olden days. :P

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