Doomsday Arcade: Episode 24

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DAM YOU KRATOS!!! R.I.P. Laser Cat....*sniff*...Shanks is gonna kill Kratos for this. If he could survive in a fight with Gordan Freeman sporting a gravity gun then Kratos can be killed.

Skinny Kratos, no! You killed Lazer Cat! Now who will father hundreds of Lazer Kittens??

Only two I didn't recognize--the shortie in the suit, and the chicken-thing with Lund. Anyone know?

....No.... No, no, no, no, NOOOOO!!!!!!! LASER CAT!!! How could this happen?!!? Damn you Kratos! WE shall remember this day of mourning forever, Laser Cat shall live on in our hearts. *helps organise Laser Cat Day, 25th Feb*

On a positive note, awesome episode! And Brucie's a fucking NINJA. He can become a tree!

totaly awesome show. just that


and why did the Kratos kill lasr cat rather tan shanks? why did after he killed shanks he just went away? howcould bruce and (i think it was) Jamul leave shanks alown when he was so obviously insane?

axcept that, the last minutes had rely good writing, and it was a real good episode,except there are still a lot of things i don't understand about it

Random thought. What happened to the Michaels' Understudys? The guys who got attacked by Liquid similar to how the first episode went?

*snip* I'm still trying to figure out who that short guy with the bowler hat was.

Assuming this isn't a joke, that's Oddjob from Goldeneye.

Lazercat no! *weeps*

Just wondering but whatever happened to Max Payne, I know he's one of the generals they had in the begining.

there HAS again HAS to be a dvd. i can not be without doomsday arcade forever.

Heh, Mr.Wilhelm screams again

NOOOO LASER CAT!!! "I can't lose another friend"...Poor Shanks


*snip* I'm still trying to figure out who that short guy with the bowler hat was.

Assuming this isn't a joke, that's Oddjob from Goldeneye.

Ah, thanks. Didn't play the 64 much other than Zelda, Mario, and SSB. Now I'm probably going to think of all the other famous game characters that are either still alive or haven't been referenced. There Will Be Brawl still has a few characters left, the Prince of Persia, Master Chief, maybe even "Soap" MacTavish.

Just watched it and I gotta say best episode yet. I mean killing all those bosses was hilarious, and replacing your heart with a grenade. Well worth the wait!


*snip* I'm still trying to figure out who that short guy with the bowler hat was.

Assuming this isn't a joke, that's Oddjob from Goldeneye.

That's what I thought... everyone always chose him because he was slightly shorter than everyone else (except nick-nack) and he had his hat as a weapon. Hence he was the bast character from Goldeneye and therefore a general.

All those flags and I still didn't expect Lazer Cat to go like that...


i said the same thing but i was a bit awkward since it was in the middle of my class

Lazercat.... :(

Best episode so far though, by a long way.

Is there going to be any FF jokes?


Looks like Lasercat's roll was cut short.

I sure hope Sephiroth turns up for the final party :D! Maybe not, he would just sin harvest everybody and that wouldn't make a good ending at all.

This episode had such a sad ending =( And Toads Girl =( Really well done episode I loved it I really really cant wait for the next one and hopefully more from you guys after DD arcade.

Nooo! Not Lazer Cat!
Damn you Kratos! I hope you rot in hades! I mean... for good this time!!! :P

Raz from Psychonauts,the innocent female toad,all those other guys and not once did anyone think Kratos was there!i can't believe they killed lazer cat.can't wait for the finale

The bit with Lund and Klaymen (I'll admit, I had to look it up) was short but hilarious! I was surprised at Lasercat's (very-very-gross!) demise. And we finally get a bit of Bruce's backstory! :D

I thought the graveyard scene was really well done. The angle-switches and jump-cuts kept it creepy and disorienting...and then Manny popped up, nice!

Oh, and sign me up on the unofficial "Get us a DA DVD!!" petition. ;)

I'm unashamed to say that I giggled like a little girl at the Billy Mitchell part.

oh yeah, and



He karate chopped his own heart out and replaced it with a live grenade...

I think someone just out-awesomed Chuck Norris.



I just thought of something. Couldn't all the npcs just be reprogrammed?

i feel stupid, i dont know who kratos is, i thought it was prince of persia lol
brilliant episode, loved the montage and the part about the grenade for a heart

also what exactly did that list of casualties say?
all i could make out was the first line "This is a list of casualties and shit"
and sumet about "Jazzy Mgee" at the top of the list, lol classic

I'm amazed they managed to go the whole series without a single Final Fantasy character.
Or anyone from Kingdom Hearts, or TWEWY... are the Michaels anti-Squeenix fanboys?

So, this is what finally did it.

After nearly a year of reading/watching/laughing over all the Escapist's site, I was content to merely hover and watch, never thinking of signing up. Many hours of Doomsday Arcade, Z.P., and others uncountable were watched...

... and then I saw Klayman from the Neverhood, and had to pause for a good three minutes, I was giggling (giggling!) with glee. Glee, I tell you!

Thank you for the magnificent run, Lund, Shanks and the rest of the D.A. team. While I've been a fan of many series here on Escapist, your's has remained my favorite. It's sad to see such a great series come to an end; I'm hoping you start a new series together soon after D.A. runs it's last gag. In the mean while, I'll be looking forward to the final episode.

Here's to hoping for the DVD, or at least a "master cut" of all the episodes hosted online.


Oh MY God! Greatest Odd Ball/ James Bond Reference evar!


Epic though. Can't wait for the finale.

YES YES YES~!!!!!!!!! SKULLMONEKYS!!!!!!!!! YES I LOVE YOU A SKULLMONKEYS/Neverhood REFERENCE!!!! HORAYYYYYYYYYYY. Thanks so much I love you I stopped teh video right away im srceaming in joy right now :D

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