Zero Punctuation: BioShock 2

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I to wondered how the hell Rapture is still standing, it felt like it was about to collapse at the start of the first game, with more water sloshing around than the recently thawed plains of Greenland.

Wow... is it just me or is he getting angrier with every video?
Anyway, I like Bioshock 2, it a solid shooter and I think it only gets a bad reputation because the first game was so good. Play it without having played the first game and it's quite excellent. I did play the first game, but unfortunately I had gotten the major plot twist spoiled for me, so I just thought "yeah, allright but when is it going to happen?" most of the time I played Bioshock. But I guess I'm just a bit hurt from his joke in the beginning of the video... or maybe I'm just thick.

EDIT: also: "Grrr! Your selfless compassion fills me with murder frenzy!" Funny Shit! :D

oddly enough, this expresses what i though about the game

i like how he says splicers.

I think Bioshock 2 is a good game, not as good as the first obviously but still good. Oh well should of knowen that Yahtzee would hate it the man has really high standards. Also just saying it has got soooo many sick reviews

I'm a huge fan of this series, don't get me wrong. I've agreed with Yahtzee, and I've disagreed with Yahtzee (I too thought Halo was a blandfest, but I genuinely enjoyed Mass Effect), but this time I just need to speak out. I know it makes me sound like a tool, but I have to say: I really disagree with this review. I mean, no redeeming qualities at all? I absolutely loved this game! Okay, I'm done ranting. Leave me to my shame...

hahaha, that review had me wetting myself in parts, especially at the end with the vending machine line.

Love the inclusion of the old "sploycer" gag, great work Mr Croshaw

Wow, the BF:BC2 background is a bit much isn't it? Am I the only one seeing that?

No. You are not the only one. I found it a little bit... weird.

Anyway, shame they butchered Bioshock but it was inevitable right? I tried playing the first one but the combat was just hyper dull. The story, atmosphere, general feeling about the game was insane good though. Really freaky game without having to try. So well done there. Someday, when I finish the first one, I'll try the second. Though I'm won't die if I don't play them

Some genuine RRAAAGEEE noticable there!
I was hoping he'd make a point about being a Big Daddy not really feeling much different, than being a normal human. I liked the game though, and disagree with some parts of the review, but it was a great laugh.

I actually liked the game but this still gave me a good chuckle.

"You can all call me crazy, but for some reason I liked the second one more, maybe it was the hacking, who know......" Argon14

I guess then we're both crazy because I thought the same thing. What I thought was cool was the part where you could control a little sister.

Eh....screw you yahtzee, I liked it, still like it, and looking forward to number three. Only points I agree with is the bloody little sister guarding system, and the whole "I can still speak to you, and every little sister thing". Everything else was fine to me, so money well spent.

Wow, the BF:BC2 background is a bit much isn't it? Am I the only one seeing that?

(edit: damned sneaky quote button)

Yeah... I actually came to comment about that, especially since I had to reload the fucking page just so I could do anything else on the site.

OT - I sort of agree with you Yahtzee, the game was pretty much just cut and pasted from the first one, but the second one did have enough differences and improvements that I wasn't bored before I managed to finish the game, although I only really played through the game once this time, since I really didn't care about seeing the other endings like I did in the first one.

Also, as for the whole "prototype big daddy" and "telepathic girl" bits, they do somewhat explain that, since the PC was an improvement over normal big daddies that ultimately failed, and the girl's telepathic abilities with you was because she was bonded to you before.

And on a barely related note, ***SPOILER*** was I the only one with mixed feelings about the stretch where you play AS a little sister? It was new and sort of creative and fun, but pretty boring since it was just one fetch quest after another.

The common idea for a sequel was actually a prequel... that would have kept the gameplay, themes and characters more or less the same but with a different enough environment...

...not to mention how the whole ruckus kicked off in the first place.

Why is no one around when you do a perfectly good spit-take?!

Munching on my cereal, listening to Yahtzee go on about how the sequel is so great...then flipping a 180 and getting real *cue milky-munched-cereal spit-take*. All in under a minute.

And no one was around to see it.

Now where'd that roll of paper towels get to?

Naw, 1 had an escort mission. In 2, it's all that "hold your ground" crap Valve loves so much. BUT you get all these cool tools and advanced warning before the shit rains down. It's advertised on the back of the box.

Anyway, being a big daddy and harassing people is just FUN (to me). Better gameplay, plot not as good. I feel like half the gripes in this review were just nitpicking or else straight-up unwarranted. Yeah, they retconned Big Daddy plasmid use in, but it's not like that tears the whole system down. Etc etc, whine whine whine.

Yahtzee Croshaw:
BioShock 2

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews BioShock 2.

