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This should totally be a sport.

The really impressive part was that they restrained from a Robin Williams reference...

I liked how Matt didn't sound remotely Finnish.

Follicular fortitude? Win.

Also, the return of Paul's beard? double win. maybe that's why we haven't seen paul lately, the didn't want to ruin the surprise :)

Distorted Stu:
Man this sketch must of taken aagggeess. Unless ofc, you all really cngrow beards like Gods. Great ep!

This was actually filmed in real time.
And Paul's beard lives again!

I think a foo man choo would have been funnier and win with a few extra style points for growing a beard in such a concentrated way.

on a side note, i wish i could grow a beard TT-TT just not in my genetics TT-TT


I could see this happening in Flying circus yes

LRR is crazy as usual... Keep it up!

Of course somebody from such a (relatively) obscure country is a fan and sees this, then proceeds to point out your mistakes. :P

That's fair.
On the upside, that's the real Finnish national anthem at the end!

Well, at least you Finnished well.

I was so expecting Paul to have grown the beard more each time you cut away from him in the interview.

Love the names you gave each level of beard. So awesome.

lolll oh my god can't stop laughing
that was great

I didn't see it coming with Matt cuz I was starting to relate to him haha (oh so smooth...)


Of course somebody from such a (relatively) obscure country is a fan and sees this, then proceeds to point out your mistakes. :P

That's fair.
On the upside, that's the real Finnish national anthem at the end!

Oh hey, it really is. Kinda embarrassing that I didnīt realize it the first time.
Doesnīt really matter, though, because...we just won our first GOLD MEDAL! Wohoo!
Thank you for making this possible.

As a man who grows a strong beard (and I believe that body hair does make a difference) I really appreciate this sketch. It really captures the pride and passion that comes with a beard.

Definitely a Winter Olympic sport.

My question is, why is this a winter Olympic sport? Couldn't it also theoretically be a summer Olympic sport?

Nope, from what I understand from a guy in our office who has a beard, they're totally itchy and hot in the summertime.

FINLAND! *shakes fist*

See you in Russia in 2014.

Wow. I had lagged behind a couple of weeks, so I watched Green and Olympic Beard Growing in a row.
By the end of Green I thought "Wow, this was great, one of the best LRR episodes I've seen!" ... and then Olympic Beard Growing just got even better ... this is by far the most hilarious LRR episode I've ever seen, I kept laughing for minutes after it ended, and to be honest, I usually don't laugh out loud from LRR, I just find them very enjoyable and consistently funny, but rarely really hilarious.
Fantastic episode, even though I too thought the name "Hans Egan" was very, very strange. Any random string of vowels with occasional K's and M's ending with "eki" would have looked sufficiently finnish.

Olympic Beard Growing

Action News covers one of the most hotly contested events of the 2010 Vancouver Games.

Watch Video

Hey I found a mistake! You guys used the Estonian anthem for Sweden in the medal scene!

This is the swedish Anthem:

While this is the Esonian anthem:

Estonian FTW!!!!!

Best thing about this one was the rankings of beard. Smooth...Stubbly...Playoffs...Frontier Bill. Hilarious. :)

I would like to say how proud I am of my totally real not-fake beard

Some of you think this is a parody, but it has a real tradition and past time here in Canada as a hockey playoff tradition. Here's last years winner, St. Louis Blues goaltender Chris Mason:

Though purist will Mason cheated as he started growing his beard well before the playoffs. St. Louis was so far behind in the standings that he decided one day in January that their playoffs were starting 2-3 months early. And indeed, lead by the strength of his mighty beard the Blues finished the season 23-8-5 climbing the standings from the bottom in January all the way to 6th spot and the playoffs in April.

And of course up here we'll never forget the legendary Mike Commodore from 2006. He's often a sought after commodity on trade deadline day based solely on the strength of his beard:

I don't know how you guys come up with stuff like this, and frankly, I don't want to :-D. Nice one, bravo!

Cross country figure curling? That sounds like a bitch.
Paul looks better with a beard.

I need to watch more of these, the music alone makes it worth a view.

Okay, that's it, I can't take it anymore. It is Canada, Britain and FINLAND. IT WAS NOT SWEDEN. There, got it out of my system.

That was great, and seemed to me to be one long in-joke about Pual's ability to grow the world's best beard. I did think Pual would win though, as his beard is "mountain-man-tastic".

This is becoming one of my favoruite features :3 Come for the Zero Punctuation, stay for all the other awesomeness. Hell am I glad I found this place!

God, if the real Olympics were like this, I might give a damn instead of escaping to Hawaii for a week to avoid them.

Ah another dose of pure win this afternoon, thanks guys!

i knew who the winner was when i heard 'eagan doesnt even look like hes in this competition' but still a great vid ,made me laugh.

This is why he's Paul.

lol great
and paul should grow his beard back

I couldn't stop laughing when "Hans" won gold, gotta love the underdog! Great stuff as usual!

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