Game People Calling: You Are What You Play

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Game People Calling: You Are What You Play

The titles on your game shelf say a lot about who you are.

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Preety my shelf, I think I'm the definition of the word:Nerd

I'm a jump-right-in/variety kind of guy. I hate the grind for the most part. Grinding to progress in a story, like in JRPGs, yes. Grinding for the sake of better loot and skill points, no.

Oblivion is my favorite game because everything is leveled TO YOU! Sure, its imbalanced at higher levels, but that's when you start over. You can just jump right in and play, no worrying about suddenly running into an enemy way beyond you current capabilities.

I also don't buy re-releases of games. I buy REMAKES, on occasion, such as the upcoming remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver (One more month!).

I like Pokemon, because you can maintain a solid level if you just fight every trainer in your path, minimizing grinding.

I invert on consoles, non-invert on PC.

I don't know why...Maybe because the first RPGs I played had inverted Y-Axis for 3rd person camera or something.

Interesting article, although it does have a certain feel of looking into things too much.

Especially the "inverted look" thing, that feels like grasping at straws.

However, to answer the question, my gaming collection tells me that I have a very random personality, my gaming shelf is randomly arranged, I have a few GoTY editions, and a few release date titles, and I don't invert.

I don't fit into any of those categories. I have remakes, multiple sequels, some games where I've collected every sequel for the sake of completion, whereas other series I've left. I literally fit half and half for every one of the categories outlined.

I reckon that this may fit some people, and gamers are probably more likely to have obsessive qualities leading to easy categorisation. But as this site shows so often, we don't like niches.

I am varied

I am a magpie, who will gladly shell out money for shiny bits. Witness the number of Collector's Editions that come with perfunctory junk with no actual bearing on the game, like my AC2 Ezio statue or the space that has already been cleared out for God of War III's Pandora's Box.

Also I like story heavy games that are not JRPGs, though there is one JRPG on my shelf. And Tomb Raider. I loves me some Tomb Raider.

That article wasn't entirely accurate but i see where you're coming from :p

My gaming collection is a bit of a lucky dip. I buy whatever i'm in the mood for which could be anything, or sometimes i just like to catch up on a series. It's a weakness that i have where i collect a ton of games but barely play any of them.

Mostly though i try to look for unusual/original games. There are a lot of games i'd like to try but they just seem too similar to what i've played before.

I try to stray away from violence and realism too. Games like God of War just seem pointlessly violent, and MW2 just looks like another copy/paste of a depressing war game.

if you pick and choose only the best games, keeping hold of Time Splitters 2 and Second Sight whilst ignoring Time Splitters 1 and 3, I'd know you are more concerned with quality than just the latest thing - a purist.


*looks at my game collection, and its distinct lack of Time Splitters 1 and 3...*

...this single sentence summed me up completely... not only that, but I saw myself as a purist before I ever read this article... its identical to my self-depiction word-for-word. Thats scary!

Purist... great! I thought I was just pretentious.

Left 4 Dead, Evil Genius, Majesty, Team Fortress 2, Vampire, Witcher, Movies, Bully

Nope, can't see a connection there at all. No siree.

hmm most of my games are strategy and rpg i also support little indy companies with products like the path and fatale. i tend to get all the ingame bits and pieces for a game when i buy it. yep dlc unit packs for empire total war

My game collection says that I'm schizophrenic and offensive.

The article seems full of contentious statements and I want to nerdsplode and try and justify myself, but in the end that's not the purpose of the article, and I'd just be spoiling the fun by doing it.

I will take my view from Terry Pratchett here, to define people and there reasons too quickly is to make a mockery of the wonderful complexity of life.

Maybe I have platinum games simply because I was broke at the time, and if I had any opportunity I would have brought it new in a shot. Maybe I have the PS2 version of RES 4 because I have poor circulation in my hands and can't face shaking a Wii remote. Maybe my grandfather was a german national who had friends die in WW2, which is why I had to pawn in my shooters.

Maybe I still have FFX because my father died young, and I was brought up with an oversimplified hero worship which was then disappointed and I connect with Tidus because of it.

But even then, the most likely reason I have a particular game, is that I thought it was fun, with no more pattern than that. There doesn't need to be a reason.

If you look at my game collection you would see that I'm a space marine cowboy rockstar who fights zombies in a post-apocalyptic world.... Well that's what I see..... you might see some thing else....

A bunch of first person shooters and every final fantasy and star wars game.
if only there was a way to combine all 3...ahh

the psychologist i'm related to just died a little inside.

I think my collection tells a few things. I don't like asking for things and I'm too lazy or something to get a job to pay for my games, hence, I only have games that are years and years old. I'm not very strong, independent, more like a follower of the crowd as I buy games I hear others praise(latest ones are Okami and Oblivion) and I look my hardest to find these, in a lot of peoples' opinions, gems. But I'm pretty pure in my gaming, I have at least one title from shooters, RPG's, Side scrollers, platformers, brawlers, racing, sports, adventure, hack and slash. I'm a well rounded person according to my collection.

Still looking for ICO, Beyond good and evil, Killer 7, Geist, and Pyschonauts...

