Rebecca Mayes Muses: The Mirror

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Great song and great message. Also, Saints Row 2 allows you to be everything from generic model 54 to, well, anything humanoid.

I have to say, this song has quite an interesting message, but I have to disagree on one point, that is, with the male body type. I certainly agree that the female bodies in many video games are similar to two balloons on a stick (one exception that comes to mind is Faith from Mirror's Edge), the male body types in many video games are fairly reasonable.

For example, in many FPSs, the character is from some sort of military organization. Militaries around the world have exacting physical standards, which include height, weight, and body fat restrictions (Yes, you can be too tall for the military. One of my buddies platoon leaders had to lie to stay in, and he was literally stuck in his seat in a Humvee. He had to choose between looking outside and looking at the blue force tracker.) physical fitness tests, vision tests, etc. My point is, it's quite believable that military personnel, especially combat arms, would have similar, athletic body types.

Also, having fit character suspends our disbelieve. One example shown was Yakuza, with the extremely fit Kazama as the main character. His physical appearance fits in with his back story as the muscle for the Tojo Clan, as "The Dragon of Dojima," and fits in with the brawler gameplay, with includes pretty impossible feats, to say the least. It would break the suspense if Kazama was skinny, fat, lanky, or really short. We accept these feats in some way because Kazama is that fit. Alan Drake from Uncharted is another example of a fit character doing impossible stunts. We sort of nod our heads and say "sure, why not?" because Drake has a athletic body type.

I'm not saying there are not exceptions, but even huge characters, while those in Gears of War, have some sort of justification for being that way. You can look at the character, being walking bricks of muscle locked in armor, and you can see why they can take so many bullets to the face and keep going.

To sum it up, many male body types are reasonable, especially for games with any action in them, and I agree with the critique of female body types.

Nice song, and interesting message, however I'm not quite sure if I agree with what your getting at...(etc)

Yeah, what you said....pretty much

Not a fan, I must admit, while I'm sure the message is heartwarming, the music is kinda .. eh. It doesn't very inspired or show technical expertise, to me.

-prepares for inevitable tar and feathering-

I am kind of divided in "achieving the maximum" or finding "non-traditional beauty". Works of fiction are places that we can fantasize, but this dreaming can be bad to us?

A very beautiful song. But may I ask, from what game is the cut at 00:47 to 00:50?

You should be making more songs that act as critiques of the video game industry rather than a game, a joy to listen to and to reflect on.

Awesome song! I really like it.

I love it! Having finally gotten round the watching this I'm thrilled that I did, because your idea is so beautiful and this song is so catchy, too! More of this, please!

Rebecca this song really points out the problems in todays socity and I love it!
I would also love to hear more songs like this and not just songs about games but how the gaming industry has effected our lives, like you said in you behind the scenes!
You have really hit the nail on the head here and I love this song so much!

Absolutely brilliant! Well done, Ms. Mayes. I just came back and rewatched this and it made me smile all over again.

it was goods and made me smile so yay :)

Wonderful. I love the theme, I love the song, and I love that you are starting to experiment with your genre more. Although I enjoy your "reviews" of single games, I look forward to more like this one in the future!

I find this song a bit strange since i find Reb quite the beautiful woman.
Her face reminds me of someone else, but i can't pinpoint it just yet.

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