Stolen Pixels #169: A New Man

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Don't let Russ Pitts tell you how to draw your comic, dude's an expansion schill.



I did not need to see that.

How have I not ambled past this witty sector of the escapist in my time here. I must view more of these. More I say!

Male Shepard with boobs is kind of well...creepy.

spoiler.. fucking alert?

I hope this turns into a short series of Mass Effect 2 comics. Judging from the ME2 plot dissection on Shamus's blog, it seems like there's lots of gold eezo in there just waiting to be mined.

You can play as a shemale in ME2 if you got the PC version.

if you go to ,you can also get mods for armor and casual clothes. ...yeah, our modding community is really working hard.

Unseen panels:

"Sheppard, that's because you're wearing woman's armor and it's too small for you. I'm sure you'd be much more comfortable in men's armor. It's painful even thinking about how you're squeezing into that suit."

"I think we shouldn't be wearing anything at all Jacob ... in my quarters."

"Sheppard, for the last time, no."

Well, you know what they say in that situation, Shepard...

"Your best is an idiot!!"

haha i didnt notice the body at first..
i only read these for the articles ;D

Man boobs... literally.

Gotta love PC games - "how can we totally break the game in awesome ways?"

Just in case you want some more "cannot unsee"

Infinite possibilities

You linked the same image twice I think.

Also... EYEBLEACH!!!

Boobs and a beard, sounds like the best of two worlds. Though could be worse, could be better. Good joke either way.

gee i always wondered what would happen if the 6 million dollar man got a recall notice in the mail ... mr . s austin , you have been reecalled due to factory error in manufacture , you may suffer from droppsie syndrome (hand might release ) during routine or extreme activity ... please return to your local dealership asap for repair

sry this obscure reference of recall notice was in mad magazine spoof of the six million dollar man

Sad to say, but that isn't the most unattractive female Shepard I've seen.

The Goggles, they do noooothhiiinng!

Seriously, Nice comic as useual.

Is this lol or lul?

OT:Very nice.

I thought 'Lul' was a rude word in Dutch.

Funny comic page though, I look forwards to the next.

thought 'Lul' was a rude word in Dutch.

It means 'dick'..and calling someone a 'lul' has the same meaning as calling someone a dick.

The new and improved Cerberus armour gives:
Heavy weapon ammo: +10%
Increased shields: +10%
Increased Health: +10%
Extra Cleavage: +100%

Extremely funny even if it was slightly disturbing.


I wonder if this would affect either his Charm or Intimidate?

that's exactly what i thought...for some reason all my levels where reset to zero when i transfered to mass effect 2

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