GDC 2010: People on the Street 2

People on the Street 2

The Escapist continues to talk to people on the street at GDC. Today we even ran into professional gamer Fatal1ty and Becky Young, who you might know as Samus from There Will Be Brawl.

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If I was fighting a zombie I would go for the legs.

Because you can't chase me with no legs.

You could crawl, but I would just need to be slightly above ground and out of reach.

2 words: Zombies. Chainsaw. Lets Bruce Campbell this shit.

very funny, how did you get them to not call the men with straight jackets?
as to last one I would like to fight ninjas just to finally get revenge for all the ninja hype and having katanas all over the place, can we through samurai in as well?
(lets see how well you can block bullets in the real world)

Great video. Very informative.

I'm a story driven guy myself. Multi-player comes second to me, unless it's Left 4 Dead of course.

As for the showdown. I'd have to choose zombies. It's the easiest option in terms of danger. Robots could be really hard to kill depending on how well they were made, Ninja's, I don't stand a chance, too sneaky. However, zombies, I'm an expert. You have a lot more options in terms of avoidance but again it depends on any of their numbers.

I actually have a survival plan set up for zombies, it took many hours of careful contemplation.

Jawless zombies can still infect you though, if they get the top set of teeth into your skin and their saliva drips in the wound.

Fair warning...

Meh for me it depends on the type of game.

FPS it's the multiplayer.

Everything else needs a semi-decent story or just to be fun as all hell for me to go through it. (See things like Super Mario World)

Also some games still need to have the developers arms broken, for example one game I'm playing now, on this character who has no melee attacks the enemies do not drop enough bullets or grenades for it to be feasible to finish the first mission, where of course the other character is melee suited so I have no problem killing anything.
* Leaving it abstract for a weak game and encourage you to not waste your time trying to figure out which one it is.

An interesting piece, but something caught my eye partway through - notice that through about half the segments there's a really annoyed-looking blonde in a brown jacket with a gray-blue bag milling about in the background? Finally entered the building with someone during one of the Fatal1ty segments.

Its a sad life for Robots.

Beep boop beep, comrades.

Totally random running into you guys! Thanks for the questions. I hope GDC was successful for you. GREAT times here.

Damn that pro gamer looks annoying.

Zombies definitely. Would be so much fun.


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