I Hit It With My Axe: Episode One: Meet the Party

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well... even my d&d group does consist of porn-actros or actresses, it's much mor entertaining, funny or whatsoever, so... well, this sure shows that porn-actresses are just normal, boring people, too. not that i expected them to be much different, though

I wonder how many people google'd these porn stars afterwards...

I did.. Didn't know any of them.

i think i'll go watch both parts of Red Cliff 5 times ... and then follow the link to Battle Royal up there again to get rid of the boredom from this


Wow, I guess this kind of thing is only really good when your with your mates. Like I'm sure you guys had a good laugh while doing it but, I don't know, for me it was boring. I liked the idea though guys and gals... almost like reality T.V but with D&D. Sadly I don't know much about D&D so I was sort of confused about what was going on and why things where happening and you jump skipped to the events after the bar fight. I would have likes to have seen you guys play the game rather than discussing it. Overall, I'm a little disappointed with it, it's a good idea and I'll watch more episodes until I've made my final decision on the show, but at the moment... nothing much is happening and it's a little dull. To me it's the equivalent of filming random goings on in the house with your camcorder then posting it. However the escapist knows more then me about the quality and I say keep it up and good luck to you... on to episode 2.

Thanks for making D&D more awesome!

Well that's a big lie isnt it

Gave this episode a chance. Don't think I'll bother watching another.

Are they all porn stars, or just Sasha Grey?

I don't think this is my sort of thing. Congrats on the show, though.

I might have watched more, but the video got stuck at 2:15 for no reason. I let it load and everything.

For some reason, the video will not load for me, same with a few others on this site.

For some reason, the video will not load for me, same with a few others on this site.

There's a little video help button in the bottom right corner of all video's on the escapist, have you tried hitting that.

I don't know what's up with all the hate?
Do all the videos on the site be funny by design?

I for my part am enjoying the series and wonder why I didn't watch it before. It's more or less a documentary. And it's interesting on multiple levels - it shows girls doing unusual stuff (playing DnD), pornstars doing unusual stuff or people with strange looks and jobs acting kinda... normal. It's multi-layered and that makes it a cool idea.
Also, it goes to show that no matter the looks or job choice most people are simply... normal and the longer you watch the series the more you'll get rid of false preconceptions.
I say keep it up - The Escapist is a unique site and I Hit it with my Axe fits right in.

Kind of interesting, I think I'll follow this and see how it goes.

I finally decided to give this a chance. Not my cup of tea.

Well, at least now you can finally see a lesbian scene with 'that chick from the escapist'.;)

I thought they were kidding about the porn star part.... So I googled Mandy..... They.... Weren't lying.....

wait...these girls are actual stripers?

I want all of you haters to just remember this... You read the link and you chose to click and watch it.

Then when an intelligent person would have sat back and made either the educated decision to not watch it again or to continue to watch it, you made the decision to login and post some of the most pretentious un-constructive feedback I personally have seen in a while.

You should go back to Youtube where you belong.

Why do you feel the need to flame? I see a group of friends, (similar to mine in my youth) getting together to play a game and have fun. None of you had the spine to post your games. These are not scenes in a movie, there is no script, this is impromptu acting. And I say bravo.

Its more "real" than anything on TV.

Sasha Grey and Mandy Morbid. I know them. This is the most awesome idea ever.

Ok now i do watch porn, and i like D&D. But why should i give a shit and watch this video of Porn stars and strippers playing D&D? It's just not appealing to me, i dont get it....watching D&D is boring and it's not like these porn stars are gunna jump out of the video and do things to me sexually.....

Let me stress what i said a little further...playing D&D good, watching D&D boring....

How is this old-school if it's 3rd edition? You guys should be playing AD&D or Basic!

Oh well.

There are two kinds of people who play D&D: those who play despite the fact that it's "not cool", and those who play BECAUSE it's "not cool"; these people are the latter.

I can't figure out what (if anything) the point of this is. It's not funny, it's not interesting, and the people are aggressively unlikeable! I'm not one who would usually just rip on something, but come on, I sat threw a slimjim commercial for this?

I watched this a long time ago, but i still remember my reaction as the video went on:

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