Reliable Source: Death to Dwarves

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Your dad's awesome. Kudos to him for throwing in for something he's never done before, and for roleplaying to the hilt.

Also, ouch.

Just a question about D&D; can you only die once, or is there a way to respawn?

There is a long complicated resurrection ritual that takes several days and you don't start out knowing it.

Otherwise, no you just die.

[quote="Marion Cox" post="6.173391.4842965"]I suppose that next session I'll be playing Charlie Sheen the Elven ranger sent out to end his madness.

Wasnt it Marten Sheen in that movie?

OT: This was funny as hell, I take it you didnt invite him back for another game?

If Marion was referring to Charlie Sheen in the two Hot SHots movie, the great Topper Harley, then yeah, he was right.
Other than that, I don't see how it could be anything else than Martin Sheen...

And great story! I recently got back to playing an old pen and paper Lord of The Rings game with a bunch of friends... I was the rustiest DM you've ever seen, if there ever was one.


"Eventually, he conned his into mother buying him the Dungeon Master's Guide, because it would enhance his reading comprehension skills."

Such are the mountain of half-truths we told our parents to get what we wanted.

Wow. Funny, funny stuff.

double post, oops

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