Watch Video

I loled so hard when you said "it will let you play as a fuckin' vending machine!" XD

Well I am going to handle this game the same way I handled Bioshock 1:
wait a year, grab it for 10 bucks and maybe later on decide if it was worth it.

BTW: How about a NEW SETTING dear developpers.
Now that the deep sea and space stations have been thoroughly abused in ego-shooters, why not something new?
For example a station deep in the earth's crust or even inside of an volcano/the earths core.
Not only would that be innovative, but also deliver a great excuse for not having any "Outside" passages because you would get crushed as flat as a pancake and grilled to perfection within microseconds upon gleefully stepping outside.
On another note, the moral choice system sucked.
How about having the option too eat mother theresa and save the baby's dog?

I liked this game, but mainly for the improved combat... Not so much for the story.

Great review. Haven't picked up the game, but I probably will when it hits the bargain bin :).

Gotta love how he keeps pronouncing splicers the way that Atlas did.

Yeah, they retconned Big Daddy plasmid use in, but it's not like that tears the whole system down. Etc etc, whine whine whine.

I wouldn't say the retconned the Big Daddy's ability to use plasmids, since the actual Big Daddies can't use plasmids. The whole reason you can is because you were an experiment. An experiment that ultimately proved to be not worth it due to the side effects, but an experiment none the less...

Good review and analysis.

Some of you guys are right. They really do need to make a prequel to this game. Picture this: you're a guy who didn't indulge in gene splicing because of your religious views that you managed to hide from everyone. After watching the people transform into the hideous splicers and having to kill your newly transformed wife in order to save your young daughter, you then have to try and fight your out of the city and flee to the surface using only guns and other weapons. You can only use plasmids late in the game after you are at your wits end and can find no other way to save your daughter. However, just as you reach a bathysphere you are fatally wounded and your daughter is taken away to be turned into a Little Sister. But before you die, you manage to put a small cross necklace and a picture of your family in happier times into your daughter's pocket, which she holds onto. Your daughter then becomes one of the Little Sisters rescued by Jack a year later. She then hangs up the picture on the wall of her new home and gives the cross to her child to wear always.

I think it would be nice to see Rapture before and during the time it starts to fall apart. It would also be nice to have a protagonist that has some actual dialogue and some restraint. Let me know what you think of this idea.

This really just returns me to the analytical standpoint of "should I judge a sequel on it's ability to transcribe new features into an established franchise, or by it's own merits".

Personally I really enjoyed Bioshock 2, although it's very existence seems a little arbitrary when you compare it to the conclusion of the last game.

I would have liked Bioshock if it had had The Colour of magic story stuck on it. Then it might have accually played it instead of swearing at the DRM.

The thing that for the life of me i cant figure out is how you change away from your drill. I thought those things were attached to your hand or something. I then came to the conclusion that you have 3 arms, one for plasmids one for the drill and one for the weapons. Because the big daddy is so thick though he cant multitask with all 3 at the same time. The other was eating through the giant helmet, but he talked about that.

I just finished Bioshock, and am still considering getting 2, but haven't got much time... I actually loved the big daddy part in bioshock!! Anyways, can't wait for Bioshock 3, those clown vending machines scared the s*** out of me sometimes! Love your reviews yahtzee, keep it up!

Am I the only one who had part of the video covered up by an Ad?

Hmm. But nobody expected an actual sequel did they?
Everyone just wanted 'more' of Bioshock. Never could quite work that one out actually. Maybe I shouldn't have played it on the PC.

Yeah, I didnt really give a damn about the sequel either way. It sounds samey and uninspired. I had enough Bioshock the first go around. Played it once to see the story and then shelved it permanently. Not buying/illegally downloading Bioshock 2. Don't care. : )

You know, this could be the most immersive ZP review ever.

Seriously, I was watching and while Yahtzee was going on about Bioshock expanding upon the first, I started to get excited. Wait a minute, "This isn't just a tacked on joke to captitalize on fans of the first? Maybe I should forget all my misgivings and check it out rather then just replaying the first".

Oh wait, nope, never mind. As much as I'm always somewhat vindicated to be right all along, it was nice for a moment to think the game wasn't a waste of my time.

So, going back to my previous stance of, "I'll wait until it's on bargain bin, if not skip entirely."

I would like to play as a turret in Half Life 2. That would've been a better game than most of what comes out these days.

Ok, whoever suggested a bioshock prequel, they made one. it was called system shock. I guess that this game should really be called system shock 2-2. I see a game box ballerina dancing around already.

what kind ad was that, how screen is covered. with a tiny video in the center.
also ad is misinforming. i still cant download the game off steam. not everybody lives in usa. europe exists goddamit.

Ehh... I liked Bioshock 2....

And it is a great idea that big sisters only spawn if you take the evil option.

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