Zero Punctuation: Aliens vs Predator

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How about Xenomorph vs. Yautja, would that be to yahtzee's liking?

I still can't get over the way he pronounced SNES



Is it just me or did anyone else find the design for Predator in the video rather cute?

Very funny video. Wasn't gonna buy the game anyway, but I enjoy watching his reviews just because the break up the ennui.

great video, but was anyone else expecting heavy rain, or was it just me?

I kinda expected that too.

Alias vs Editor... Amazing. o_O

Another great review,most of it was dead on and agree with what was said.

The campaigns are indeed a wee bit too short and apart from the new generation graphics it is the almost a copy of the first AvP,a more fancy looking remake although I think that's what they were intended to do anyway so =o

Funny thing is, the xenomorphs were always cannon fodder in a straight fight in the movies as well. The predator wears some armour, but given that it leaves enormous tracts of skin visible, I'd guess that it's more for ceremonial value than anything else. The Predator is a stalker by nature, and the xenomorph is an ambusher. Neither is meant to win against machineguns when the enemy can see them.

Or at least, that was my impression of the series'.

It's pronounced gigger, not gyger.

I'm just another big avp fan, but imo Rebel squandered their oppurtunity to really make something special. Multiplayer aside, they have made no improvements over the last installment and churned out something that set a mark 10 years ago, but is just complete mediocre now. Seems like most of the fanboys are blind to this and will accept anything half-baked because there are no other alternatives for the beloved franchises.

Colonnial marines might fare better, especially if they concentrate on the marine campaign (which has always been the best from the beginning).

The bread being sent to take care of the ducks was a good crack :D

Ooooo, a chance to win an authographed ZP hat. Gotta love those ads. Oh, the review was good too, I suppose. Yahtzee sounded really pissed at the fact the game even exists... Can't blame him... Also, is it me, or is he getting slower and slower in each review? Maybe the age is showing?

Predator in a batman suit.

His review actually made me want to play it.. how strange..

Well that sounds about right.
Still the game isn't that bad and it's enjoyable(Dispite that the tittle is pretty annoying actually).Anyway overall it was an excellent review ,as always.

i was expecting GOD OF WAR 3 since hes always talking about G:O:D

I'm expecting Heavy Rain to come soon (like one of the next two weeks)

Huh... a game where batman loses his sense of morals and starts killing everyone.... yahtzee should make educational videos for main stream game designers. Or at least be a drill sargent for a gaming designer bootcamp/ internment camp for rediculously stupid *cough* hideo kojima *cough*

I like being an Alien (Xenomorph) and Predator (the other alien)too much to not like this game. Yes, this game is exactly like the last one, with better graphics and more annoying hardware problems, but it't exactly what I expected.
I never thought there would be any superiour history or acting, I just wanted to eat heads and collect spinal cords.

Humans suck anyways.

I played the steam demo, so I was able to experience the weakness of the multiplayer firsthand, I'm glad Yahtzee took a whack at it.

I'm beginning to trust Yahtzee more than My Game Informer, which I am paying for... oh dear.

Am I seriously the only person who thinks the best AVP game was the arcade beat 'em up? What part of being Cyborg Arnold Schwarzenegger killing aliens en mass via machinegun arm and Pile drivers isn't fun to do? Its much better then generic fps trying to rip off doom 3 and natural selection.
And it isn't just about nostalgia of the arcades, it was just the most fun I ever had with an AVP game. It was the same dumb backstory as yahtzee said, but the story gets shoved to the side (cause its an arcade game, and you don't want to waste your quarters looking at text scrolls)and the gameplay was so fun you didn't really give a shit. And you got to do epic shit. You get to fight thousands of aliens, an entire battalion of marines, two infected predators, and two Alien queens. If you never played this, you are seriously missing out on some fun times.

"Probably because of RACISM"

That's the first time I've actually lol'd for a while. Thank you Mr Croshaw.

Spirit Tracks review please!

So many right and wrong things about it, should be very interesting.

The continuing adventures of Fagballs

I'm a bit disappointed with the new AvP...I hope that Colonial Marines will be better.

Great vid this time around...I haven't checked out AvP yet so I'll wait for it to hit the $19.99 mark before buying it. The line about playing the alien being the equivalent of "the perspective of a cat in a tumble dryer" was gold. But the alien definitely should have been in the wedding dress at the very end, not the predator, because the have no can't have a xeno-unich as the groom...d'uh :P

The video opened with an ad for AvP for me, did it for anyone else? Even if random I thought it it was an ironic twist to the video hehe.

Looking forward to the Heavy Rain review as well... never really expected AvP to be any good.

Heavy Rain next then? I don't mean to ask that in a Super Smash Bros. fanwanky sort of way, I am just anticipating a lot of comedy genius out of that review lol... a game made of QTEs, how could it not get spanked by Yahtzee?!

I have to wonder why they even bother putting in a human campaign at all. As Yahtzee said, it's called "Alien vs Predator" not "Alien vs Predator vs Dipshit." Who wants to play as the human when you've got these 2 badass alien dudes to play as. I would think anything with a name like "Alien vs Predator" would focus mostly on the Aliens and the Predators with the humans skirting around on the sidelines and in the background, that is if they have to be there at all. That goes for that mediocre movie too (I never did see the second one).

My money's on the sandwich

the predator looks rather cute when its in this video. heh.

"Humans tasty;let's eat them all; yum yum!" Best plot synopsis ever.

loved it!!

I bought the game on PC, and I have to say after the initial "woah this is cool" factor started wearing off and the MP issues became more and more apparent (which surprisingly the dedicated servers failed to fix... in fact they seem to lag more than just playing through the p2p matchmaking :S)

The game really is not that good. The campaigns were quite fun and intense though, especially the marine one, but then again that comes down to personal tastes.

At times I was looking forward to the marine campaign ending though, as I was getting bored of it.

Multiplayer could have actually been fun but the melee system feels so glitchy and actually does have odd glitches in it, often due to lag, other times due to bad programming.

Overall I would say it might not be worth buying this game...

If you want a 3rd person Predator game, where the Predators are actually strong and dont need to be steathly.

Play Predator: Concrete Jungle... but you will eventually end up fighting aliens.. of course, it just wouldnt be Predator if you didnt.

Hmmm. I wonder how big a leprecon's testical is...

I'd love to see Yathzee do Heavy Rain an entire game thats mostly quick time events. That'd be really funny

Kinda weak there yaz, I suppose it would be to easy to pick on the games weakness's more than complain about the 3 race focus of it.

The alien needs a slow mo mode in order for the player to control them better,predator needs more armor he should be the toughest of the lot and his story mode should be based on kills and making skull totems and hanging skinned corpses and such.

I mean really the basics of each race is easy one is trying to recover/secure the base/area the other one is trying to make it into a nest and use any intruders as means to make more of themselves. And lastly you have the ultimate hunter...its not that hard a setup to mess up......

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