Game Dogs: Episode Five: KCD

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Every time I heard "KCD" I kept thinking "any relation to XKCD?"

So I'm not the only one.

I quite liked this series, this episode being the best one so far. I think this is a really strong love-it-or-hate it type of show, viewing the comments.
I do agree with everyone on the whole "GRRR" thing, it's not working.

The ending was great.

Whats...whats this feeling of somewhat joy I am I ...NO IT CAN'T BE...I am chuckling!

This was the best episode yet. Keep it up!

I didn't like this one as much as the last one


How can anyone think this is funny at all?

Just different senses of whats funny, I guess. :P I don't like it either.

Make That 3

Susan Arendt:
"Our insurance doesn't cover crazy." :D

So I guess that the Escapists insurance covers crazy.Seeing as how you still work there. xD

OT:It's just getting better and better.And I've liked this show since the beginning.


I figured this series would improve over time. I was right!

I couldn't find any insurance companies that covered crazy either.

I have to say the end had me smiling happily.

I'm afraid the programming jokes were lost on me :P

Bethany is an extremely weak character: very hard to like.

Good episode though.... even if the finish wasn't exactly hilarous.

Pretty decent, i liked it a lot better than last week. This needs to improve at a much faster rate though...

The series seems to be getting better.

sorry to the people who put hard work into this but this entire series sucks
iv watched all episodes, though only out of boredom, and not 1 has made me come even close to laughing
all the other shows r gr8, y cant they fix this 1?
i h8 all the characters, the story is boring, and it just isnt funny
if i had anything better to watch i'd be watching it
to quote someone elses comment, complete waste of time

well, kudos to the creators, they made me smirk for the first time (after 3 episodes of "meh") with the "shuddup woman", mainly cause of the suprise element :D

starting to agree the series has potential... but its far from great. i really want to like this, but having a hard time.

FINALY! They made me laugh. This was the best episode ever and wiped the previous ones off the map. Good job guys, keep up the good work. The animation needs some improvement, but best show since the beginning.

It's not the greatest, but it's shown steady improvement since the first episode. I'm compelled to keep watching to see if it keeps getting better. I like that most of the jokes are relatable. Definitely a strong point to keep up on.

I hate myself a little bit more every time I watch this. NOT funny. Hasn't been once. I watch it because I love this site and hate myself.

That was the first episode that actually made me laugh fairly constantly. I'd say this show is starting to pick up some momentum.

This series is definitely getting a lot better. =^.^= v
I know the feeling sometimes. At least you can always get a new computer. Wives can be a lot tester and harder to figure out and there is no esc button. Computers are a lot easier to maintain as you only have to fork over money once.

Women can't live with them, can't live without them. Until sex robots become affordable, am I right fellas?

Great episode! Keep it up.

When that day comes we'll all be doomed when they get PMS.

The only line with somewhat good timing and delivery, was "No one likes me". I thought that was pretty funny.

Other than that.. Whew, one joke, milked sand dry.

so i've decided to start writing down poignant phrases from this show
this week: 'nobody likes me'
last week it was '(people say) i'm not funny'
can't wait to see next week

Oh haha the computer doesn't work because it's like a human (Or a Dog). Is this the best you can come up with? You made a show about dogs who design video games and THIS is the cleverest, most unconvential thing you came up with? I'd expect crap like this from Nick at Night not the escapist.

I thought it was pretty entertaining, a good example of a "hey, lets screw around with these loonies and see what happens" kind of episode. Kudos.

Still confused as to why you have Gary say "Are you insane?" as if saying "What are you, crazy!? Get away from here!?" Why not just drop that bit, or at least change it up a bit. Like, say something different every episode, or have a different character say something their character would say (I would have no idea, as no character really has any uniqueness to them).

Also, remove the stupid "animated in front of a live audience" thing. It serves no purpose, as if there was an audience, they would be laughing (at this rate, I highly doubt that).

