Freeze Frames

Freeze Frames

MovieBob profiles Adam Green and his new movie, Frozen.

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" Probably not... unless Slade were to "fix" the franchise first"
.. nice :)

i love the personalities of these guys you interview bob. they are, to say the least, renassaince men.

Saw the trailer for frozen, and as a skier, yeah, I can understand that primal fear that he was refering to.

Let's hope this guy keeps his spine in tact and not bow to the money machine.

Good interview.

i love the personalities of these guys you interview bob. they are, to say the least, renassaince men.

I suppose thats one term for it.

Intresting article, the end made me giggle a little lol

I recently saw Hatchet and loved it. It's exactly like Bob said, it was extremely refreshing to find something that raw and entertaining amidst all these flaccid new horrors. And for a change, the film comes from America. I usually get my refreshing-horror-movie-fix from France, England or Spain.

I didn't enjoy Hatchet but I recognize its greatness. I'm still itching to see Spiral because I love Joel Moore's acting and you make this Frozen sound pretty good. Off to see the trailer I go!

I liked hatchet a lot. It's hard to describe. It's a crappy horror flick but it's self-aware and it doesn't screw around. You know whos gonna die you know why. You know why you want them to die. There's really no bs. No back story. No morality. No heroes. The comedy plays well into the story. It's like watching a slasher flick made by somebody that knows how to write and at the same time didn't have anybody standing over their shoulder telling them what should be in the movie or what test audiences would want.

I wasn't gonna go out of my way to see frozen but now that I know it's done by this guy I may just give it a shot.

This reminds me of how much I despised "Sorority Row". Hatchet had so much more integrity than that POS.

There's new horror film that I suspect it may take a while for Bob to hear about called "Triangle"- 2009 really good film. I wanna try not to spoil it, but it's very unusual.
It's by SEVERANCE director Christopher Smith.

Honestly, I saw the trailer of Frozen... and was both laughing and groaning of the stupidity of the situation. You just have to jump off the lift. Really, that's all you'd have to do to get out of being stuck on a ski lift. You have skis on, there's so much powder on the ground that if you don't land upon the slope, you'll just fall into the snow. Hell, I've seen skiiers fall from cliff sides for hundreds of feet and be totally fine.

I don't know how anyone would consider this scenario scary at all.

It seems like a really f*cking stupid movie, honestly. It seems like it'll be more of a groan inducing movie than a primal-fear inducing movie. Though if they got Tommy Wiseau to direct....I'd definitely be there to watch it!

Kentis' film is more of a gimmick, while Frozen is more about the toll of human survival - and hope - beyond just the setting and circumstance.

Can't help but feel like he's a bit up on himself with perceptions like this. Memories of Eli Roth boasting about his films (and his subsequent nose-dive into minor roles and... not much else) come to mind.

I've no doubt he has some skills, given how good Hatchet was. Just... you know, temper yourself a bit. It always sucks seeing these individuals with great potential sink themselves with the Troy Duffy Effect.

Though if they got Tommy Wiseau to direct....I'd definitely be there to watch it!

That's bullshit, it's not true, I did not go skiing, I DID NAAAAHT! Oh hi ground.

I dunno, Frozen looks like garbage to me: "Ohmigod, we're stuck on this chairlift on a ski resort and everyone's gone home for the week so nobody will know we're here for days and we'll die freezing!" Didn't seem too good to start, but then I saw a cell phone ad with the same premise. There's just not many places that movie can go unless they get some clever writing, ala Phone Booth, a not-so-good thriller made much better by clever dialogue between the characters.

I was frozen, today!

I was frozen, today!

Congratulations on winning the internet

OT: Sounds like it's at least worth a look. Maybe. I've started to question Moviebob alot lately...

I laughed and laughed and laughed when I saw Frozen.

Its not like most horror movies where common sense is ignored, this movie ignores human nature, ala if someone was somewhere where they could die, and there was an obvious way to get out without that bad of injury.


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