Zero Punctuation: BioShock 2

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Here's a question I have for people who's reaction to Rapture is "been there, done that." I don't mean this particular game, I mean the idea "We've already seen Rapture, where are some fresh ideas."

Well, where are these people when the one billionth iteration of Tolkien comes out in RPG form? Or the latest edition of Space Operas 'R' Us?

I swear, I often see "Bring out System Shock 3" right after people write that Rapture is all done. Look, do people not understand why there is no System Shock 3? Irrational is not allowed to make System Shock 3 because Electronic Arts owns the IP for it. If they had been allowed to make System Shock 3, it probably would have played much similar to the original Bioshock though the story obviously would have been different.

Look the truth is I've bought some games that Yahtzee "likes" and um... they were alright... I guess...

I mean I got pretty bored of Saints Row 2 in the first couple of days and I liked it better when it was called Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. But if Yahtzee likes it, more power to him.

I've played a lot more in Bioshock 2 though, both single-player and multi-player. It's fun for me. I like to have fun when I'm playing games, I'm funny that way.

System Shock 2 was a good sequel.

Ok, I haven't played Bioshock 2 yet, so I can't say as for how fun or not the game may be or indeed whether or not the story is any good, but I do have to say that the prototype big daddy being better then the rest makes sense to me. The big daddies were more than capable of killing most any other splicer, Jack (wasn't that his name in the first game? doesn't matter)on the other hand was made into a superhuman death machine right quick and isn't too crazy to hold a gun straight.

The big daddies are basically Bioshock's super soldiers. They are actually a prime example of Yahtzee's own much-belabored point about superhuman fighting forces: without their free will and pretty much incapable of rebellion, they work. The prototype, on the other hand, can do all the things he could do as a normal human, only now he's a big daddy and can rape you with a giant drill. Having a whole set of dudes just like the prototype would have been very BAD for Ryan, as I doubt they'd have but up with his bullshit for long before becoming the rough'n'tumble gang of thugs that would run Rapture if this were any other game.

But yeah, I didn't and don't expect much from bioshock 2

Here's a question I have for people who's reaction to Rapture is "been there, done that." I don't mean this particular game, I mean the idea "We've already seen Rapture, where are some fresh ideas."

Well, where are these people when the one billionth iteration of Tolkien comes out in RPG form? Or the latest edition of Space Operas 'R' Us?

The only thing the first game really had going for it was the intro, the subtly and pacing as Jack first arrived at Rapture, by the mid point the game became a succession of fetch quests that really began to get boring all the way up to the twist ending which you either loved or hated.

Bioshock 2 makes you feel like you're being dumped into the middle of the first game where you're just running around doing the same old, and that's why many people felt deja vu playing the second game.

All the subtly and pacing was gone, the game needed a way better intro to make Johny Topsides character more presentable as a protagonist and that just wasn't to be.

Plus, it would have been more interesting if he started off human and ended up a Big Daddy, that would have giving the game the tragic sense the game was going for.


Yes in Bioshock 1 the story and plot twists were great and the villains/locations were more memorable but the storytelling and gameplay left a lot to be desired. I left the first game bitterly disappointed with the final resolution which comes down to 2 meaningless endings that have no real impact as you do not connect with the little sisters as characters.

I really appreciated the new ideas brought up in the new game, like the Father/daughter theme (lost on Yahtzee apparently) the idea of being a role model and the moral choices with real characters were much more engaging than the first. The combat is far more exciting and it's nice that they were able to apply lessons learnt from the first game (particularly the importance of keeping the action flowing by getting rid of 'pipe dream' replacing the photo research with film and being able to dual wield plasmids).

The story had a way better premise than the first one's "let's make another test tube super solider protagonist a la Solid Snake and save that bit of info until the M. Night Shyamalan ending," it just wasn't executed well. By the time the story started to get interesting, I'm pretty sure a lot of people didn't care considering how boring the intro was.

The combat and ending was this games saving grace for me, but you have to be a fan to get that far to enjoy it.

I enjoyed Bioshock 2 for the most part but it did have it's flaws.

You can't kill Sophia Lamb
She's so aggravating throughout the game but the most you can do is determine whether Elenor kills or saves her through the bad or good ending.

Adam Gathering
What was wrong with saving or harvesting on the spot?

Disapointing Ending
The original had a climactic tussle with Frank Fontaine. This just has a bit-bigger-than-normal splicer fight.

I asked last week, but I'll ask again, since once again you have a game that works on PS3 and X360, and around the time of writing the first Bioshock you said in the console wars that your X360 was broken, so did you play the original on PS3, or was it not out for it then? But do you have a prefered system between the X360 and the PS3? Do you tend to choose either of them over the other sometimes, or it's nothing personal if you choose one over the other?

So you didn't like the part in Siren Blood Curse where you have to care for the little girl, and you didn't like caring for the little sisters in Bioshock 1 or 2. Do you hate escort sequences, or do you just hate little girls? Childhood trauma from the school playground, perhaps?

