I Hit It With My Axe: Episode One: Meet the Party

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I hated it. What's so special about a stripper playing DnD?

I'll try it again when they play unforgotten realms.....

Hehe. Zak Sabbath. That's quite a cool name.

Porn stars doing Dungeons and Dragons. That's certainly not something I was expecting to see in my life.

Ok so it is cool that there are porn stars and strippers who play Dn'D but in general it's never EVER been a good idea to film a Dn'D game. Unless they strip and make out...... does that make me a horrible person?

how is this even funny...?

aaah this was rather painful.. i dislike the atmosphere..and the dialoge..and D&D in general.. dang, have to see a yahtzze before complete and utter boredom strike me! gaah!

umm... Questionmarkface? Is this an actual Vlog? or a Mockumentry? If its the former, why do I care? My own D&D group is much more interesting and funny, and if its the latter, where are the lulz.

James Hueick:
how is this even funny...?

Who said it had to be?

Nowhere in the video description, nor the tags even implied funny. It is what it is, a group of people playing D&D. It may, understandably, not be for you. However if you think this is a comedy site, I suggest you look through the weekly columns and reevaluate your expectations.

if this manages to catch the humor of the original blog (which i just found, thankyouverymuch), it should be great fun.

anyone enjoying rpgs should go read the blog! (for everyone not enjoying rpgs, what are you doing here?! ;P )

ps: yahtzee should review this.

pps: "...and stab him, and he vomits up a hydra." made my day.

dont forget to wash thee dice..

but still this was interesting..how high does everybody look...lmao..

Dear Zak,

As a longtime reader of your blog, I enjoyed putting voices and expressions with the faces, names, and characters. I'm looking forward to seeing more play.

Sincerely yours,

Postscript: My thanks to The Escapist for carrying this. I joined today so I can comment and to show my support.

I remember getting into a similar bar fight/arson situation, unfortunately I was a big ugly Half-Giant... I think he had a charisma score along the lines of 5 or so...

He (of course) failed the persuasion checks and ended up running across the countryside with around fifty town guards in tow. He managed to escape ... at the cost of the lives of several heroic guards. After rejoining his party, he found he had garnered a new reputation and had to hang out in the forest (or whatever) when the group went into any given town or risk another fun-run with the guards.

I hated it. What's so special about a stripper playing DnD?

I'll try it again when they play unforgotten realms.....

Thats the stuff right there. Have you seen the the show?

Was I supposed to laugh? Either way, not entertaining. At all.

I was thinking the same thing, boring as hell. Its like cloverfield if the monster never came and the party didnt stop, but the party was only made up of 4 people playing Mario Kart

James Hueick:
how is this even funny...?

It's not trying to be funny.

Interesting idea but it's a ridiculous gimmick. Hot chicks playing games. Not as riveting as you think.

I hate to join the many who've already said this but huh? I don't get it. Porn stars playing D&D is interesting in so far as it makes them more like people as opposed to the sex-crazed deviants most of us probably imagine them to be (maybe that's just me), but as a gimmick I don't care. If this was about people playing D&D then why was so much time spent on the minutia of role-playing? Deliberation, character creation, and game pieces can be interesting and entertaining but not in something six minutes long. I think ultimately they tried to do too much in too short a period of time. I'll keep watching and hope that they focus on what it is they are trying to say and/or do.

double post


I hated it. What's so special about a stripper playing DnD?

I'll try it again when they play unforgotten realms.....

Thats the stuff right there. Have you seen the the show?

I don't know what you mean with 'the stuff right'
But I didn't watch it in a whole because it bored me.

I don't understand why anyone would watch this. Usually we put up with useless, boring material on the TV because the pretty people on the show don't have reams of videos all over the internet of them getting reamed (see what I did there?).

I like Sasha Grey because she is sex-a-licious, but why would I want to watch her impaling beasts in dungeons and dragons when I can watch her getting impaled by a beast in a sex dungeon?


Okay I'll stop with the shtick.

oh, and here is more about mandy morbid, but i think she just wants us to know, because she even WROTE her name in this video
Removed. -Mod

i kinda like her porn ... a little, but why is she here on the escapist?
i do not want her to be here!
didnt check the other girls, but if this is a lesbien orgy of "dungeons and dragons" i'd rather "HIT THAT WITH MY AXE!"

Love it. Can't wait to see more.

Meh... It's like my DnD group... without strippers... or girls...

Mine is similar, but *sometimes* girls.

It is kind of a funny premise...
"Why do you watch Alt-Porn? ...to watch girls prat on about nonsense and barely play the game promised in the header? Have we got a show for you."

...so *ahem* does Frankie have anything online...

I've gotta say, this is easily the worst video in escapist history, way to go.

Did you accidentally watch Game Dogs?

I don't know... Something about watching Sasha Grey play D&D is vaguely awesome. It's a pity it's so fragmented, though. Surely there was a continuous one-minute long stretch of the thing that was worth watching?

Oh, and incidentally... If you are, for some reason, freaked out by the prospect of adult film performers doing entirely non-adult-film kinds of things... And you have never, personally, had sex... Please take one step backwards.

I don't really see how pornstars make DnD less boring.


I feel as though the small description mentioning strippers and what not is the real reason people are attracted to this first episode. I'm not saying that bad, I just feel like I can't enjoy this as much due to the fact that I'm only so old and everyone else seems to drudge up memories of D&D and/or relate to much of what their saying because they're more familiar with D&D then I. Would I laugh a little more if I understood more then the basic concept here? Another thing here is that besides the opening explanation, I'm seeing the best little jokes but nothing else. Show kind of makes me feel like I'm in a room of people speaking ever other word in Punjabi and they're all attractive. It's nice, but feel out of place.


Peace Frog:
I found this video pretty entertaining ^^ and I'm sure it gives DnD a lot more credibility in some people's eyes.

Yes, because if there's one thing porn does it's give things credibility.

It does when that thing is DnD.
Ohhh SNAP!

wow. strange. The concept is pretty sweet.
Though the execution felt a little sleazy. I don't know if some of the people were stoned, or just talk like that all the time. I was kind of hoping for more crisp british accents and extreme number crunching nerdiness (instead it felt more lyyyyke skatrrs in sum dohd's basement, y'know? n'stuff? ey, brah?).

Fascinated to see if they prove to be really creative role players or not ... though the video chose to skip the initial 'fooling around in some village' phase. in fact. it seemed to gloss the whole game... I'm not clear if they'll be covering this one game (so they have to stretch it out); or if the videos will just be checking in with the gang over time (so they don't want to get too hardcore about the game play while establishing people). orrrr if they're just covering up some really shitty gameplay (maybe hoping they'll get better later?).


Anywho. Seems like it could be neato mosquito to go in and make a quick flash cartoon illustrating each of their quests as it plays out. Or just draw up elaborate character sheet illustrations. See if they appreciate. I have this weird image of all these arty nerds on the internet supporting a gaggle of hot chicks in some basement, by posting gifts of art and technology (in the forums of a magazine about culture?). strannnggge.

Actually quite good.

I might learn how do play DnD watching this \0/


Sort of boring and the same dumb sex jokes I've seen other porn stars make. Srsly. However I'm sure this will be popular because they are all (or most) showing alot of boobage. I was hoping to see some 4th edition action but I guess not.

At least the hairdresser was cute :D

Edit: What?! Tif-ling? Its TEEF-ling...

Pornstars and DND?

Is this what people call entertainment now?
God damn....

Watch this instead.

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