Not really going to spend time on the character ordeal, as you've heard it before. But this line sums it up:

Gary- "No one likes me" I can't imagine why...

I just wanted to congratulate you on creating an episode that was actually really consistently funny and enjoyable to watch. While there were a scattering of funny moments and ideas in earlier episodes, this is the first episode that really worked as a whole. My congratulations, you've overcome my pessimism towards the show and won a fan.

This one was pretty funny, Oh Game Dogs, you always know how to stay in my heart.

"nobody like me" LOL!

The series is alright... but it's just not funny most of the time :/

I *want* to like this series, but in all honesty, it's like watching an amateur stand-up comedian. They'll talk and talk to anticipate a good punch-line, but you keep waiting for it and it never comes.

And yes, I am a programmer. These jokes were not funny to me.

The art direction is alright, but there honestly isn't an awful lot of animation. I think you'd be better off trying this series as a webcomic. You'll spend less time tweening character's around on the same backgrounds, won't have to worry about voice actors sounding disinterested and boring, and your jokes will have just as much effect.
I'm not trying to bash the series, like I said I *want* to like it, but it is just empty entertainment.

From a big critic of last week, I liked that episode. I chuckled at the characterization (and it was really excellent at the end). There was a conflict the characters tried to solve. Although the camera was really static, you still had movement and progression.

I'll keep watching. [PLEASE get rid of the 'Are you Insane?' and the 'Live Studio Audience' bits though. Don't keep static jokes in an intro!]

Okay, I decided to give this show 5 episodes to make me like it and I'm sorry but it has failed for a number of reasons.

The main problem I have with it is that it is a pretender, something that claims to be about something I like to get my attention but gives me something I don't find funny. Here it claims to be a series about games yet it hasn't made a single joke about video games whatsoever, instead I get jokes about dogs, satanism, relationships etc. This is just not giving me what it promises.

Secondly, the premise just plain sucks, I mean what the hell were you thinking. Why are they dogs? if they were people it would make absolutly no differance. If it is just to make lame jokes I would expect from the disney chanel like "you gotta put your paw down" then I'm sorry but that's just terrible.

Thirdly, I hate all the characters from (I think his name is) Chet and his cliche Ryan Reynolds role to the girl and the geek and Roger who is literally a shit Cuddles. I am never happy to see any of these characters

I can't help but compare this to Apocalpse Lane and Doraleous and it just fall short in every repect, while the other two deliver what they promise and have loveable characters.

I really don't want to sound like a troll or a hater but guys, you tried something and it has failed, give up on it and either stick with the other good things you have or try something else because this just doesn't work.

Oh right; relationship and women jokes...only with a computer... Yeah, that's--that's clever...

Does anyone else hate the tiny-dog-what's-his-face's voice, or is it just me? (He's just so forgettable, like the rest of the cast.)

You...You've actually made me laugh. You've IMPROVED! Immensely!

You've made a funny episode AND you've confirmed my suspicions that it takes place in the 80's, possibly right before the start of the crash! This is fantastic, I came in here expecting to rage yet again! What a pleasant surprise!

Hell, you've even managed to hide the poorest parts of the awful "puppet-on-a-stick" walking animations by NOT SHOWING IT! Gary is somehow less annoying, even! (maybe because it actually works perfectly here!)

For crying out loud, it ain't just Gary that's improved, EVERYONE has at least SOME personality in this episode! I like the "creepy" part of Chet, I'd love to see more of this. He was arguably the most developed of the episode and that's a great thing considering he was nothing personality-wise before!

My God, please don't let this be the high point of the series, PLEASE KEEP THIS UP! I was actually laughing, and I loved it! Just...keep doing whatever you're doing that makes this series good, don't go back to being awful, please! I'm begging you!

Seriously, Gary went from being my most hated to actually likeable, as did the rest of the cast. I now plead one last time, PLEASE don't revert back to your old, bland, unfunny self, Game Dogs!

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