The Escapist Presents: Around the Office in 3 Questions

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I love these "getting to know the staff" and "what does the staff think" videos. I don't know why. Maybe because it adds to the sense of community on this website when you have a familiarity with the writing staff.

Ahh cooking! I love it. My specialities are Bolognase sauce, Pork chops, Chicken breast and Curry! I make galletti and cheese when i'm eating, you just cram it into your mouth whilst their is a break in the action.

John Funk and Greg Tito! :D I'm such a fanboy for those two! <3

I like to drink coke and have a hersheys while I game.

03:05, that poster behind Mr.Funk, what anime does it represent?

(assuming it's ok to ask that, of course)

I dodged the camera this time! :)

03:05, that poster behind Mr.Funk, what anime does it represent?

(assuming it's ok to ask that, of course)

Not a real one, actually.

Deam, how the heck do you know about "Dream cake"??
As far as I know it is only known in Denmark.
Have you been stealing our cultural secrets?

Given the group being interviewed, I'm disappointed nobody thought that a box of k-bups was a memorable in-game food item. After all, I don't think the automated store would ever let you forget them.


Mass Effect 2, *divine choir*

Truer words were never spoken. Or sung.

Somehow I expected Susan Arendt to be "Hotter" first time I heard her voice I created my own mental image and actually seeing her... way different than the image I had.

Unicorn feathers?

Somehow I expected Susan Arendt to be "Hotter" first time I heard her voice I created my own mental image and actually seeing her... way different than the image I had.

Hah, had that happen to me as well, more than once, actually in the same case as you as well. Susan is still good-looking, I was just kind of surprised to see the face behind the voice for the first time.

Wow, everybody over at The Escapist seems so freaking nice... I've never seen such a place. I have to respectfully disagree with the separation of Snack and Game, however; sure, certain games like FPS's require two hands, but if you're just playing an RPG or something similar, a reliable snack ensures you won't have to move from your gaming position for a good long while. I love myself some all dressed potato chips, personally. That and Dr. Pepper... gotta have that.

I'm not certain, but I suspect the drink Bawls was derived from the fictional drink present in some of the old Fallout games. In particular, I recall a Bawls cap being worth far more than a ring pull, the currency of the wastes in Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics.

Personally, I generally do not eat when playing games but I do tend to drink a variety of beverages. In general, this is Mountain Dew but from time to time it's a different variety of soda. Late in the evenings I just drink water, and if I am playing early in the morning it's tea.

The best food was found in Die By the Sword specifically because when you pick it up your viking monster says "Ahh, bit of nosh" with enough ham that the statement itself would offend the entire Arabian Peninsula (because, like orthodox jews, Muslims do not believe in eating pork you see. . . ).

My own cooking skills are perfectly acceptable in that I can follow a recipe and improvise to an extent. That said, I am cursed with a very short attention span and as such tend to make mistakes thanks to impatience. My greatest success at improvised cooking was an attempt at a salmon fajita. I was in a store and I overheard someone mention salmon and I thought to myself "I like salmon". Somebody else mentioned fajitas a few moments later and I thought "man, fajitas are awesome!". Then, in a flash of inspiration I thought "SALMON FAJITAS!". I don't actually like onions or bell-peppers themselves, but they are a critical part of the flavor of a fijata. It also occured to me that I had never once cooked either salmon or fajitas of any sort. Thus, with only a dim understanding of the process required in the production of either foodstuff, I went shopping. In place of onions and bell peppers I picked up mushrooms, green chili peppers and some pre-manufactured chipolte peppers. Knowing that fajita's relied on somewhat thinly sliced strips of beef (or chicken I suppose), I prepared the salmon in the same way. Basically, during the cooking I simply finely chopped the chipolte and smeared it across the salmon hoping it would "bake on", and eventually added the rest of the ingredients. The experiment was a delicious failure, which may seem like an oxymoron but it wasn't. The flavor and texture were both almost, but not quite entirely unlike that of a fajita. After speaking with a local resturant owner that I know, he informed me I had essentially discovered an already common and popular food - the fish taco.

Other notable debacles were bacon ice cream, key lime pie, and three separate instances of baking failure (cake related). In one instance I got distracted and forgot about the cake in the oven for several hours. In another, I assumed "confectioner's sugar" just referred to a particular brand of sugar and used normal granulated sugar in the production of icing (tasted fine, sandy texture). In the last, while baking I was told by a diabetic friend (who wanted cake) that splenda, an artificial sweetner, could be used in place of sugar when baking. While the resulting cheese cake looked the part (beyond a great deal of cracking), the texture approached that of aged cheddar and the flavor was probably similar to what cream cheese normally tastes like if left in a well-traveled locker room to dry.

Nice one, Funk.

Also, how the heck does one fail a bread-docking maneuver so badly?

Unicorn feathers?

I was thinking of pegasus, but I think you get the idea - potions contain any number of things that are really vile to consider drinking and it struck me as memorable and funny. I think as a child we equate colors to flavors and we are used to medicine being flavored to get us to take it. So a blue potion of invisibly must taste like a blue raspberry slushy, right? No it just so happens say displacer beasts have blue blood, or something along that lines. Mmmm bottoms up, save vs throwing your potion back up.

Mr funk i love your gundam collection it is awesome.

btw I'm a pretty damn good cook. i just recently perfected making amazing home made corn dogs; the trick... make sure the ingredients in your mom's cabinet are not 2-3 years past their expiration date. so if any of my test subjects- i mean friends see this sorry for the upset stomachs... my new batch is killer.

An other Italian on the escapist!! Granted shes American, but hey an other Italian none the less.
I'm a chef so i win!

5 hours without food due to gaming? RPGs are the worst for me, sometimes forgetting to eat can be measure in a day. "I haven't had anything since...Friday, that explains a great deal".

How do you mess up a bread sandwich?

itsa fukin candy

I am SO disappointed no one said the Cake from Portal.

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