Stolen Pixels #175: Ubisoft!

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Another reason that Ubisoft is permanently off my "to buy" list.

That and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. Unlike Darkstar's picture above, that game was made of fail.

Dark Messiah was a failure? This is news to me. Now I'm not sure how to explain the fun I had while playing it.

Well, I will take the route of saying, wish I had the same experience.

Surely, the whole point of DRM nowadays is to stop people cracking the game in the first week or so, where the majority of sales happen.

That's now passed, why not drop it now and let the legit players enjoy the game unharrassed?

Of course, that would mean making it look like you'd admitted to a mistake, and ego comes before bothering to supply your customers with a working product, so I guess everyone's out of luck, including the unfortunates who worked their butts off crafting AC II and SH 5, who are seeing all their hard work ignored based on a decision out of their hands.

Shamus Young:

Gordon Frohman referance or jsut coincidence.

I made sure to not use male7 model so it wouldn't be Gordon. :)

Ah shame, I thought it was Gordon and the late Sandy, I only discovered Concerned last month :0

Anyone else having trouble getting thier 1 star review of AC2 in Amazon? I wrote mine this morning at like 8:00 AM and it still hasn't shown up yet. Seriously, it was 1000 1 star reviews on Amazon that got EA to drop the DRM.

I think it hadn't been cracked as of yet- not that I follow!
Anyway, this DRM is just hilariously bad. Hope they fix it.

i'm sick of reading about drm. get some new material, this stuff is old.

theres no prof of the brilliant innovative drm being cracked, and the server crash only affected 5% of the consumers, and it was the European customers, who cares about those drunk cheese eaters.

I'd resent that if I wasn't eating cheese at the moment.

Now to find a way to incorporate this Ubisoft punchline in my daily life.

Daystar Clarion:


Daystar Clarion:
I don't game on PCs so I don't really understand how bad DRM is. My condolences for all the hard working PC gamers that are up to their arm-pits in Ubisoft failure.

Your internet stops working?

Can't play.

You lose connection?

Your game freezes.

THEIR server crashes?

HAHAHAHHAHHAHH lol you lost $50.

Wow, really? Isn't that hurting the people who actually buy the game more than the pirates?

That's kinda why people are so pissed about all of this. It's a stupid idea, and stupid ideas are amongst the least liked kinds of ideas.

Am I the only one to notice how this DRM is very similar to the Steam's one? I know steam DOES let you play offline, but anyone who tried it can tell you it is spotty at least and unreliable at worst.

That's why I like Impulse. They make games already assuming a cracker will pirate it, so they make sure their DRM doesn't bother their costumers adding an annoyance that pirates don't have to deal with. And even a game as vastly pirated as Demigod end up selling very well by its own (one of the best sold titles of Impulse, actually), because the customers know that they care.

Publishers have to realize that in this age of information availability, they're not offering products to customers anymore unless this product is strictly material (that means, a machine or other functional object, not a vessel for data like a DVD or Book). They're asking customers if their product is worth paying for, simple as that. They also need to realize that customers want to have some practicality to mess with their bought products nowdays, be it modding freedom or the possibility of having backups. No-one HAS to pay for this kind of product anymore, it is a choice of the costumer to decide if the product is worthy the price. And it works, otherwise Impulse would be bankrupt by now. Actually, the whole entertainment industry.

Priceless comic :D

A note to the console owners commenting in the thread:

The only way this type of DRM can fly to the big companies is because Internet connectivity has become commonplace for PC owners. Ubisoft seem to be saying that since 90% of gaming PCs are connected at all times to the Internet (which isn't accurate at all, but how Ubisoft justify their approach), they can sacrifice the 10% of other legitimate users because they will make far more money back from the people who would have otherwise pirated the game (an enormous flaw because it assumes everyone that pirated the game would have - or could have afforded to - purchase the game, which is questionable logic at best, and always has been).

If the experiment is successful, than have no doubt it will be extended to the consoles as well. Once it reaches the point where say 90% of PS3s are connected to PSN at all times or 90% of X-Box 360s are connected to X-Box Live at all times, then the temptation to employ Internet-based DRM to stamp out the small numbers of pirates on those formats will become difficult to resist, especially after it's 'success' on PC.

Now, given that piracy is a much smaller issue on consoles, you might argue that it will not come to this, and perhaps not if piracy was the sole concern. However, it has been clear for some time that the secondary purpose of DRM has been to destroy the second-hand gaming market, which is, to their minds, costing the console companies vast sums of money: (since it is often cheaper to buy a used copy of say the last hot GTA game rather than pick up the official budget edition). DRM has succeeded is pretty much eliminating the second-hand PC gaming market here in the UK, for example. The consoles will be next, have no fear.

So it's now the March 22(13 days have passed since the topic started) and the crack for Assassin Creed 2 still do not work. While my brother have been able to play any given time he wants. Yes even when it was supposedly to be down he was able to launch up AC2. In fact it only seemed to affect the users for like 1-2 days at most. Now they have gotten tired.

Now people, do you laugh at this DRM for being un-cracked? :/

So how do I tell if the crack do not work? I read on the pirate sites that happen to get all the popular games within the first days and get lots of positive comments and ratings. AC2 torrents do not.

Yeah.. I played my friends copy on the 360, beat it, thought that I might get the PC version, but since Cloud-computing is in 'existance', I'm sure I'll be able to imagine what it would be like on the PC without owning it.. Thank you Ubisoft...

Pirates pirate games, Ubisofrt DRMs the shit out of games, regular players suffer and some of them decide to pirate games, Ubisoft DRMS the shit out of games ever more etc.

It's the circle, the circle of gaming.

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