Zero Punctuation: Aliens vs Predator

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So this isn't the app I wnat to upgrade to a DX 11 card for? Thanks for the warning!

Another glorious review, quite hilarious, but if you don't mind I would like to give it a try myself before I jump to any conclusions.

Why would anybody mind...?

dang, i was expecting him to verbally castrate battlefield: bad company 2. maybe next week?

Jedi Sasquatch:

Another glorious review, quite hilarious, but if you don't mind I would like to give it a try myself before I jump to any conclusions.

Why would anybody mind...?

I'm just pointing out that sometimes people listen to Yahtzee almost like a religion on if a game is good or not. I will not.
And, for the fact that sometimes people are weirdos.

Ah, I'm glad he touched upon the point that there is only 1 predator encounter for both Alien and Marine campaign.

You see, people? Multiplayer can't be balanced because the game was designed to have the predator be overpowered!

I already touched on this on another board. If the Predator is OP, they shouldn't make you fight a whole ****ing team of them (which invariably happens, as everyone would rather sit on top of the level and spam insta-kill weapons than actually try).

Complaints about the Preds in MP aside, I've been having a ball with AVP, especially the aliens. Especially stealth-killing the kinds of predator players I was just talking about.




I was hoping for a early review of God of War III. =/

Meanwhile you can watch the other 20 ZPs where he mentions he lives in Australia and that games take forever to show up down under.

Thats why i said "hoping" I HOPED he would do one, i didnt whine that he didnt.

What exactly is the point of hoping for something you know isn't going to happen?
Contrary to popular belief, Yahtzee doesn't have unreleased software stealing flying monkeys.

Reviewers get games sooner if the publisher and devs want reviews out before the release. That's why i hoped he would be among the people reviewing it. Ign, ps3 magazine, and several other reviwers already have scores out.

AngryJoe said it wasn't all that hot either

but I did find the Pred and the Alien wedding at the end pretty funny

Yeah i didn't think it was all that bad, but Yahtzee is right.
The one thing he didn't mention is how much better the original is, with it's one hit Kills for the Alien and Predator.

The point when I started to realise prefered the original PC edition was 3 minutes into the Alien campaign when I had to tail-whip a weaponless NPC 3 times to kill him.
In the PC game that would have taken his head and probably arms off with the first hit...

Anyway my review goes up tomorrow on [/obligatory self promotion]

Hee Alien's Vs. Preadator, neat... I keep wondering if he's going to get to Silent Hill Shattered Memories... Maybe Australian release times are the reason he hasn't yet..

very good review. one of the best so far. quite amusing.
i already had the game, and it is as good as he says. it can be fun, but it is pitifully short. wasn't quite as good as AVP2. not that that was a great game either.

Those Alien and Other Alien cartoons are the funniest ever!

Love them!

I'm actually kinda suprised there was no mention of the complete lack of content in the game. Given that the discs can hold tremendous amounts of data, there was pretty much fuck-all on offer.
Each campaign is played over exactly the same levels, but with different routes, and in a different order, and when one race runs around like five year old on crack and another like a legless elephant, it's not so much that the gameplay is longer for one campaign; it just takes a fucking year to get to the same place.
The most irritating thing about the whole polava was the multipler; four years to get in to a game, and four seconds to find out you absolutely suck. Complete with the same 2-4 second "stealth" kill animations as featured in the single player (possibly for the "holy fuck look how many different ways you can kill your enemies!" video that Sega/Rebellion so proudly boasted), it turns into nothing more than a fucking man-train of anal penetration. You walk into a game, see somebody facing away from you, and before you've even finished waiting for your fiasco of a kill to finish, the same fucking guy is stood behind you doing the same to you. At what point did it ever occur to the developers that spending half your game time watching animations was a glorious way to play a multiplayer? Thanks for completely fucking missing the point, asshats. Remind me never to spend money on your movi-err, games again.

Overall i thought the game was very entertaining, and i will agree that the alien campaign was the best. Multiplayer is pretty fun too.

