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Heh, PP lives entirely on the other side of the country. Not quite, but *almost* as far as they can possibly get from here, without leaving.

That said, we've had opportunity to work with them, because they're out in vancouver a couple times a year.

Wes, on the other hand just happens to live here, and runs a comedy showcase we participate in every month.

He's super cool.


Oh, I didn't realize that PP was elsewhere. I somewhat recently saw Graham in a PP Blog video for their TV series and just assumed that everyone lived relatively near each other. My bad.

Yeah, they were in Vancouver that day, so he went over and joined them.


Guitar Hero: Cannibal Corpse, Dimmu Borgir, Stratovarious! I can see how that would be very awesome!

Where is Canada man when you need him?

It was really hard to recognize James at all. He should always have the face like this.

I'm a Frenchie and I loved it. Would have been perfect if the French accent didn't sound German. ;op

Good bless them if they make Guitar Hero: Black Metal!

I've been saying for years that, by isolating their key and initial demographic of rockers and metalheads, the GH/RB franchises fail to establish any proper grounding for further games.

While expansions into Pop Music and Country can and have made for good short-term gains and introduction of the series to younger and more mainstream audiences, this draw as a sales tool works only as long as it functions as a fad: a product, person, or activity that enjoys a short, but grossly successly run of popularity in modern culture. Frankly put: Rockers aren't just there for the bands, but for the culture and lifestyle it represents. It's a chance to vicariously life the rock and roll lifestyle they so crave, craving not only the glitz, but the hard times as well (theres a certain romance in that). I've written sociology papers about the early connections of heavy metal/hard rock with the development of video games (especially in the development of modern console gaming (circa early 1990s), and there is a great deal of overlap in rocker/gaming culture.

Maybe a foray into Black Metal isn't the best next step for these companies, but if traditional die-hard hard rock/metal fans are acknowledged and respected more in upcoming titles, I can see a return of good percentage (for some the damage has already been done) of die-hard fans to float future iterations of the title(s).

Looking back, I think some of the JRPG's could use some trimming, but they certainly shouldn't be left bear naked like the current western ones(ME 2). Mass Effect is still good, but I think it lost some points at gameplay.

OT: I really hope for more news about the French/Arabic-Canadian terrorists; that stuff was exciting!
+ guest staring on Lost Planet??? Wait what, you mean it'll have cameons?

Compelling. and Cinimatic.
Loved the old LRR call backs. Hmmm, I think we may just finally maybe get to see a return of Canadaman ^_^

Formica Archonis:
As someone who knows about the FLQ and the murder of Pierre Laporte, I found that was... really, really, creepy.

I am French Canadian, and am rather familiar with the October Crisis/Quiet Revolution/FLQ, and yet I still found it hilarious. It's meant to be light and joke.

I am not sure if the US crowd will quite get it though.

Yeah, rock on Wes Borg. Excellent guest appearance.

As if French people weren't bad enough...But...French Canadian...
I kid of course. I like Canadians. Canada is a very not bad place to visit. Not good mind you just not bad. Good old american public schooling at it's finest here. God I need to work on my grammar. Anyway what were we talking about?

I am ready to cry, I really want more RPG elements in games. Sadly I wish it was actually terrorists <cries>.

Oh and incidently, I hope Grahm and Kathleen *DO* make a cameo in a video game, it would be funny. :)

What kind of accent was Morgan trying to do? Did he get his info on Americans from movies or something? Sorry it just really bugs me.

On the positive side, Boston Celtics in lost planet sound good, and I wonder how much of a Crash Bandicoot fan Graham is (not that there's anything wrong with being a crash fan, I loved those games).

Guitar Hero Immortal is something that I would buy.Just for the awesomeness factor of it.But a Guitar Hero Behemoth or Bad Acid Trip would get my money instantly.

Not even ENN can make a cool looking shephard :)

Give us back our RPG elements, man. S'not cool, Canadians. The U.S. localization teams didn't do anything to you!

You wanna know something else crazy? Wes Borg (who played Rex in this video, but has an established career as a Canadian comedian and actor) actually did voice work for both Mas Effect games. Elcor Hamlet, anyone?

Huzzah for LRR refrences!

Normally I would give in to their demands, but we do not negotiate with French Canadian Terrorists!

say what you will about box art but leave the battle systems out of this

Junction system????


Why Canada, why?

GH: Bathory?

They helped start black metal.


Wouldn't the French Canadian Terrorist also want to separate Quebec?

Someone must call Canada man to get the RPG elements back!

Abbath xD man, I'd pay for a black edition of guitar hero to just use it as a trinket. Yeah...

I really want Graham and Kathleen to be in Lost Planet 2, I would buy it just for them

blame the french for everything is a good start to anything

Damn those French-Canadian Terrorists! Soon they'll take our character customisation!

that will probably be one of the last to go

from the looks of it they are making their way through final fantasy features first


Damn those French-Canadian Terrorists! Soon they'll take our character customisation!

that will probably be one of the last to go

from the looks of it they are making their way through final fantasy features first

They're just doing that to lull you into a false sense of security. Everything seems fine and then BAM! Champions Online's Character Creator is nothing but pink spandex.

This ENN is rated: soda out the nose, twice

1. James' makeup.
2. "Terrorists" cut

Great job guys!

In comment to the credits bit, all I have to say is "GET BENT, AKRID!!"

For the love of Bahamut, do as they say!

Oh no, not terrorists too!

The video game biz is going down.

wait lost planet two has you guys in it... hey didn't they do the same thing with RVB and halo 3?

Brad Shepard:
NO!!!! *Falls to Knees* Not the Junction System!!!! I loved you so!

Great video guys,

I love the junction system
LOl at the Boston Celtics being part of Lost Planet 2


Formica Archonis:
As someone who knows about the FLQ and the murder of Pierre Laporte, I found that was... really, really, creepy.

Yeah, that was strangely close to home.

October 1970.... too soon guys. You gonna get the Bloc and the PQ on your ass. ;)

Meh, as someone who has had to study the subject alot, I'm just surprised that they made the reference at all. Not many Canadians know or care about this, but those who did got a laught out of it. Way to go guys really good episode

wtf? what is sephiroth doing there??? hax!!!

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