NOBODY likes escort quests. They are the bane of gaming. Especially when the thing you're escorting is a fragile little glass figurine, and protecting it for an hour before having it accidentally die on you gives exactly the same benefits as protecting it for 5 minutes before having it die on you. i.e. NONE.

Bioshock 2 feels like a copypaste of Bioshock up until you leave Siren's Alley, then it becomes unique(mostly)...At least that's how I feel.

i, personally really enjoyed BioShock 2. the joy of slamming a splicer up against a wall from fifty feet away with the drill dash is just satisfying. your prototype model that you play as was probably replaced because even splicers can kill you easily. last i checked, the splicers were killed within moments of coughing on a bouncer or rosie in the first and second games, so why can you take lots of damage from the lowlofe splicers? the best examples of these are the alpha big daddys. they were too easy to kill, and since you are basically the same thing, you are easy to kill.

The original had a climactic tussle with Frank Fontaine.

Which everyone hated.

Quite frankly given the record for boss fights in recent years, I found myself actually happier when the games don't have one.

Wow, the BF:BC2 background is a bit much isn't it? Am I the only one seeing that?

Yeah, they've really been shoving that game down our throats recently.

he totally forgot to talk about multiplayer inn this game!
I think the multiplayer was the best part of this game, cuz the story was, meh-.-

Sad that it was just a copy paste job, and didn't do anything interesting with the property. It felt like there was enough room in its mythos to have at least an interesting prequel. But sadly they went the cheap and lazy route and tried to sell us the same game twice while taking out the interesting bits. I remember 2k talking about how you could use two plasmids together to get whole new attacks (like put fire on a wind trap, and make fiery tornadoes) and it seems to my disapointment that they scrapped the idea (cause it would have been cool and interesting).

I was thinking about getting it cause i liked the first (and what 2k was betting on for my 60$), and i wanted to try the multiplayer, but at this point i'm going to save my money and practice other games I'm actually going to play in the near future. (note to self: Need to get 150 apm before SC2 comes out)

Kurt Horsting:
I remember 2k talking about how you could use two plasmids together to get whole new attacks (like put fire on a wind trap, and make fiery tornadoes) and it seems to my disapointment that they scrapped the idea (cause it would have been cool and interesting).

That's in the game. You need the traps to be at least level 2 though.

I'm not very far into Bioshock 2 yet, but I think Yahtzee's being a bit unfair. I played the first Bioshock solely for the storyline, but I've been playing Bioshock 2 for the gameplay. I like that the plasmids actually change their use after you upgrade them instead of just being a more powerful version of the previous, and I think the enemy design has improved greatly. Contrary to what Yahtzee said, I found the fights with the big sisters to be very enjoyable, and the big daddies learning new attacks as they get tougher to be a good move. I also think the new hacking system is an improvement since it's real time, which makes for more strategy. I agree that the storyline and atmosphere have worsened, but compared to half the games you buy, it's above average.

LMMFAO@ "shut up you little Bitch". Ben is hilarious as always.

The glimpse into the developer design process was a little tame this week. By which I mean it just wasn't as funny as usual.

Is there a reason why each time I click on any video I get the same infuriating ad for the site?

Wow, the BF:BC2 background is a bit much isn't it? Am I the only one seeing that?

add the square ad to it and, voila! you just lost 10% of your video window!
How is that HELPFUL???????????????????????

Never played a Bioshock game, just didnt appeal to me. He should review Metriod Prime Trilogy or something.

yes, advertising is how the sight raises money, I think, cant really remember but im pretty sure thats why

lol quadratic formula

I don't know if this was brought up earlier, but didn't geist allow you to play as a vending machine?

Well, this is the first time I find myself not on the same side as Yahtzee, besides the fact that the gameplay is mainly unchanged- guess there is a first time for everything- I'm guessing critics does have a tendency to stretch the truth sometimes for sake of dramatics. B.T.W: I wonder what Yahtzee will say about "Heavy Rain"?

I'm just glad I'm not the only one who thought the Little Sister escort bit was shit!

Also, is anyone else getting a trailer for Bad Company 2 when they try to load the video? Do we have to watch that before the thing starts now?

Well, with success, must come unnecessary milkage to the point where it fails...sigh.

It's called the PROTOTYPE-Effect.

It's been around ever since the Fire I presume.
I know it best from some of the Gundam shows, specifically the very first where RX-78-2 designated codename "GUNDAM" is but a finished prototype. Not to mention that it even has it's OWN prototype.

Not to mention G3 either.


But he didn't review the multiplayer aspect!!

Heh Heh just kidding.

Having played and finished the sequel, and collected all the audio diaries along the way, I was surprised by ZP's review until I realised that he seems to have played this as a shooter.

If you do that than yes the defence missions are a pain, yes some aspects of your actions make no sense, yes the actions of the Big Sisters are bizarre.

But as has been pointed out here there's a reason you're more powerful, there's a reason why the Big Sisters will attack you regardless of whether you rescue or harvest a Little Sister. Oh yes they didn't explain the telepathy bad developers; but we're quite happy to let you skip out on explaining how I'm shooting fire from my hand.

