Zero Punctuation: Heavy Rain

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"Weird black thing found dead; no one cares." :D

I kinda liged fareinheit, it was annoying, but I liked it even though it gets mixed up with the tales games halfway through and the QTE's are about as enjoyable as sticking a crowbar up youre ass, I kinda liked it....

i haven't played this game, i don't have a PS3, but after Yahtzee mentioned the finger cutting off scene it was straight to you tube for me

this game is pure genius

See, what i don't like about this review is that everything is part of the plot, he claims that the dream sequence isn't important, but its character development, this is why I hate yathzee sometimes. He goes to the hot tub next to the pool and claims that there is no pool.
Its just a fuckin time waster to say things are bad when you just not paying a(FUCKING)ttention

Setting the way-back machine... but I only just played it.

It is a bit of character development for her... but the scene doesn't become important until much later in the story. Where it's at, it's basically a one-off where she takes a long shower, gets attacked in her underwear, wakes up... then the story leaves her behind before you have any understanding why this scene is important.

I twigged to its importance when she was talking about how she can only sleep in motels, but even then it's not super-obvious. My suspicion was only verified when I made her strip everything off at gunpoint and saw the scar. I think the only overt clue is in one of the endings where she's holed up in her apartment hallucinating attackers all around her.

Side-note... I managed to get one of the happier endings for the father/son and that felt like a pretty big cheat. They seemed a bit too happy family for what they had so recently gone through. I would have preferred to see a spot of darkness in that final scene... just a hint that this experience has left a psychic mark upon them both that a nice new apartment won't erase.

For all the people complaining about it not having different killers each time you play:

This is why.

I'm a little curious how a murder mystery could ever stand up on replay.

I know not every game is about replay value, but it does seem like a limitation of the genre. I have the same kind of concerns about LA Noire...

I was bugged by Heavy Rain. And I'll start by saying that while I expected an experience similar to an interactive move, I got something different. Although the game consists mostly of quick-times, the buttons you press aren't random--they coincide with what you're doing. I thought the "slow push" button prompts--where you have to gently push the control stick in one direction or another--definitely added to my sense of immersion. But the thing that in the end really annoyed me was all the missed potential it had.

I came in expecting a dark, cerebral drama, but the end result seemed awfully lacking in the intellectual department. I felt the characters were either one-dimensional or underdeveloped, and the game doesn't really seem to be saying anything. And the revelation of the killer seems tacked on, or just there so they wouldn't have to develop a character further (not to mention he was one of my favorite characters). And while perhaps one of the other outcomes would have blown my mind philosophically and made me rethink my outlook on life, if the developer cannot bring that sort of thematic quality to every possible path a player can take, then he has failed at his job.

Regardless, I'd still recommend it if only for the level of innovation that it brings to the table.

Can anyone else predict the review for Jurassic Park "The Game" from this?

The only bad point about this is that there wasn't really many great way to have the characters die. Letting Mad Jack kill me wouldn't be satisfying, as he's barely related to the story. It wouldn't be right to have everyone fail horribly.
Also, I got the best ending, because the only way to get another ending is to fail. I'm not going to just sit back and watch my character get killed.
Also, judging by the fact that he loved Psychonauts, I'd expect Yahtzee to ignore gameplay issues in favour of story. Psychonauts had bad gameplay and for the most part it isn't part of the story, while Heavy Rain had minor issues and it's almost all part of the story.
Also, it's bit immersion breaking to be in a tense situation only to walk into a wall, try to turn around and walk into the opposite wall.

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