Dante's Inferno

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I'm tired of this whole rip-off arguement anyway.

Hope everyone wipes DI's blood off the knife before they proceed to stick it into Bad Company 2,it being a MW2 rip-off.

Are you going to review fun space? You might get a bit bias but i want 2 see if you can critisise your own game.

ok i have played both Devil may cry and God of war and what i think is god of war is shit (my opinion) it fighting was rubish the storey was quite boring and the voice acting well it was ok but devil may crys now theres a game brilliant combat beleivable voice acting funny and and oustanding story there is no comparisons s to god of war because god of war is rubish

can we stop this 'god of war clone' derogatory business...

thats the whole point of being genre defining...just because a game is similar in its mechanics to an absolutely awesome game, doesnt mean that being its clone is a bad thing

do we call starcraft a C&C clone? no, even though C%C defined rts games

I havent played dante's inferno but i loved GOW im sure i would have alot of fun with it!

shadow skill:



Long Story Short: God of War a touchstone. Of course it's going to be emulated.

It's not a bad game by any means, but it deserves most of the hassle it's been getting for being in the shadow of God of War.

Why does this game deserve punishment above all the other cases of "copying" in the industry?

When we accuse people of copying we mean something like this:http://community.livejournal.com/bleachness/446299.html

Now, that is egregious copying. To me this is a clear cut instance of copying, even actionable if you ask me. This is a frame-by-frame proof. And it convinces me.

But I respectfully disagree that this is what DI is doing with GoW.

I'm curious how the fun space game will turn out because I have yet to see (or remember of) a space game that is fun for me (I've got nothing against the genre, they're just not my cup of tea).

I'm honestly, truly looking forward to FSG: The Game. Even if it ends up playing just like X3 or something, I know it'll have that distinctly Yahtzee flavor to its plot and presentation.

Looking forward to this game of his ^.^

Here's terrible plot idea:aliens are on the warpath heading towards earth, earth says "um no" sends out fleet, aliens wipe out whole fleet, you are the only survivor. Most of the game is spent attacking their rear supply lines. The kicker? The aliens are all geodudes and they only know rock throw. Let the space shooting fun begin.

I have to respectfully disagree with your suggestion that Dante was riding by the seat of his pants when he wrote the Divine Comedy; you need only look at Erich Auerbach's fastidious analysis to see that the man thought carefully about each and every word he put into the poem. It's my suspicion that the lust circle is rather underwhelming in its ironical punishment because that was as graphic as he dared to be where sex is concerned.

Plot: Instead of being a space marine or a space captain, how about being a space janitor? And you need space money to live in space, so you sneak on-board space ships to clean them. Or blow them up if no amount of cleaning can help them.

Yahtzee, would you ever consider leaving The Escapist if say, Ubisoft (or any company, really) wanted to hire you as part of a development team to make the latest games?

Yay! Now I finally no how to phrase a counter-argument against the GoW is just a DMC ripoff thing. Damn I am stupid. But what I must ask is will Fun Space Game: The Game be available on mac?

I cant wait to play your space adventure.

oh and devil may cry had style...:/

only in the sense that every japanese teen has style, while wielding a big sword. Which is like saying pokemon has style, it may have a certain charm but it looks mostly retarded... and destined not to be taken seriously in job interviews.

To Yahtzee...

I'm not saying it is not like God of War. I'm simply saying that everybody got the point a long time ago. No one will argue that and I'm not. I know they shamelessly ripping it off, but I don't mind that at all. I really enjoyed Dante's Inferno. This could also be seen as a homage... I don't know! So many games are God of War wannabes and failed... maybe they figured that they might as well do the exact same thing to make sure that the concept works as a whole... Instead of just changing a few things to avoid being accused of plagiary. At that point, they probably decided to assume that and said: "let's face it, we'll be compared anyway, so might as well go for it". These are just speculations.

Homage? Milking the cash cow? who knows.

All that I know is that its a pretty bad rip off or average at best.

maybe they figured that they might as well do the exact same thing to make sure that the concept works as a whole...

What you mean like those endless good reviews and sales figures of God of War don't already suggest that...

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