Why We're Using Review Scores

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Weird loop thingy, if you go to get more information on the new system form the link at the end of the article it shows you that other page, but if you click on the link at the bottom of the second page to get more information... it shows you the first page!

Haha, well I guess I'm the only human being that could find that amusing.

About the topic, I guess itīs ok if you don't start using fractions of stars like "2 stars and 1/3" precise numbers can't possibly be the outcome of an opinion , also you must use 5 stars at least 1 time per century (<--kinda kidding on that last thing but not entirely)


I don't really have a problem with this, as long as you don't start giving 4 and a quarter stars or something.

I got

I'll try to be short and to the point (and probably fail).

Rating score? If it keeps the Escapist around, fine by me.

2 Suggestions/Thoughts about rating score:

1. Can there be a 'click to reveal' option for the score? If someone really wants to know the score, click the link/button, and the score appears, that way the people that want the score can have it at a mouse click away, and for those that don't want it, don't need to have it.

2. Probably a pointless one, but for your verbal reviews, (Review Video Supplement, Yahtzee's reviews.) If possible, don't add the score into there as well, as the Video Supplement really don't need it as it's just supplementing the review, and for Yahtzee, I don't think that anyone is expecting him to start scoring games on a five star system, people by now are purely coming to hear his verbal statement on the game itself.

And I'm done, now back to my lurking...

As long as it doesn't change the writing I guess it's okay. You'll keep the bottom line thing I hope.

This wouldn't be because the only magazines quoted in ads and on video game boxes are the ones that use a scoring system, right?

"As a great T-Shirt once said:It's always stars!" WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE STARS?!!!
Ok, that was my funny bit of the comment. Now let's get serious.
I don't see how putting scores to a review can damage it.
For example: I don't have much interest in shooters. So when it comes to reviews, I won't likely be too excited about a mainstream shooter. So instead of reading dozens of reviews to find my "baby's first FPS", I'll browse first the scores. Then I'll read each of the worthy contenders' review.

Everyone with a brain needs to read this -


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