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i didnt want to keep trying to block at some point. I could see the alien was dying and it felt more like i was forcing him to sacrifice himself than anything else

p.s. war suxxxxxxx

This game..... officially depressed me, and I managed to keep them all alive...It's like. He crashed there, and was stranded, and the family took him in. Then he repaid them the best he could, and gave the most precious gift we all have.... This is truly one of those things, where the imagination makes it more powerful than any Hollywood script could...

I'm sorry, even though I liked Today I Die and Every Day The Same Dream I just can't find any real meaning in this one. It's a pretentious attempt to have meaning that fails.

I enjoyed Passage in 10 Seconds more.

Clicking on this link got me a bogus anti-virus redirect

Clicking on this link got me a bogus anti-virus redirect

More than likely there's a virus in your computer that's doing that. I had one that did much the same thing once. It is kinda ironic to put a virus on someones computer to sell Anti-virus software. Kinda like having to pay the mob "protection" money.

The music was kinda depressing...

Such a beautiful game. Thanks, John.

When a flash game can make me cry, it's obviously doing something right. This was one of the most beautiful and touching games I've played.

Also, Dommyboy, your avatar is reaaaaaaaly distracting.

Really? I can't walk back to the ship. I get to the little ditch and can't walk any further.

It´s not immediately possible, but later the ditch just...disappears, and you can enter the ship. The father looked kinda pissed, when I turned back as soon as the shooting started. I´m such a coward.

Yeah, I played this earlier, it's a beautiful game.

It's kind of sad to see the comments on Kongregate that basically read as "THIS SHUD HAV LVLS! NO CHALENJE IZ NO GAEM!"... Monkeys...

Eh... I get it, but it wasn't "wow, so deep", because it's point was "humans are violent" which fails to be interesting to me anymore. Also, if playing a game published by Armorgames, at least have the courtesy to link us to their version of the game.

Outright Villainy:


I really dig that the strength of your "bullet time" ability is based on how good of a protector you are. If you actually let someone die, it sucks.

I loved that part, the more that die, the less he really tries, it's sad then as the rest slip away easier and easier...
I love these depressing pseudo-games!

Also, if one dies and you stay at their side, the alien will mourn, then die of sadness... or so ite seems.
Very sad.

I didn't even consider that you could just turn back and go back to the ship, or the area near it. I just kept on plodding along, protecting my family as best I could. And then I died. And the father and son didn't even shed a tear. Which pissed me off.

I just did it again, making a point of getting out of the way of all the bullets and missiles, and letting them all die. Interesting family reactions when one of them is taken out.

So... I love artsy games and this is utterly breathe-taking, in my opinion. Thanks John, every time I come to alt-escape I come away impressed.

I loved that game, it was actually that good, people complain about it not being an actual game but i dont care, these artsy games are fantastic.

Its really good how the further you get down the game, the slower you get and the more bentover you become.

I died both times, once when i all i had was the little girl, you stayed and cried untill i was buried, and the next time i died with all the people still alive, and the girl was the only one to stay and cry, all the others looked at me and walked off.

It was a pretty strong message, if not a very creative one. I do tend to get the feeling I'm being preached to, when a game is so short that the gameplay doesn't draw me in, so much as it just forms as a reason to give some humanity-hating message.

If I'm honest, I thought the ending to Braid was much better.

if u guys thought this game was touching or meaningful u should also play loondon(this isnt a typo), i personally like the game and its message about how society usually rejects those who are different even of they mean no harm and can actually help

It's hard to feel compassion toward the family when they didn't feel compassion for themselves. By that I mean that they kept getting killed because they kept running toward the soldiers like morons. That ruined any point this game was trying to make for me.

Quite moving for such a short simple game. People shouldn't over-analyze it's missing narrative. see it as a short film, but with different endings you have a hand in!
I liked it!

I wonder how many different endings there are?

I played once, and only the kids survived. Sad...

I played this on Kongregate and I played it because it looked good. I played through it and I was deeply touched by it though I have to regrettably say that the mother was hit bit no one else was. Some of the comments were saying it was bad and I was one of the people who said it wasn't. It's a very short game but seriously a piece of art. Very touching.

On Kong, as a regular member, we get a lot of these "Artsy" games and after awhile they just become "meh" at best, personally I thought this game was rather bland and predictable and not even worth the time required to try and get the easy badge they put up for it.


I understand the point being made, but c'mon... if the people are sad that the alien died protecting them at least have the common courtesy to bury the poor guy...

Not sure I like the lack of grieving from the family, or even a small gesture other than tears. Surely the sacrifice was worth more?

Unless it was the creators plan to make us see the family as cold people, willing to believe they're worth the selfless death of a brave stranger and use this to hold up a mirror to the innate sense of self in society.

Alternatively, it's late and I'm thinking far too much into this. As this is most likely, the music was nice.

Well what more do you want? A funeral? War is happening all around them and they're running for their lives. They don't have time to grieve. They'll have time to grieve when they can be sure that they will also have time to live. If you think they don't grieve properly for the alien, then just let someone die during the course of the game, and see how they grieve for each other. The survivors carry on as best they can, but every now and then they're overcome and have to stop to mourn their loss, even as bombs are dropping and bullets are flying. If you think it's sad when you save everyone, just see what happens if you fail to protect the parents, but the kids survive. Now that is depressing..

The one problem I have is at the "good" ending of the game, the one in which the alien is the first to die. The family mourns the fallen alien, each one staying a different length of time. But when one member of the family decides to move on, they simply run off and leave the rest behind. Even when it's down to just the mom and the little girl, when mom stops crying she walks right past her little girl, and doesn't stop to so much as put a comforting hand on her shoulder, much less take her hand and keep her from being left alone in the snow. That's messed up.

I really dig that the strength of your "bullet time" ability is based on how good of a protector you are. If you actually let someone die, it sucks.

I got an ending where only the little girl was left. She just... sat there as the snow came down. She'd lost her family, and the one who had tried to protect them just died as well. No longer did she possess the will to live; she stayed there, hoping to catch a stray bomb, or bullet, or whatever. She was so broken that she couldn't even cry any more.

Amazing how such an otherwise simple game can say something like that without words. Of course this depends on individual interpretation, but yeah.

I played this on my daily scan of armour games only yesterday, and it really is an amazing piece of work. The lack of sound effects, couple with a simple and interactive musical accompaniment really makes it so moving.

Take that "video games are ruining our kids" crowd. Teaching kids the bleak reality of humans and how despicable they can be, how dare they be so astute.

I played and everyone survived, It really was a moving considering how short it was, I liked it.

I liked it, but this really isn't a game, it's more interactive art. That said, brilliant!

Wow, The ending really had me speechless

I liked it, but this really isn't a game, it's more interactive art. That said, brilliant!

Why can't it be both?

I can see why many people don't like this, but in the end I must speak for myself and declare that this game moved me. I felt tense when I got pinned between a tank and a bomber and had to run back and forth to protect my little 2-D family. I winced as each blow took pieces out of my blob-shaped avatar. I stared mournfully when the alien finally succumbed and the family wandered off, unprotected but unable to stay.

This game did it for me. Thanks for sharing.

This game reminds of another I played on Newgrounds called "The Majesty of Colors" -

It has the same kind of feel to it, being a more artsy game and has a couple of different endings based on the choices you make. You should check it out.

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