Zero Punctuation: Borderlands

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While I personally enjoyed the title in question there is absolutely no arguing that those menu's and interface systems were nothing other then a complete disaster. That and the system in which your character only gets really strong weapons through 4-player co-op is a bit of a dick move for someone with a weak internet connection.

As I, too, have few real friends I can relate to wanting to enjoy this game single-player but the few folks who I know who have played Borderlands can only go on and on about how one can't really enjoy/play the game solo. It's why I've passed on it and will probably continue to do so until I can get for super-cheap on eBay.

Kudos to Yahtzee for sneaking in a D&D monster-reference, too. :D

All the complains are true, but I still love this game. Playing alone or with a few friends. Also this is really the first game that nailed FPS/RPG. Yeah, yeah, Mass Effect blah blah. But MS is still more talking and pausing the menu than shooting people in the face.

Holy shit, I heard him take a breath. I didn't think he breathed, I always thought he had a respirator installed while he talked. I'm kidding though, but it's funny to hear after two years of watching these things.

So you finally caved Yahtzee. You're getting soft.
Anyway, interesting review. I already didn't think much of Borderlands, now I think even less of it.

I like Borderlands. But Yahtzee's not wrong about it either.

Good review, and I'm waiting here hoping for Bioshock 2 to be here in two weeks.

I liked this game, but I haven't really played that much. I play a few hours with a few months between each time, but his complaints are as true as always. It's linear, the car is terrible the missions are all about killing, getting somewhere or getting something.
Great review as always.

I have never played Borderlands online and I didn't much enjoy single player so I agree completely with this ZP for once

Yahtzee didn't like an RPG or Action-RPG, I am shocked... shocked I tell you. Even though admittedly this game was barely worthy of including an RPG designation, being as I call it a "customizable shooter".

That said... I do agree with him that games need bigger bestiaries in general, Borderlands is only one game sharing what I see is a big problem.

YAY he reviewed it, he hated it but im still glad :D

I played in single player all the way up to level 50 and still play in single player

and i actually preferred it in single player and it was my fav game of last year

but oh well i don't give a shit if Yahtzee likes it :P

edit: and i hate MMO's :P


first of all ur an twit for not watching the video.

i personally like my rpgs to be one player but maybe i will try this but i like to have variety in enemies but u usually don't get that in rpgs only the same enemys with more color, more tendrills, and maybe 1 or 2 extra abilities. i also believe that this is gonna be very repetitive with killing the same enemy so i say this is a rent.

Well, I still like it!

Also; Singleplayer is awesome and Claptrap is the best NPC ever.

What do you have to say now?

[sub]Do not take this post seriously or I'll punch you in the face[/i]

The Great JT:
I sense another Mailbag Showdown.


Probably his angriest review since Sonic Unleashed.

Somebody probably already said this, but;
Finally Yahtzee reviewed Borederlands!

i love the weekly probations here. ooh! a suspension!

OT:great episode, still loving it.
what number are we on? been a while since 100.

Yahtzee has my opinion of Borderlands? I thought I was the only one who didn't love it.

so you finally broke to peer pressure? glad then you tore the game a new one, it's ok and fun to play with friends but hardly spellbinding like everybody claims it is

i agree with yahtzee, people should stop nagging him, and let him do his thing not every game needs to be reviewed, and he is a busy man... er god :D

So you finally caved Yahtzee. You're getting soft.
Anyway, interesting review. I already didn't think much of Borderlands, now I think even less of it.

Your opinions are influenced by Zero Punctuation? HAHAHAHA

Sorry. I played Borderlands single-player the whole way through and, whilst it didn't take me very long, I found it entertaining. The guns were pretty much the only thing keeping me on the game, however.

I wasen't that into the game. It didn't help that my brother dragged me along for the split-screen gameplay and the game was fun at first, but being dragged into a game at level 1 when the person your playing with it level 12 is like fighting Mike Tyson. You're always gonna go down.



Somebody is getting a ban...

When will people ever fucking learn that saying "first" always gets you a ban?

after watching my brother play borderlands, i decided to never play it. it looks like a graphic novel version of fallout 3 mixed with bioshock, but the killing point was my brother pouring something like 200 rounds of automatic gunfire into somethings face and it not dying until 300 rounds. afterwhich i said "yeah, fuck that."

So, if he did this review because all the fanboys kept nagging him to do it then which game do we have to wait for until later?
Anyway, it sounds like Mass Effect 2 will be the next game he reviews...and after that it'll be Dante's Inferno then Bioshock that order.
Yeah let's see if I'll be right; Mass Effect 2, Dante's Inferno, then Bioshock 2.

I donīt know.This one was a little lack luster to.Wasn't as good as many other before.

And iīm talking about the review.

Man. I think we should stop telling Yahtzee to do reviews of certain games. I was surprised he didn't get a heart attack half way through the review.

I don't know, it results in some pretty amusing reviews....

I don't see anything wrong with designing a game primarily with the multiplayer in mind (e.g., the Left 4 Dead games), but obviously it won't be to everyone's taste. Maybe the problem is more that they try to shoehorn in a single-player campaign to a game that's not really built for it.

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I watched a friend play this game, and I agree that the GUI is really weird.

Dying of bowel cancer, eh?

Yeah, I didn't like this game. WHY was it so liked?

damnit yahtzee I thought you would stay strong!

Oh well. Funny. If I'm going to die of bowel cancer I would love to go skydiving.

But... it has a scoped revolver that shoots rockets and lightning. Rockets are at least as fun as shurikens.

Massively entertaining review.

I almost hope this leads to another swarm of hate mail so Yahtzee can do another "Mailbag Showdown;" the last one after the Brawl review was unbelievably hilarious.

Have to admit i got bored when the borderlands version of Johan Gasmask started turning up and i went from 1 shotting enemies from the next town over to having to actually do some work :(

so that many peaple needed reacurance on a game we all knew was filling the niche for shooter fans?

Hahaha, one of the best ZP opening ever, good job

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