Cash-svvy introvert. My old disc games are in a bos under my desk. Or at-least the 90s early 00s are. My other ones are spread like jelly over my desk.


But even then, the most likely reason I have a particular game, is that I thought it was fun, with no more pattern than that. There doesn't need to be a reason.

This. Perfectly sums up my thought

Game People:
The in-game settings you choose also give away a lot about your persona. If you invert your Halo/Modern Warfare look controls so that pushing down looks up, your subconscious is behind your head - associated with a removed scientific world view that thinks before acting. If you don't invert your controls so that pushing down looks down, your subconscious is in-front of your head, representing an involved artistic approach to life - act first, think later. The smallest difference in how you play games says a lot about who you are.

Is there a source on that? That's very interesting, I used to play inverted when I was younger then at some point tried switching to 'normal' and haven't looked back. I'm gonna play TF2 now with my mouse inverted and see how it affects my game.

I wish I were what I played. I could be a Rock Star, Lightsaber wielding Assassin, Shooting fireballs out of my hands and jumping high, Some unit from Fire Emblem, with swarms of elementally powered monsters that can fit in my pocket.

By my shelf, I have a very severe case of Schizophrenia. Also, I'm including games without physical boxes, i.e: Download only titles, etc.

Lets see, Action Adventure, hardcore JRPG, decent WRPG, mixed, standard pure RPG, Action RPG, pure Adventure, some point and click games I can't actually play on my new OS but keep for memories sake, shooters, hack and slashers, beat-em-ups, a few cart racers, a few actual racers, a few of Open-World games, about 3 sand-box games, some FPS, and more I can't remember because I'm doing this from memory, and not actually looking at a shelf.

Also, about the controls thing. What if it has to be different according to the game? For example, I was never able to make the camera in SoTC feel right, no matter what combo I had with the standard/inversed camera controls. On the other hand, for Halo I have Vertical plane reversed and horixontal standard, Bioshock I had the opposite (vertical standard, horizontal reversed). On some older FPS's, I had both on standard, and yet on others, I had both on reversed.

Oy. I think my brain is broken.

that would mean i'm defined by the games my 600GB disk has to hold, because I always have to get rid of the useless to make room for new. I just hope the AvP singleplayers are better than multiplayer demo(the alien is clumsy and pred got NERFed, he can't kill guy with 1 stab, and I miss my fucking speargun!(fucken thieves) also lasers are visible from outside and the cloak has flaws). I absolutely regret not having Soldiers of Fortune II double helix gold edition in its material form, what a trophy would it make.(Also I would want all GTA 3D, F.E.A.R., CS1.6 and STARLER CS)

So, in that respect, I'm Commander Shepard?

I've had enough of your snide insuations, OP.

Bah. Half my games are ones that I found at Target that had been clearanced 75% off. There's almost no relevant psychology to reviewing my collection.

Mine still have all the second hand labels on the covers, suggesting I don't give a shit. All the games are in their correct boxes, which suggests I'm the kind of guy who gets very pissed off when ass holes put the wrong game away in the wrong box. I almost never buy a game brand new (the only exception so far being Tropico 3 on a Steam deal) so I'm happy to wait.

Yes, your game shelf says something about you, just like any other behavior you might show. But I highly doubt it's as simple as this article says.

I am a bikini model who plays beach volleybal.

I just buy what's recommended to me by friends I trust and what I can afford. My game shelf is pretty diverse, looking at it. It's mostly PC games, about 300 or so of them, with about 30 Wii games, 50 Gamecube games and 18 N64 games. There's also about 80 more on Steam. I play all of them regularly.

I've got FPS's, RTS's, RPG's, simulators, shooters, adventure games and a few point and click titles. Most of my games are relatively recent but involve a good few classic titles like System Shock 2 or Wasteland.

I really can't judge my own personality on it since it's pretty muddled. Sometimes I buy all of a series (Fallout) and sometimes I stick with the one good game (Resi 4). No particular favourite genre.

If anyone can glean any psychological details from this they're welcome to it.

It is funny this is here actuallly. I was talking to my friends last night about this very question.

Got some intresting answers, and we agreed its just like books. Some people have certain books on the shelf and it can tell you aloty about who they are and what they like to do/think.

The same extension can be said to games. Like I have alot of RPG titles so, we came that I like a good story and that I like to see development above most else. Where as my friend had alot of puzzle games, so he was more likely to pick up a challenge and enjoy it.

Nice article ^^

I hate to say something this..retarded, but I am VERY varied in what I play and not...only thing I can read is that I like having things collected, but not necessarily in order, doesn't matter if it's hidden or in plain view.

Looking at my shelf (or box where I actually keep them) I'm a single player kinda guy, I enjoy multiplayer games but they have to be based on a solid single player experience. Whatever special editions boxes I have are pre-owned. BUT! I am a very cheap man so a lot of times I buy whats on offer and sounds like cheap fun (Eat Lead 5) (50 Cent BOTS 15) you get the picture

So, in that respect, I'm Commander Shepard?

I've had enough of your snide insuations, OP.

or disingenuous assertions in the other ME.


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