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*shocking revelation*
ahaha gr8 ep as usual

Well of course he's not a real person.

He's a bandicoot not a person.

All jokes aside:


I was there, damnit! Sonic was a "getting into the bad crowd" case, Crash was a "lured by friends into a cage and shipped to some warehouse to prostitute himself in front of the New Age Consoles" case

Agreed. Thank you SO MUCH for defending Crash, Graham.
Sonic Team just lost it over the years. The company that made the Bandicoot was the same company that would move on to make 2009's Game of the Year. (Or at least according to G4, Game Informer, and myself.)

That was really good. Also, loved the end conversation.

Why must all the greats die, and be mutilated...Spyro...Sonic...CRRAAAASSSSHHHHH!!!

If it's true that Crack and Time is the last one then it won't happen to Ratchet and Clank.

I remember watching a video about how Robotnik from the first Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon destroys Eggman in Sonic X after watching it on his tv but I can't find that video so I only have this classic.

I haven't trusted the Sonic series for a long time. I tried to play Sonic and The Secret Rings because it was purchased for my Nephew and yeah...I'm disappointed ever so much more. When I saw that Sonic 4 was being released I was happy until I heard that Justin Timberlake was scoring it.

Justin Timberlake instrumentals or full songs? Either way I don't like it.

Fucking awesome. Great writing and performances all around.

What games did Cerni (sp) make for Crash?

I remember it went
Naughty Dog (1-CTR)
Eurocom (Bash)
Traveler's Tales (Wrath of Cortex)

although after that one I stopped buying Crash games.

I miss Crash :'-{

I.. The.. Huh. Gotta say, I found that entire episode actually extremely hilarious.

The feature story was just so eerily.. Factual o.o And it *sigh* tugs at the heart. How dare platformer video game characters be so hurtful! Also, Acro the Acrobat is still fucking awesome. I miss that game.. TO THE INTERNETS! (Wait, I'm already here..)

My -major- lols were the Obvious Survey and the UFC one, I think.. Tim's delivery was awesome.

Is it me? Or does Sonic 4 look like sonic 1, and 2 only with better graphics? Well that's freaking great!

Oh....and Teens play video games? OMG IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD! EVERYONE RUN AWAY!

Great job with the sonic addict room. The color duality of the red and blue was really effective.

Sonic said what? They should've done the quote from he-man instead!

Would've been much funnier and most gamers would get the reference.

We were doing work about triglycerides in Biology class today... coincidence?

Sonic said what? They should've done the quote from he-man instead!

Would've been much funnier and most gamers would get the reference.


I've always viewed Sonic as the abused child.

And I remain scarred from Sonic Underground.

This is agonisingly stupid!

Once again I wonder if I should be grateful that I never played a Sonic game outside of demo stations at Best Buy.

Alright! I'm glad to see that ENN is getting a lot better as each episode passes. This was a great episode and I really do pity those who still cling to the fast, blue ball of disappointment.

Awww, poor Sonic fan. I know one but like many she's in denial... even over Sonic on 360.

Ok, the girl you got to talk all about Sonic was just awesome! Really great writing on this episode. I would say you guys just knocked the bar up a notch or two, let's see if you can keep it there.

Crash Bandicoot not being real, some people just refuse to believe

Entertaining watch, I should probably start watching this show.

Well, Sonic Adventure 2 was great. 3D can work!

That girl with the Sonic doll was Awesome!
Come to think of it, the whole sonic segment was awesome!
And whats more, its the absolute truth.
Once you go Blue.... Great!

I gotta watch this more often.

Oh, and that bit at the end.

"He's not a real person"
"People hav been trying to tell me that for years"


It is true, only Sonic has had me buy such crappy games hoping the next will finally return to those golden years on my Genesis. In fairness, the GBA/DS ones were really good. I really want Sonic 4 to remind me why I let that blue hedgehog hurt me so...

Don Reba:
Well, Sonic Adventure 2 was great. 3D can work!

Well, 1/3 of that game was great. The actual Sonic/Shadow parts. I'd rather avoid scavenger hunts and shooter levels. The same thing happened with Unleashed. 1/2 of it was good, the other half...shudder.

The teeneagers bit was probably the best ENN story thus far. Very witty :)

Brock Lesnar is a beast.

I can't figure out whether or not I found that funny or really distressing...
Maybe this was almost a step to far, but then again, it could just be cos I'm tired.

Still, great writing and good material as per usual!

i take the cake because i belong to both the crash bandicoot and the sonic fan base. SHE WAS NOT A LOYAL FAN! SHE WILL NOT ACCEPT CHANGES AND LOVE SONIC FOR WHO HE IS! *ahem* sorry but i still like sonic in 3D okay.

I loved the nod to this

And that is what I call a fantastic 100th post :). Glad folks are digging the feature story this week: we're super proud of it :).


Kathleen there is a big yellow thing outside you might need to go stand underneth and get some of. You are almost Larry Bird white. Still love ya but damn

Remember, the LRR crew is Canadian. There's only so much you can do in the face of that.

hey in the far north in alaska they have those UV lamps that will help?
or ...or maybe she could comedown here to Texas and say Hi she could get some sun here.

I lol'ed at the Sonic Sez part
alot of truth to what you said in the feature :'(

Once you go blue, you never go back.

I'm living proof that what the statement above is wrong, I played almost every Sonic game, but when SEGA released Sonic 06 I never even touched a sonic game again.
I've go blue and back.

You know what they say about Crash

Once you go Orange you ...


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