This better be the best ride ever!

We rolled into the show at around 9:00. A couple of us decided we'd see if we could beat the rush to check out the Wii, because hey, you gotta check out the belle of the ball.

However, it turned out about 700 people had the same great idea. Read more for pics of the line, as well as to see how far it's stretched.

Original Comment by: Brian Easton

I think the telling thing is that the wait to play the PS3 is something like half an hour.

Possibly, but the PS3 was right out in the open. With something like 6 stations per game for about 8 games. So it was pretty easy to hop in on something and wait it out. Every time I went by the open air PS3 area, the whole space was packed tight with people checking things out.

Although Metal Gear 4 seems to be the star of their E3 lineup, and I didn't see any of the public stations showing that.


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