This was awesome! I always look forward to reading Yatzee's columns and watching his videos every week. Sometimes they have their comedic slumps and don't hit me as hard, but I think that's mainly because I haven't played any of the games he's reviewed for weeks now. Aliens Vs Predator 2 was always one of my favorite PC FPS games, so I can completely relate to what he's talking about here. Well done sir.

Nice review, I think this pretty much summed up what I though the game would be. Keep 'em coming, Yahtzee.

By the way, I'm now going to start casually using, "Humans tasty, let's eat them all. Yum yum." Even if it doesn't fit into the context of a conversation, it's just that awesome.

does yahtzee know about Predator Concrete Jungle for the ps2?
because that's basically the game that he suggested (3rd person predator, tight combat, full game length)

Ok, I have been hearing a lot of "im not gonna buy that game now" after Yahtzee has reviewed it (not just for this one, its happened with others). Dont let Yahtzee's reviews discourage you, he's a fucking game critic, that last person I want reviewing a game is a critic (yes I do know what critic means its just that the definition has slowly changed throughout time

AvP has always been a good idea on paper that fails to get translated well whatever media its put to.

the best bit about that was the credits. with the alein and the predator forgeting their differences to team up against the rather annoying marines.
good times

I wasn't promoting piracy. I just feel really let down. :/ This game doesn't really feel something I would pay 60 for.

Stop crying about Heavy Rain, for fucks sake. You're all so fucking annoying.

OT: Had a good laugh, especially with the bread bit.

Awsome review as always.I played the demo and found it could have been good if,like in the video,the alian wasnt so damn hard to control on the walls,the prediter wasn't so damn slow with his moves,and if the humans didn't play like every other fps in the world and had some balls to fight.

Alias Vs Editor... brilliant, just brilliant! :)

This made me hungry for a chip sandwich.

What is a chip sandwich?

This made me hungry for a chip sandwich.

What is a chip sandwich?

fried potato strips between 2 slices of bread.

Im one of those that actually enjoyed the game,
and its sad it had to suffer for all the bad reviews.

I say try it once and then make a decision, cuz it might just surprise u.

btw great review as always mate^_^

Something about the Alien (The Alien alien) wearing stealth face paint that made me laugh out loud.

If they wanted to milk this franchise, why not just make three games. One with Aliens (Alien Aliens) about their trouble with being a tool of some other alien race, with the focus on the first aliens. Then do another with the predators, an origin story with the culture of the predators and -why- they've come to hate the other aliens so much. Finally, a third mash-up war game focused around humans, where we're all shit out of luck fighting the war these aliens brought to our world. We'd call it, "Predator Wars: Alien Collateral Damage" Which has a cool acronym to it: PW:ACD. Hell, give the 'Aliens' a name, right?

Maybe through in an option to partake of little adventure chapters as either an alien or another kind of alien. At least -this- way they'd have their next three games lined up and ready to go, having already done a third of the work in their current mediocre title. I wonder what they have in store for their next release.

I'm beginning to think game developers -don't- like being rich and successful.

Oh, P.S. Hey Yahtzee, keep up the great work! I can't wait for the next article/video.

This gets at my major problem with the Alien/Predator franchise. The series has some great ideas, but every single one does nothing more than repeat essentially the same basic plot as the first movie.
And the name of the AvP part of the franchise is the stupidest name I've ever heard.
So, I have to agree with Yahtzee's summary of the franchise, again. I must also admit to knowing nothing about the game, as I have played it, so I can't comment there. Again.

So, so, so good. Haven't laughed out loud (for real not just thinking "lol", that doesn't count) that much for a while.

Again, no dolphins X(

The episode? Meh...
The pilchard developing a video game? Priceless!


Reviewers get games sooner if the publisher and devs want reviews out before the release. That's why i hoped he would be among the people reviewing it. Ign, ps3 magazine, and several other reviwers already have scores out.

I'm not sure he ever has though, he bitches about that a lot on australian gamer podcast

Aliens need 3rd person, and Preds need a mix of both.

For those who are looking for a good predator game like he described

Predator: Concrete Jungle (its for Ps2 and Xbox)

sick game, check it out for those predator fans! :D



( not really though, it was just REALLY GOOD. pity it doesn't work on my computer :( )

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