Zero Punctuation: Mass Effect 2

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yes. does it matter when it was released though. it's kinda like biowares comeback to popular dissent

I'm commander Sheppard and this is my favorite review on the escapist

Mass Effect 2 does have a land exploration but it's download content and not nearly as massive maps to explore. I got the land vehicle for free because the card you get the gives you 5 free download content items but at the time that's all they had I think. You're in a hover tank and you can't get out when you want and fighting enemies is too easy. You shoot them with your overpowered gun and then ram the ones still alive. I don't think ramming actually kills them so you just turn around and shoot them again.

I miss Commander Gobblecoque...

I miss Commander Gobblecoque...

Nice necro, never necro a thread any old than 30 days. Site rules.

Mass Effect's gameplay is superb. Imma play me some today and hopefully finish it for the first time in about 10 months.

I loved this game

Wait... Wolves that shoot lasers out of their mouths? Well, it's not exactly lasers, but this one anime/manga called One Piece has a dog that shoots rockets out of its mouth:


Unfortunately, you don't see much of the dog, in fact I'm pretty sure he was only in one chapter.

Either way, here's hoping BioWare listens to your suggestions.

Gotta split with Yahtzee on this one. Bioware stop getting points for good writing when good writing becomes the norm in video games, and not before!

i love this game

Do Reapers in ME3 qualify as "giant wolves that shoot lasers out of their mouths?"

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