Apocalypse Lane: Episode 36: A Neighborhood in Crisis

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Knife Fight! Yay!!

"I brought some rum just in case" LOLOLOL

Laugh out Loud funny Jon! And yes, that is better than LOL.

Twitchy got Knocked The Fuck Down!


I've been wanting to see that for a while now.


nice this show is getting better and better

Hahaha cool eppy.


and did they ever explain the mystery behind his sock puppet?

P.S. I think Knifefight is coming back.


This has to be by far the best episode since....
Heck, this is probably the best episode ever.


Hahaha cool eppy.


and did they ever explain the mystery behind his sock puppet?

P.S. I think Knifefight is coming back.

Yeh a few episodes back, it's a split personality thing so it really is just his hand...

And I would so wear a Cuddles T-shirt I WANT IT!!!

How can you just NOT love every word that comes out of cuddles mouth xD
"Imagine, somewhere in the universe is a planet of stupid fat bitches"

Damn it I just love this show xD

I love this series...
"The plot gets tangled" is something I read from an earlier post, I'd like to give my 2 cents on...

I find the WTF moments are well done, because they hold great shock value, but Apocalypse Lane doesn't dick around like a pretentious soap opera. Hence, I think the limited amount of episodes this series has benefits it greatly, in the same way its smaller audience benefits it. In these circumstances, the show never drags it's feet, like it's trying to stall for another season, something that Anime needs to stop doing.

If the plot is "tangled" it's most certainly a good thing, because the cartoon never feels stale or mundane to me, as it keeps things interesting with it's quickly progressing story, like a bad soap opera trying to keep the attention of it's hard-core fan base, all the while being very self-aware about it, hence the hilarious LOST reference. (loved that btw Jon)

Anyhow, can't wait to see the rest Jon!

Personally, I'm most eager to see what Frank does next, that guy knows how to raise some hell. Plus, he's got one of the most unique designs, next to Hickey. If there's anything I can't get enough of, it's the crazy character designs.

Great episode. Cuddles was amazing.
"Take your stinking tentacles off me you damn, dirty bitch!"

It's a mad house!!
I bust my ass laughing at that- that was one of AL's finest, guys!!
The show just keeps getting better and better :D

Brilliant...brilliant as always!

this episode took the cake, i just loved kickey's lines at the end "appearently i rode that shit hard" was what got me

Oh no. It's KnifeFight?

Frank has GOT TO BE the best character ever!!!!

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