Zero Punctuation: Aliens vs Predator

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I like the SNES and Arcade versions. Best game so far is Predator Concrete Jungle. It's a Predator heavy game but you get to fight humans and Xenomorphs as you go along. Even though you have to find your weapon upgrades I still like it very much.

As for this Aliens vs. Predator game I'll just rent it after I've finally play Ghostbusters.

Batman Vs Predator

Now there's a game I'd play.


I was hoping for a early review of God of War III. =/

Meanwhile you can watch the other 20 ZPs where he mentions he lives in Australia and that games take forever to show up down under.

Thats why i said "hoping" I HOPED he would do one, i didnt whine that he didnt.

Thank you for actually telling the truth. Most reviews/ers were so caught up in nostalgia that they forgot to mention how much the game really sucks.

I was really dreading this review but I think you went pretty easy on it.
I'm surprised you didn't point out how you just play the same 6 bloody levels for each character.

Heh, I like how he draws the Xenomorph.

In other news I've been put on probation, probably deserved but it's the first telling off I've had, now I'll never get that Morpheus badge. Curses!

(Actually, I probably don't post frequently enough to be anywhere near it even If I hadn't got probationized...)

I think he's right about the graphics part, things aren't as scary these days because the graphics are so good, things were scary in the early days of gaming (OoT, Resi Evil, Silent Hill) partly because the graphics were shit

Not a single word about multyplayer? Haha.
Never played the game, but i'm pretty sure it is a multyplayer game with attached campaign.


Good review!

Wow, posted six minutes after it went live.
Cheers to you.
I think I will review, your review.

Pretty good review.

I had nothing better to do than wait for the ZP, so I immediately watched it when it went live. (Admittedly I also wanted to be on the first page for once)

Not a single word about multyplayer? Haha.
Never played the game, but i'm pretty sure it is a multyplayer game with attached campaign.

so are most of the other games he reviews

What the hell is it with all these remakes lately? Has the creativity-eating virus become terminal? Wolfenstein, Tomb Raider: Anniversary, the new Alice in Wonderland (or, from the look of the trailers, Alice in Middle Earth) film and now Alien vs Predator. What I find particularly irritating are those with the exact same titles, like A in W, not that i was ever interested in the original A in W to begin with but what does that mean, "Forget the original, it never existed, THIS is Alice in Wonderland and THIS is Alien vs Predator!"?

And then there's Dante's Inferno; God of War copy-pasted except for the tried and true levelling system replaced with 1 that forces you to tediously grab and absolve all those zombies in order to get holy experience instead of just giving us the holy experience for hadouken spamming them to death and the lovably homicidal Kratos replaced with an IDIOT who failed to grasp the simple truth that he broke his promise to 'forsake all pleasures of the flesh' the very instant he made it!

One thing's for sure: Todays video game companies are far too fucking big!

Now I saw people complaining about how Yahtzee does nothing new in his videos. I have to make an observation that could be added to that pile of complains which is: Is it me or is he slowing down lately? This video I could catch every word, and he wasn't even going the fast pace of his other videos.

The review was great though.

you made the predator look so cute :D

Could of just reviewed another game. Was kind of a given that AvP sucked a fat one.

I liked the avp games of old and have found the newer one to be a fair remake though i agree with those who feel marine feels like a fully laden fridge to play as while the predator and alien both could use a third person perspective for planning your route, if we had've had a third person perspective id worry that it would have been afflicted by the habit of wildly swinging around as seems to be the rule with third person moments in otherwise fps style games.

I do think the review was a little hard but like a domestic abuse victim coming back for more beatings i will inevitably come back for more of yahtzee telling me everything i like is shit and how invalid i am for liking it.

Back when i first discovered yahtzee i invited him to give me babies, ah those heady days of new love and learning about one another. i was recently informed that idve needed some ovaries and whatnot, lacking the means to develop them ive had to just assume yahtzee will always continue shiting on my pic-nic with great aplomb and joy, i think until i can blackmail him with not seeing our children (imma make some lady parts out of clay(worked for god))im just going to have to accept this from him indefinitely, is it wrong to love the abuse?

beware the goth wielding clay ovaries >:
or say something nice about an rts just once please, validate me yahtzee lavish your approval upon me : D

dude, that was probably one of the best yet!

