Stolen Pixels #171: Probe Away

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the mining made me miss the Mako terribly. My neighbor would be able to testify to this at length.

also either is made less boring with the addition of music played from your chosen media program.

if the Mako had more weight (with more powerful boosters to compensate) and the terrain was better it all would have been solved.

oh, or they could just give us the Hammerhead with the ME1 system.

Except that the Hammerhead's armored with papier-mâché, takes forever to take down an YMIR mech when a soldier Shepard can rip it apart in seconds (god forbid they make you fight thresher maws in that tin can), and does a silly little dance when mining for resources.

Aside from those, I'd say it's a step in the right direction. Project Overlord showed us that much, although I don't think it would be feasible, considering Overlord is over 1GB. That's 1 GB for 1 planet with about a square mile or two for the hub area, 2 different driving area worlds and really tiny interior maps. Considering that 1 DVD has max 8GB storage on it, that'd mean one disk would have enough space for 8 planets, unless they generate everything randomly, where you might end up with cookie-cutter locations.

i think there should be some animation while it digs up whatever, at least you don't have to get out. although it would be nice to be able to.

other than that it's armor is fine. it's very fast and dodgy, so you don't even get hit. Also the YMIR mechs that you fight in it (can't remember any) are obviously of a higher quality as the hammerhead firepower is rather excessive.

Also a world doesn't take 1GB. how big would Mass Effect I been then? Not every world has to have tons of things going on. though my hardrive would hardly notice another 30GB of data which i think would be welcome on such a game

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