I Hit It With My Axe: Episode One: Meet the Party

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I don't know, this seems like a kind of awkward premise for a series, what with the fact they are all porn stars and all of the innuendos made as a result.

In hindsight, was this meant to be posted on the Escapist? This does not seem in line with the rest of the content that has been provided thus far.

Why are so many people hung up on the "porn star" aspect? I mean, its just a bunch of cool people playing dnd. If they weren't in the business, the concept would still be sound and half as many people would be flaming it.

...because that's the obvious gimmick. "A bunch of cool people playing dnd"? I'm curious...what exactly was cool about them? We got virtually no insight into what they're like...other than the fact that they're porn stars. And they play DND once a week. Seriously, watch the video again. Nothing interesting happened. And if you read the comments, the flames aren't about "OMG THEY'RE PORN STARS" but how boring it is. So yeah, if they weren't "in the business," I'm pretty sure this would still be flamed.

I mean, it's hard not to get "hung up" on the porn star aspect when one of the girls spends forever talking about different porns she's been in.

Maybe its because I don't play DnD, but this was not funny or entertaining in any way.

Nope, it's not just you. I play DnD and there was nothing amusing about this. Especially since it's 100 times more fun to PLAY DnD than to watch it. It's like watching someone complete a crossword puzzle...for them, it's intellectually stimulating and a challenge. For you, it's like watching paint dry...unless you're participating too.

I found this really dull. No real personality showed through, there didn't seem to be any energy or chemistry, and Sasha Gray really didn't seem like she wanted to be there, but some of her friends roped her into it.

Holy shit that was boring. Great theyre a bunch of high risks for STD's that play D&D. I don't mean to be insulting but I don't need my nerdiness reaffirmed as being "in" right now by porn stars and strippers. I honest to god would have been more amused if you just posted a video of douchebags larping VTM. Somehow I doubt this website caters to fans of "MTV's The Real World" and throwing D&D into the mix isnt helping. Sorry again not trying to be mean just hugely taunted by this video. Please take it somewhere else..like a garbage bin.


I gotta say, that video wasn't really entertaining...At all. When ever I have a dnd group or a friend chats about theirs its always some hilarious story. This was just kinda boring. Maybe if you film the actual campaign and not the dull side conversations. Lighting the bar on fire could have been interesting, but the ending was instead "lets listen to them bicker." Hope it improves.

It's only the first episode so I'll give it a chance but so far I'm not liking it too much. I fail to see the point of it.


Maybe its because I don't play DnD, but this was not funny or entertaining in any way.

Nope, it's not just you. I play DnD and there was nothing amusing about this. Especially since it's 100 times more fun to PLAY DnD than to watch it. It's like watching someone complete a crossword puzzle...for them, it's intellectually stimulating and a challenge. For you, it's like watching paint dry...unless you're participating too.

I disagree actually. As someone who listened to the Penny-Arcade shenanigans (which had Wil Wheaton as a cameo for some reason) I find hearing/watching other campaigns to be quite fun. Especially if the players are witty or banter in an amusing manner. The only problem with this segment is that it didn't let us see them do anything other than talk about talking. It didn't let us get a chance to see their personalities at play. When they were talking about killing people and setting the bar on fire, my interest was piqued.

As is though, it is rather boring.

In the words of Dr Frasier Crane...What the hell was that?

Was I supposed to laugh? Either way, not entertaining. At all.

Yeah I agree with you, I watched like the first minute and just thought "So it's a bunch of goth or punks (dont know what you'd call them) playing D&D.....how entertaining" All I got from it was it's just some guy filming a group that plays D&D.....only good one episode unless like in the next one they get sucked into the game and have to battle the evil dungeon master and his hordes of minions

I hit it...with my penis

This show has an audience. Too bad I am not part of it. Well, I'll give it another shot next week.

That's hot, it was only a matter of time they got some porn chicks on this site. About damn time too. Also I used to group in WoW with some girl that said she was a semi successful porn star.... can't remember her name though. Started with an M though....

Fucking brilliant! This definitely deserves applause, at least for the idea alone.

this was rubbish because
1. very little structure even on a documentary level
2. recording quality not great
3. what's with weird beard guys in the back ground
4. this feels quite contrived
5. very American i find the hard to relate to (sorry just fact that im from the UK)
6. Despite them being dancers and stuff they were all quite boring people or at least the come across as boring

Conclusion who ever commission's vids at the escapist has gone nuts because there been alot of work lately and its all sub par this being the lowest so far unfortunately hoping bit cleansing or survival of the fittest might get the line up back in shape.

Needs more Sorcerers.

But seriously, glad to see theres a video "series" related to DnD on the Escapist. Of course, weather or not it IS to become a series will have to be seen.

