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You guys are just full of wonder, i laugh, i cry, i scrub and scrub until i feel clean again

I too am one of those people who grew up with Sonic but Im not sure if I could ever go back . . . to many memories


Kathleen there is a big yellow thing outside you might need to go stand underneth and get some of. You are almost Larry Bird white. Still love ya but damn

She's doing ENN news, game nerds do not go outside, and are pasty and pale. She would lose cred if she was to lose her china-doll complexion. :)


Besides, as "The Time Machine" showed us (admittedly with some errors), basement dwellers will one day evolve into the dominant life form. Crawling forth to herd, harvest, and feed on the remnants of non-gamers after the inevitable apocolypse.

The paler the better, it makes it less likely that a thousand years in the future when a gamer puts down his controller from a midnight Final Fantasy Binge, and drags someone into the ground for a snack that he will grab a fellow game nerd by mistake.

Long ago, when the PS One was in a console war with the N64 and to some extent sega saturn, I played an old genesis game called Sonic and Knuckles. I also loved the cartoons despite how stupid they were. Mario and Megs (Megaman) are among the few that still have good games and respect the gamers. God help him.

I had to rewind three times, pause, then check Wikipedia just to get that opening's word.

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