I have yet to play it. And if i did it would be for the online play as an Alien.

Hated the ad around it.

I would love to spend some time at Chateau d'Biteyhead with Dribbles and Mr. Crabface... alas, this game sounds to be about what I figured it would be. That is to say, three massive piles of shameless franchise cash-in offal mashed together in one disc-shaped crapstack.

Good stuff. The best part was blaming the varying campaign lengths on racism.

Onyx Oblivion:
...Not even the old PC one everyone worships was good.

I becon the unholy facehuggers to spew forth from their sacred eggs and seal that blasphemous noisehole of yours.


Onyx Oblivion:
...Not even the old PC one everyone worships was good.

I becon the unholy facehuggers to spew forth from their sacred eggs and seal that blasphemous noisehole of yours.

Oh...yeah. Let them rise out of MEDIOCRE FPS LAND!

Haha, glass teatowels and asphalt milkshakes. Yum. This game held absolutely no interest for me, apparently all the fun is in multiplayer, but Yahtzee being the social recluse that he is, he won't have experienced it. My friend at work keeps trying to make me buy it, but even on a 25% discount it isn't appealing. I suppose if you're a fan of the franchise it's a must-have, but I've not heard great things about it anyway.

(Admittedly I also wanted to be on the first page for once)

Well huzzahs to you.
They say small simple goals constantly achieved keep the spirit going.

This is probably the one time i can ever honestly agree 100% with Yahtzee, really AvP had so many shining points that it's a shame it turned out the way it did.

very nice =]

The alien alien looks cute :D

i thought it would be a ff13 review but it was a great review

To begin with a tip of the hat to Yahtzee, as we all love dropping to our knees and giving him a good slathering. Moving along I have to wonder in this current economy, given the there's at least four bus loads of game developers now out of job, how in the world is Sega even still running along as a developer? Looking over the past years of recent releases and their failure to grab traction in the market. I believe we have quite a mystery on our hands, well unless they're running along on the sacrifices of virgins and children to at last one dark power.

he seemed to be kinder today (well kinder than some of the other avp reviews)

still good review!

Predator being like batman after he lost his moral compass and tried to make out with an angle grinder made me laugh till my sides hurt.

i love this stuff!
not the game itself actually, BUT...
zero punctuation is soo much fun to watch!
maybe because of all that english language...?

Nobody says "this game sucks!" quite like Yahtzee. I've read / listened to many a negative review in my time and in each case it was like listening to Gordon Brown reading Shakespeare after toking Laudanum all day. Agree with him or not, at least YZ makes it amusing and whilst I have no intention of ever buying this particular game, it's always good to hear from someone who isn't "inspired" by great handfulls of corporate bribery and thus more likely to scratch the shiny veneer.

Hey even if he were to utterly savage a game I think is the dogs bollocks I would forgive him because, like arseholes, everyone has an opinion (I have many and am just as voiciferous given half a chance!) and he would most likely make it amusing too!


You have many arseholes?

The alien alien looks cute :D

he is right, the "alien" alien does not really look scary in this review.
i think it is the missing claws and extra fangs, and the tail...
or maybe it is just the missing Sigourney Weaver!!!

Now I'm a fan of the whole series, but I must admit that all of the complaints are the very same I had. Aliens getting stuck on vents and running in dizzying circles for a few seconds gets annoying a few times, Predators are all sneaky-sneaky assasinate then grab someone and die to all his mates. And humans are overpowered by the sheer fact that they must win and have a (somewhat) happy ending.

Honestly though, I'm amazed Yahtzee got through without even mentioning the multiplayer. That was one of the main draws for me in the first place, and some of the game modes (infestation mostly) are as addicting as crack. But honestly, what with the faults that AvP has, I'm amazed he wasn't terribly harsh on it.

Made my week anyway.



Guess what?

Your a heavy rain fanboy.


I believe the proper response is YOU ARE A HEAVY RAIN FANBOY!

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