Zero Punctuation: Dante's Inferno

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wow I REALLY enjoyed this zero punctuation it was in my opinion the best in a while.

HAHAHA! "beat the fuck outta me!" hahaha oh wow shameless masturbation puns are hilarious!!! oh man that was funny Zero Punctuation video!
I still think it's great that they sent Yahtzee a singing box that he had to smash. You have to give EA points for generating hype.

Hm. I half expected it to be a much harsher review, given as how money spent hyping things up is indirectly proportional to the amount of money spent on ensuring quality. That said, this review was still sufficient to make me not want to buy the game.

How many will be banned/suspended at the top of this one, I wonder?

It beats the fuck out of me!

fingers crossed for heavy rain next week

You know, I might still give this a chance, since I don't actually have a Playstation of my very own.

Hehehe... I remember that singing box. That's still one of the funniest non-videos I've ever seen on this site. Great review and I'll probably never play this game.

gee that was good , the package ea sent sounds like they tried to get a good review from yahtzee... too bad it didn't work

Great review, Yahtzee. This game is definitely one of the most blatant God of War clones out there. Even the opening music is a rip off of God of War. It is a shame there isn't multiple endings, though. Then again, its only ending is lame enough.

Good but kinda hard to follow... loved the mario joke!

I was pleasantly surprised here..i was expecting a full on hate-bash but instead i got a minor hate-bash and a few cock jokes "It beats the fuck out of me" oh you silly brit


Paul The Best:


There should be a circle of hell for twat pancakes.

lol made me laugh alot the two reasons i havent got it yet is because of

1) i have read the epic poem
2)ive seen the ea animation... epic failure

Not really informative as reviews go, but seeing as I had no intention of playing this game in the first place that's alright. A number of good 1-liners in it

l0rD ChUcKl3s:
i swear that video was just one massive wank joke.
it was good though im gona use that right hand one

Oddly apt as Dantes inferno itself is WANK!

I always feel an odd sense of levity when Yahtzee hates a game as much as I did.

I'm actually surprised he didn't mention that this is the second adaptation of the Divine Comedy.
First one being Devil May Cry.

Wow, he really did not like this game.

Yahtzee's reviews have been getting a lot better lately. This one was awesome. I wish I had more to say about it.

He sounded different.

*insert conspiracy theory here*

Amusing video as always, but does Yahtzee have a cold? His voice sounded really hoarse and strained. Poor guy, he should take some soup, drink lots of liquids and play something good until he gets better.

Interesting review Yahtzee, but I'm beginning to wonder if maybe you're stretching yourself too thin and perhaps not putting as much care into your ZP videos as you once did. IDK I could just be imagining things.

Hmmm...lotta hairy bum & wanking references in this weeks review. Makes one wonder if Yahtzee received a proper review copy of Dante's Inferno or did some mischievous clerk in the mail room slip some Japanese eroge knock-off into Yahtzee's parcel?

Despite every reviewer saying "it's like God of War but" I'll eventually give this a try as it doesn't seem an absolute travesty of a game and as I don't own nor do I plan to own a Playstation (console or handheld) it would seem this is the closest I'll ever get to actually playing God of War. Yay console-exclusivity! :(

I paused the video to read the clock the first time.

Then I LOLed.


More amusing than usual: I lol'd several times. I've actually been hearing that it's worth a rental if just for the visuals, so I might do that.

And for chrissake Yahtzee, get some lozenges for your throat. You sounded like your larynx was going to fly out your mouth and splatter on your monitor.

From day one, people were shouting "god of war rip off" and I was expecting Yatzee to be a bit more original. However, still an enjoyable critic.

I don't mind Dante's Inferno actually. I enjoy it a lot. To be honest, I was waiting for that type of game. I wanted to see something like God of War in a new setting and hell is fine by me. I like the mechanics of GOW, but I don't care anymore about the Greek mythology setting.

Yes, the game rips GOW, but has a lot of flaws. The upgrade system is not that rewarding and worth the effort, but playing it without worrying about the extras is really enjoyable and it's all that matters to me.

Despite the crowds of God of War and Yahtzee fanboys (that I do fall into but more rational), I'm still going comment on the game positively.

I liked this game, good fun if you like the genre. I would say it's no God of War but 3 isn't out yet and DI is just like 1 and 2 haha! Anyway, good game, not the best due to lack of originality but then again that's why we're going to love God of War III.

My my, what large number of masturbation references we have today.

I'm sure there's an innuendo in there

but I just can't find it... that's what she said...*sigh*

I love the Bohemian Rhapsody quote during the credits... nice touch.

Personally, I was looking forward to the game, but I guess that's because I'm a literary fag, but then playing a God Of War knock-off game based on a poem I like... yeah, never mind. Great review though, I guess.

There should be a circle in hell for people who post before they watch the video.

Another game that I would have considered looking into but ZP has killed off the desire to do so.

Worth it for the laugh though.

Better than normal, though that isn't saying much as every zp is awesome some are just more awesome than others.

Also, I think Mr. Croshaw has a cold.

Micheal bay presents Rampant Cocks...

...that is Fan-Bloody-Tastic...

We were talking about how scitzophrenic Christianity can be earlier today. And some said near enought the exact same thing about Isaac.

Best episode for a while, I'd say. Keep it up!

The lustful being blown around on the wind is supposed to be a reference to how they are blown about through their lives by temptation and desire. Fuck English class.

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