243: The Thin Red Line

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I remember an exploit from Halo 1 on PC that got repeated in one of the Halo 3 DLC maps. If you backed a warthog against a particular rock (H1pc)or a specific wall (H3) and dismounted, you could get inside the geometry, with the ability to still shoot out. It pissed me off to no end...

i always wonder at the existence of achievement-servers in teamfortress because you get no advantage from a "higher-rank" weapon, besides matching your equipment to your playstyle...
i myself ,with all his equipment unlocked, still use the Demomans basic loadout...
but because of my affinity to semi-automatic weapons i use the crusaders crossbow as medic...

No single class is better than any other, it's just that everyone has their advantages and disadvantages against each other class.

so as much as i approve all the things @CounterAttack said i did't see the "chargin' tactic" as threat, due to it's restricted movability and the minimal bodycount... and therefore don't consider it as a "noob-weapon"
(compare this with the (possible) playstyle(s) of heavy or pyro)


.... Achievements should be for things that aren't planned ahead, such as using Jarate to extinguish a burning teammate, or notable accomplishments in the heat of battle, like taking out five enemies in a row without letting go of your trigger as a Heavy...

As a gamer who does the whole "self-imposed challenge" thing anyways it's always interesting to see a developer put in achievements that force you to do certain things. Use characters you might not normally use, play the game on the hard difficulty or make use of / don't use a particular item. It's a lot of fun to find ways to play a game in a way you might not normally do so. Worst case scenario is that you don't enjoy it and don't get those achievements. No biggie.

totally agreeing!

thats why i had doubts about this concept:
where you literally work on specific achievements in order to get "points"

that way ,i fear, the game loses it's purpose
or in better words the player loses sight of what he wants...
getting fun per doing stuff that is fun...
not doing stuff to get a thing which represents fun
- or a prove for you "skill" - which in the end again is only tool for receiving FUN

what in someway happens on tf2 achievement servers...

-so somehow this post is still related to the threads topic-

i'm also thinking the use of an "exploit" is appropriate if it is within the general game concept

because thats what i like teamfortress for...
it's space for creativity...
"sentry jumping engineers"
only have an advantage of harder to reach height - the basic functions of the sentry stay the same...
(wrangler cooltime; fix detection range... - means they are conquerable - it just needs a rethinking of my strategy)
and thus a welcome challenge =]


i recommend you to revisit the game and check if it really does the same thing as mw2

and i assure you it doesn't - especially with the new "random giveaways" made the items worthless as "prize for your work"...
they're only still there for a little bit of variety

so ultimately there is no grinding in tf2 =D

for those who need it there are bazillion hats...
to keep them busy... xD

"it's still as balanced as it was from the beginning"
by that i mean you can always counter any action an opponent executes be it by class-advantage with wits or knowing the functionality of the game...

i really enjoyed both of your texts by the way...=D


Certain bugs, glitches and exploits very much add to the character of games, often beneficially.


yes i answer to 2year old comments
because their word still have relevance

Wow i have been playing L4D2 for a long time and i had no idea that exploit existed :P

I think as long as both teams have the opportunity to use an exploit and it isn't a guaranteed win situation its fair game.

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