Escapist News Network: EA's Corporate Vision On Track

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Boring compared to most other ENN episodes. Hopefully they'll suck less next week.

It was just a tad too quick at the start, I had to watch it twice to see and hear everything.
Good stuff though.

This week's rejected ENN stories are up on the LoadingReadyRun blog!


I hope EA is going to make new IPs and give IPS a second chance like mirror's edge and dead space.

Isn't Dead Space 2 already in the works? I thought I heard that somewhere... Not sure now though.

Also, "replace house with tits" is probably one of the greatest phrases ever.

Deadspace 2 has a non confirmed release date and Mirror's Edge 2 was mentioned as being the next franchise continuation they want to attempt to keep running although it was not in the 2010 fiscal year report. Said report was subject to change but DICE is already releasing Bad Company 2 and doing the MP of the new Medal of Honor title.

A bit rushed this week. I hope you return to the earlier format. There wasn't even a lead-in dialogue


Huh. That kind of supports the "gamers fear change" argument in the main story, doesn't it?

Pfft the Fragsalot joke was way2 american, and what was wrong with Mirrors Edge!?!? I will stand by it till the grave!

I never noticed that Jer was slightly crosseyed. I knew there was something about him that made seeing him interesting, just never noticed the eyes.

Cathline looks like someone punched her in the eye.

EA's biggest mistake financially was sadly to actually try new ideas. Meanwhile Activision rolls in money by milking tried and true concepts.

This has always been my biggest concern for the gaming industry stagnating if innovation is punished and laziness is rewarded.

Agreed, I love EA, but a few good new games just got avoided like the plague.
I wish they could shake the evil image and I wish people would buy more than just Madden, Call of Duty, etc... and try out something different.

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