Stolen Pixels #168: Venn Diagrams

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I love XKCD, I love this.

Good stuff

I guess it's closer to the comic "Indexed" though.

Good one Shamus, loved the one for the consoles most.

Sir Kemper:
You forgot to add "People who play as sniper in TF2."


Scout should be too fast for Sniper. Need more spinach? (or Red Bull?)

no engies arent jerks there griefers...

oh and lets stop talking about tf2

This was an amazing experience. The first one made me rofl.

Venn Diagrams = Awesome

Truth! I have a sudden urge to be a jerk that draws Venn diagrams.

God, I hate XKCD so much. If you want an actually funny stick figure comic try Cyanide and Happiness.

In spite of the fact that your comic just called me a jerk I still like Stolen Pixel.

It's kind of funny. I'm on the escapist, I hit my Stumble! button and POOF! Here I am... still on the escapist but looking at Shamus' comic :P

funny cause its true ...

agreed, I think this is one of my favorites

What does it mean if you have a custom shelving system with every game system released in the past 35 years, 1 42" LCD, 1 32" CRT and a serious monster PC?.... Other than a carbon footprint equivalent to the crater made by godzilla being dropped from 20 miles up

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