Zero Punctuation: BioShock 2

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For some reason, whenever Yahtzee says Splicers, I can't stop laughing. Great review, definitely one of my alltime favorites hahaha.

Word is that Portal 2 will have a coop mode where you play as a modified gun turret. I'm not making this shit up.

LOVED the ending.

only time a prototype is more efficient than the final version is when features are cut out to save costs. seeing how many big daddies there would be in bioshock 1 (in theory) then the protoype version would have been prohibitively expensive.

I don't know if this has been mentioned throughout the entirety of this thread, but there has been a mod or something for Half-Life where you do indeed play as a vending machine.
It ends abruptly when a scientist kicks you.

Should I feel bad for knowing the equation shown in the first 20ish seconds of video is used to work out quadratic equations?

Hated those things in maths...

Actually you can defend your little sister using only one med kit, at least I only needed one, plus i saved ammo using the melee button. also you can not bother around the last level but it gets more difficult.
Though he is right about the cakes, also the screen is smaller compared to bioshock. story wise its a little strange, and there's not much scary moments which is a shame, but the Big sister isn't scary just really annoying.

i think he'll say the same about the story line for portal 2
tbh, the thing im looking forward to most about portal 2 is yahtzee's review as much as i hate myself for that statement because nobody seems to believe me when i tell them why its going to be so shit

Im going to pinch this game of my brother

Based on my experience, it wouldn't be a good purchase at all. But it sure was an awesome rent! So if anyone played the first one and has a gamefly account or game rental equivalent, give it a try.

pretty much every point yahtzee makes is incorrect

1)Big Daddies are emotionless.No they arent they even in the 1st game show alot of love for they're little sister

2)Prototype > End Product. I'd like to see you out run a bouncer or out gun a rosie.and the only reason they have no selfpreservation is they lack both free will and self interest.

3)The Story is Crap and full of loose ends.If you actually paid attention the story is not just good but also makes sense and is actually alot more emotional than the first.i have no time to explain everything so link everything is explained and makes sense in the bioshock world.

4)Rapture is somehow still functioning by a miricle.the game makes this painfully obvious that the big daddies are holding it the first level you see a big daddy doin maintainance work

5)How does she talk to you.again fully explained.look at the wiki.

6)combine all the great minds of rapture wait lulwtf?(facepalm) really its a figure of speech

Actually... the Promo-Video for Bioshock 3 is already out. Have you seen it?

BTW the little sister can comunicate with you because the two are connected since the player is the big daddy for the little sister. Although it only says you are "connected", so it doesn't make much sense anyways.

Defending Little Sisters isn't nearly as annoying in the 2nd Bioshock because for one, the Little Sisters can't die, so if they happen to be gathering within the range of a hacked security camera, you can simply hide somewhere and let the security camera summon bots that'll kill any splicers for you. Sure, it'll take longer, but at least you'll conserve ammo and health. Also, the reason they stopped making Alpha Series is because as soon as their original Little Sister died or was rescued, they became useless as Big Daddies. Of course, anyone who's played through the whole game would know all of this, but just in case you haven't, here you go.

Oh, and I want to play as a Health Station. :]

Yahtzee, you don't get prototypes. Think of the process of making something as a giant pillar of gold. You have to make the base(prototype) nice and big in order to support the rest. If you make the base smaller than the rest it's all just going to topple over. And if you make it the same size as the rest, then it's either not going to be that impressive or it is going to cost you so much that you'll be eating your own feces eventually.

You can rescue Little Sisters without having them gather ADAM from corpses. Just take her to one of the vents and hit the button for "Rescue". Letting them take ADAM from corpses is just a way to get some bonus ADAM. While I usually agree with Yahtzee, that was quite a bit of ignorance on his part. Especially since he complained so much about having to protect them.

Wow, I randomly watched this one after watching some new ones, and Yahtzee sounds more pissed off than usual here...

I don't agree with this review. I don't know if it was a needed sequel, but I know this:
- I havent played through Bioshock 1, because in the middle of the game I was feeling that clipping my toe nails over a hot flatiron was a better way to spend my time, rather than playing this boring peace of good-looking wreckage.
- I played through Bioshock 2 without stopping even for a piss, all night long. I loved it.
Now, I don't know if the better and "amazing" part of Bioshock 1 comes after the moments I've played through, but I certainly don't find it as appealing as BS2. Maybe it's more of a my type of game (because I'm certain that the two games are not as identical as everyone says they are). Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Bioshock 1, I just think it's way-too repetitive. I liked BS2's story better too. It seemed much more dramatic and somewhat complete compared to BS1. Now, I do agree that the idea of the city being there after thatnumberofyearsthattheyvesaidinthegame and that crazy lady taking over the city and stuff - it is stupid, but if you stop paying atention to it and pay more atention just to the tiest that bind the protagonist, the girl and everything else... I think it's really good written. Plus I really like the idea of being somewhat overpowered.

But everyone's got they're own opinion, the review still was funny and enjoyable as ever.

Word is that Portal 2 will have a coop mode where you play as a modified gun turret. I'm not making this shit up.

Amazing how clueless we were back then...

Dont listen to what Yahtzee said here bioshock 2 was good I mean yes the story was a bit silly but it DID explain all the things that Yahtzee didn't understand and the combat was VASTLY improved true it wasn't as good as the first but it wasn't a knockoff piece of s****.

This is where I realized how little Yahtzee actually plays the games: He should not be so surprised by playing as a big daddy because *spoilers* YOU ESSENTIALLY TURN INTO A BIG DADDY AT THE END OF THE 1ST ONE!

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