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Hurr Durr Derp:

So hemp and the drug are the same plant.

Unfortunately, the bit that gets you high (MDM) is in massively low concentration. The idea of a hemp sex doll though...Owwwwwww...

Is there some sort of creative gene you guys all share? If so, let me have your address so I can surgically remove it and implant it in myself apply to be a part of such an awesome group.
Either option fails, actually, because if I remember some of your earlier episodes and assume them to be at least partially factual, you guys are actually in Cananda and I'm screwed against that.




Hey, you stole my rating from the LRRoums! :)

I was expecting some way to creatively disappear, say getting face punched into another dimension. Awesome satire.

I.. I actually haven't even read the LRR thread. A friend of mine actually jokes about it to me with all the reviews on Gamespot snd IGN basically labeling FFXIII as WORST. GAME. EVER. A-------- WOULD NOT PLAY AGAIN.

Ahem.. I have more FFXIII to play! So. Much.

You magnificent bastard. Keep up the good work.

"Phillip, I like you in general, but I am...seriously prepared to punch you in the face right now."

Oh christ, that line had me in stitches. The chemistry of this sketch was spectacular, I'm impressed.


Hurr Durr Derp:


Hurr Durr Derp:

too bad I have no idea what 'hemp' is... my head hurts...


It's a cousin of Cannabis, you would have to go to the hospital from smoke inhalation before you got high off of hemp.

Had to Wiki this to be sure, but:

"Cannabis Sativa is an annual plant in the Cannabaceae family. It is a herb that has been used throughout recorded history by humans as a source of fiber, for its seed oil, as food (see hemp), as a drug (see cannabis (drug)), as medicine (see medical cannabis), and for spiritual purposes (see spiritual use of cannabis). Each part of the plant is harvested differently, depending on the purpose of its use."

So hemp and the drug are the same plant.

Generally, the part people smoke is the leaves, the part used to make materials (rope, clothing, ect) is the stem. That's why, if you've ever heard someone in a movie (or in person) talk about marijuana, you might have heard the term "no stems", because someone who wants marijuana isn't going to want stems (which don't have THC in them) affecting the weight of the marijuana they're buying to smoke. :P

Actually you want to smoke the buds as they contain the highest levels of the active ingredients.

a return to form, so much crazy continuity added when the crazy restaurant was mentioned in this video

Hemp gunpowder? A classic...

No Philip !

Wow, and wow again

damn you for making such a catchy theme song!

That's the funniest LRR in a while, and they're usually pretty damn funny. Loved the reference to Paper Boy. Also there's just something about Graham threatening to punch someone in the face that never stops being funny.

Wow I didn't see that ending coming. Good concept and funny video, nice.


We don't do carbon credits here in the states so I really have no clue how plausible it is.

This was very good. Great writing. And the ending with the hemp bullets is just perfect. Congrats!

So many perfect moments...
"Is this gunpowder made of hemp?!?!"

I keep watching it over and over and over!

This is quickly surpassing Son of A Bitch as my favorite video, closely followed by Just Drive.

You guys always crack me up. I love you skits. Keep them coming, please!

It suprised me how quick he was to kill himself.

It was ALL good but that last bit was too damn funny!
"Is that gunpowder made of hemp?!"

This was by far the best episode yet.

"Wait..... Is this gunpowder made of Hemp?"

Good one. And the left guy didn't smile like he usually does as posed as the good actor he really is.

First time I've heard about hemp. I read a little about it and wiki said "hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary to maintain healthy human life." If that's so, what's stopping it from becoming a replacement for other foodstuffs? Sounds like a miracle-plant.

I havent laughed that hard in a long time.

smokin gun XD
very, very good episode!

Gunpowder hemp, what a great idea, perfect way to mellow out after a firefight

one its not possible to make hemp gun powder
two hemp cant make you high it doesnt contain THC (aka the main chemical in canabis) so it cant make you high

Very funny video, I enjoyed the tagged on ending.

was that Alex's gun again?

no alexs gun was fake
the gun in the vid was a Beretta 92fs

it is it will save the world one day

I do like how it is suddenly night after Philip is dead.


Gunpowder hemp, what a great idea, perfect way to mellow out after a firefight

one its not possible to make hemp gun powder
two hemp cant make you high it doesnt contain THC (aka the main chemical in canabis) so it cant make you high

Wrong. You can use anything can make you inebriated (or "high" if you will). It really just depends on what you are going for (stimulant, depressant, etc). You can light hemp on fire and inhale the smoke (like you would be doing to propel bullets) and use it like an inhalant at which point you will be using it to get high.

That ending had me laughing.
Best loading ready run yet

One of your best guys! XD

That was alsome.

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