Hey Zak,

Nice first episode. Silly, fun and a pretty good introduction to the team. There were more slow moments than I expected, though largely do to the camera work and perhaps editing. I felt like we got an idea of who made up the players but didn't really get a handle on the characters in the party. Also, strange as this may sound, we don't get to see you enough. For example, you really don't have an intro moment and you're the DM.

I'll be tuning in weekly though to be sure.

Oh one more thing...in a room full of porn stars and strippers, its still Frankie that stops my heart. That is one amazing looking lady.

Take care,

Barking Alien

Interesting concept, I don't think that is has much potential to keep people interested past the first episode.

It was a show with no content; that works in porn because the women are naked and the audience isn't expecting much beyond the women being there from the experience.

Gave it a shot, but there was absolutely nothing that interested me. Even with Game Dogs' rocky start, I kept with it for a few weeks until it got to be entertaining; this show isn't worth the second chance.

have not read any replies... all in the same vein so far etc. however! am i the only one who got a bigger thrill from The Sword playing in the back than from the girls playing in the front? no? just me eh...?

anyways; ale and wenches!

this seems like your standard moron's approach to attract the 'nerd' audience.
"They love DnD, They love sexy women, so of COURSE they are going to go crazy about pornstars and strippers playing DnD!!!"
am i the only one that finds this a little insulting?


To the Creators of this show, I think this about sums up the public opinion: Do not Waste our Time with this Crap!


Seriously, who the hell at the Escapist commissioned this??

DnD is fun to play, not to watch, even if the people involved were naked at some point in their lives.

Maybe if they started at the beginning of a campaign or actually accomplished anything this could work. Right now it feels like a grab for web traffic which is disappointing. If that's all this is, I'll be very sad. At least with shows like Game Dogs and Rebecca Mayes Muses, hit and miss though they may be, the production values are high. This unfortunately looks and feels a lot like the slow beginning to an amateur porn.

I'm just really disappointed about this.

Am I the only one that finds this a little insulting?

No, I'm right there with you.

Wow, scraping the very bottom of the barrel, eh?

Seriously people, it's the FIRST EPISODE!

They did the little interviews to she who everyone is, and it was boring because they were just starting. Next week it'll probably be about 10 min long and they will just let them play without the little interview beyond just explaining what everyone is in the game.

Also i do like the concept of showing attractive female adult stars playing DnD if for nothing else then to show how wide spread the demographic is.

And as for the banter and innuendos, that more or less fills up a gaming session i usually have with my friends. It's usually the funny banter we have about what we're doing that is most memorable anyway.

To prove that point i say to Chris, Ert, Zach, J.M., Tim, and D: "Damn, he's got a REAL healing factor!"
From a game of Heroes ^_^

Daystar Clarion:

Yeah... cool story...
Stephen Fry is intersting. Gothic Strippers playing D&D are not. I think what I'm trying to say is, it takes more than a load of boobs, badly recorded, to keep my attention for more than 3 minutes.

Then you probably should have said that in the first place. Your opinion is welcome here, as are all. Just maybe tone down the parts that make it sound like blanket statements of hate for something that others enjoy, whether they belong to the "cool kids" group or not.

So this is like Dungeon Majesty without greenscreening or the cosplay element:

Ya'll (the people "producing" this) could learn much from this video...


Wow. You really put a lot of thought into that. Good for you.

Fascinating what this funny stuff between your ears is capable off, right? But don't sweat it, giving no answer at all sometimes is answer enough.

You spelled "Advice" wrong.

Advice and two other words, I'm aware of that. So, your personal achievement of the day aside, is there anything of value you have to say or is this as far as you can go?

Wow, it turns out porn stars are normal people too...who knew?

Vid needs to step it up somewhere, entertainment is a good watch word for this.

This. If it focused on this throughout the series and had some interest in it (edit through sessions and only hit the highlights) it would be a lot more entertaining. Look forward to the next video and hope it steps up a notch.

Ditch the sexual poppycock, get on with the game.

Teef-ling. Teef-ling. GAH.
Not half-fiend. That's what a half-fiend is.
A tiefling is a human with a demon or devil in their bloodline further back than parent.

I'm gonna keep with this. It's an interesting idea.

i'm actually really interested to see this. i'm not looking to be entertained; it's kind of documentary-ish, and i'd like to get insight from these women on their experiences as being both "geeky" women and in the adult entertainment industry. based on a lot of the comments i've seen, men seem to think that sexiness/femininity and geeky pastimes are incompatible, which is so blatantly not true. they all seem like pretty cool ladies, and i want to know their stories.

i am kind of glad to see that there are a lot of people who saw through the blatant "hey sexy women doing geeky thing" hook though.

Having now listened to that whole thing I can say without hesitation: n00b party. Sigh. At least they didn't mix editions like one guy I know.

The sight of these people playing DnD is just pricelessly funny...the concept it good. It's a very good place to start.
The video itself, however, will need some work. Hopefully, the later episodes will feature more action (in the game) and funnier lines.

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