I don't know about anyone else, but I liked being a Big Daddy in the first game. What I didn't like was this was firmly glued to a fracking escort mission. Other than the first semi-tutorial section you didn't have to do a single defence mission.

Is there a truth in that it's just a rehash of the old game... yes, but how is that any different from pretty much every sequel?

Is stuff like telepathy and filling one person's brain with several others really that far fetched after we've accepted a magical hand that shoots bees?

ehhh.... maybe i was REALLY bad with the plasmids, but I didn't think they were cheap in the first game, plus, what does "broken" even mean when referring to stuff in games?

I actually expected this game to be good for some reason. I'm actually getting really tired of sequels, remakes, and things based on other things. Especially in movies. Seriously, Hollywood needs to die, or at least get a facelift. Every movie is a copy pasted version of another movie.

On the positive side, SHSM is out TODAY in Australia. Can we have a review sometime soon?

One thing I've heard of this game and agree with was that the voice acting for this game was noticeably inferior to that of the first game, does anyone know why that is?

Thing is after i finished Bioshock two i went back and played bioshock one. Thats when you realize the improvements made. The game play itself is a massive upgrade. Dual Wielding plasmids and weapons makes plasmids actually feel useful. Missions are more about getting to point a to b and feel less like doing chores for asshole number one and number two.

For some reason watching his review makes me wonder if he actually played the game fully. Or if he maybe missed the integral story records.

The link between Delta and Elenore is forged through the big daddy little sister bonding. In a game where adam can give you telekinesis single person telepathy isn't a reach. Not ot mention this is touched on in the first game.

The whole blending of the minds failed miserably with Alex the great. Look what he turned into. Essentially Yahtzee was right, you would become a huge grotesque creature.

As well it explains why every big daddy isn't a delta unit. Mostly due to the fact that alpha and delta models had a tendency to go ape shit or into a coma if there little sisters died.

You can't really complain about the big sister attacks. Although i don't know what happens if you kill the little sister when you return the last little sister a big sister always appears. So if the last fight depleted you health and ammo piles go stock up before dropping her off. As well pick your vent well. Vents are placed in very nice locals. One being a freezer with four cameras and three turrets.

I don't think Delta was created with the potential for plasmids and multi weapons. I think that came from having his dna mixed with other people's while the little sisters collected him. I think it made him smarter and more self aware. Clearly plasmids are new to him seeing as how he spases out when he gets thunderbolt. As well Big Daddies weren't slow lumbering creature in the first game. I think the bouncers and rosies proved that the second you pissed them off. You can't tell me some of them weren't using sports boost tonics.

I actually found Adam more important in this game. In BS1 the first level thunderbolt indiscriminately killed people in water. As well with fire and oil slicks. I only used Adam for life and eve upgrades along with hacking tonics. I found the armor shells and research upgrades so i ended the game, on hard mode as well, with a ton of Adam left over in the first game. I rarely used plasmids the first game because often times switching from gun to plasmid meant death. In the second game i felt more inclined to explore with my options. Try out tonics and mix up my plasmid/gun attacks. I felt less pressured to use hacker tonics because you didn't have to layer them on to reduce the chance of hacks being rigged.

The story. Yeah I'll agree it is weaker. The sense of abject fear is gone. Though I find it replaced with more of a sense of challenge. I wouldn't call the little sister things escort quests because you have control over locations and have an infinite amount of time to prepare for it. I enjoyed checking out the sources of Adam and deciding where the most strategic place to set her down would be. "This place has fewer entrances but the high roof could mean spider slicers. This place is an enclosed structure but six or seven doors." If your to lazy to do all that you can just walk them back to a vent right after picking them up. Or kill them on the spot.

I know lots of people want to say this game was generally easier. The first game was incredibly easy at the end two. You went from scrounging for ammo making every shot count to pissing away shotgun rounds because you were surrounded by lock boxes full of them in both games.

The game is by no means a massive achievement in gaming, but it is incredibly fun. That's the thing though. Bioshock one was a brand new thing. Bioshock two is a sequel to a brand new thing. Why can't games just be fun anymore without having to be massive leaps in gaming theory. Storyline counts yes, but a game can't stand on a story alone. BS1 has glaring game mechanic flaws while BS2 has a mild sauce of a story with the exception to the endings which were beautifully done. (My girlfriend cried at the end of both the first and second game)

Yes. I just Reviewed Bioshock 2.

... Sorry...

Terry Pratchett reference. Yahtzee has now fulfilled his purpose on Earth.

/that is all

And another thing that annoys me about these reviews is the presumptions he makes. I don't think I'm going out on a limb when I say that the man is paranoid to the point of imagining the only reason people make "_____ 2" is to make money yet gives NO evidence for this conspiracy theory. He basically states as objective truth that Bioshock 2 was just an investment as was every other Terry Pratchett diskworld after the first one. Talk about Hypocrisy.

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