Unskippable: Stormrise

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Sam raomi

that is how they should defeat the people that are supposedly burnt to a crisp

another funny episode guys congratz

Final joke was great!

Horrible, horrible, horrible game.

It's an RTS, they said. It's post apocalyptic, they said. And I -being a great fan of the old Dark-reign games- believed them. The only other time I felt as violated in my life was when I paid to see Transformers 2, that's how bad it was. This game is so horribly bad, so disgustingly executed that I nearly went back to the store to demand my money back and some extra to cover the emotional scars. For any of you who got this game for free: Do not play it!. Saying that it's a waste of time is like stapling yourself in the hand is a waste of time. It not only is pointless but horribly painful as well.

I wish I knew enough words to describe my revulsion for this game, and the regret I feel for having paid for it. But please, please do not pick it up, do not play it, and most of all, do not talk about it. The sooner the world forgets the better.

EDIT: Oh yes. Thank you for the video guys. I had almost managed to forget and move on.... :P

.. the powersuit doesnt even protect the pilot. How stupid is that?

See, the problem with this cutscene is they didn't rip-off enough. All I'm saying is, if I had been watching a reproduction of Blue Gender, rather than a copy sort of disguised to throw people off the scent, it would have been better.

You know what else has that problem with on-screen text? Way of the Samurai 3. Damn near unplayable on my TV.

'Focus on my voice.'

Well sure; I mean we sure as hell can't focus on the text, can we?

For the first time, I am not the least bit interested in what everyone in the cutscene is saying. Probably because for the first time, the text was presented in Squint-O-Vision. So it's either my self-defeatism at work or the cutscene really is just that bad.

"Who IS that guy"
Loving the simpsons reference. =D

The small text was probably so it didn't distract from the "prettiness".

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that weird eye girl is also tentacle head.

I'm pretty sure that the woman narrator at the beginning is the same person who narrated the prologue mission of KOTOR 2.


Tentacles as hair really isn't a good look for anyone.. o.O

You sir, have never seen an Asari then.

And has anyone noticed how text in games keeps getting smaller and smaller...


Apparently, Stormrise is such a bad game it got a negative review from Gamespot. I mean, seriously. HOW.

That said, liked the vid, though not too many laughs sadly enough. Though that intro video was so ambiguous it made me think it was another Halo clone, not an RTS.

You had me at 'Sega!'

"It's like greek salad, only with freaks. And feta cheese. because it's delicious."

I think... best line in Unskippable... ever.

The simpsons did it..

Nolan North eh....totally not bored of his voice. Even replaying Uncharted 2 with him in it is getting boring...

Now I want to play my Sega Genesis

With that horrible out of tune declaration of the game you put in
Oh, nostalgia.

I'm noticing that Japanese developers tend to grab the "doomsday weapon" thing and just run with it. Pretty much every game about a war deals with them searching for some utimate power and then instantly having it get out of hand.

Can't imagine what part of their social psyche would compel them to constantly bring up the fact that world destroying technology is bad.

And then they instantly ruin the impact of that statement by having hair-tossing pretensious douchebags or rainbow haired teen survivalists or catsuit-wearing cyborg strippers waddling around the wasteland even though there probably haven't been hair salons or S&M shops for like, a century.

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