Unskippable: Bullet Witch

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This was an excellent episode. Especially in the beginning, I couldn't stop laughing. Snaaake! It's a snaaake! Badger Badger Badger Badger...


Dot dot dot.

looks really weird but, you made it funny.


What system is this game for? It boggles the mind how something like this goes under my radar.

It's for the 360, in my opinion it wasn't very good. But, rent it and decide for yourself if you want to.

I was dissapointed there was no Russel reference!

Crows everywhere and no Russel?

Come on guys, running gags only work if you keep them running.

Oh God. The "badger, badger, badger, badger" song. I love you guys.


I wonder how many people got that.

Bayonetta could be a good option for Unskippable. Much like Devil May Cry, some cutscenes have some pretty awesome stuff that you can't do in the actual game.

suprised with all the crows you didnt mention russel but a good video non the less.

Half way through I wanted to call this Zero Punctuations brother show "Proper Punctuations" for all the correcting they did haha.

Good vid as usual guys!

So many emotions involved in this game, "Witches don't need prayers...". bleh. How.. dramatic.

Just... wow.

The text had better voice acting than any other character.

if only the zombies actually sounded how they would without lips, i would buy this game.

is true what they said towards the end of their video, do not play bullet witch , terrible game

That was awesome...this is definitely one of my favourite new Unskippables.
I'm glad that they managed to find a game that was truly terrible...the jokes are so much better than the good games with mediocre/bad cutscenes.

I liked this game :( ...........

I miss Russell...

Almost as painful as the Two Worlds cinematic... luckily the voice acting in this was mediocre.

Also, I'm happy I wasn't the only one who started reciting Badger, Badger, Badger, etc.

Kinda hard to enjoy Unskippable when the cinematic they use is so terrible. The Haze episode was probably one of my favorites since it the source material was tolerable, and the commentary, hilarious.


Wow, and a review at the end? You guys are too nice.

What, no Russell jokes?

I was totally expecting a Russell lineage run down... I mean crap that was like a family reunion for crying out loud!
I think it's funny how y'all decided to do BulletWitch considering all the crap Graham has given it. and it is a horrible game...

wow, bullet witch seems pretty lame

I found this cs difficult to comprehend.

Whispering Death:
Crows everywhere and no Russel?


What, no Russell jokes?

I was totally expecting a Russell lineage run down... I mean crap that was like a family reunion for crying out loud!

To be fair, they were ravens. (Though the CG was so bad I was getting flashbacks to Transformers: Beast Wars...)

"Bazooka Joe how could you!", hehe I love it.

Another great episode, keep it up!

They were ravens, not crows. Although you'd think a reference to Raven Software would've been a cute nod to the Russel joke. I'm not complaining though, it was a great episode.

This game looks terrible, the cutscene was like everything horrible ever combined into one big ball of suck.

What a magnificent implication that your game is shit.

Looks like the script was run through Babelfish...

That was one of the best in a while, in no small part because the source material was pure gold. This game looks like a joke. Grammar's dusk indeed.

I wear a man scarf some times....

Still, great episode.

Wow, that ending was a CSI YEAH! just waiting to happen. If she had sunglasses it would have been perfect.

you know someone at CTV should be told about this....they could milk the royalties of the publishers so they, as in CTV, can get some better programming.

Wow, that was a really, really lame cutscene. Grammar mistakes, terrible cuts and horrible voice acting.

For all you know, CTV could have bought out all the American networks in the future... oh, wait, this game was launched in 2005. Well, so much for that.

Snaaaake, it's a snake! It's a badger badger badger badger badger badger badger....

Witches don't need emotions! Witches need guns longer than they are tall!

Another great episode found in the dregs of gaming. I do have to watch it again though, since I spent the whole review in anticipation of a Russell joke. Kinda feel let down. But they made jokes about the badger song, so I'll forgive them.

I am glad I decided to watch the Sabotuer one, otherwise I would be missing out on the funnies.
Keep up the nonsense and PUNs.

This looks even worse than bayonetta (IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?) Wow i gotta hand it to you for finding a game that can dissapoint me even more than bayonetta did..

Now see a game about bazooka joe's quest to destroy the world with gum would've been much better.

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