Interactive Storytelling

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With the topic of this storytelling in mind, I would like to suggest Choice of the Dragon as an interesting foray into this type of gameplay. It in fact sounds a lot like Fork. It's fast, which means multiple playthroughs are easily viable, and it is at least competently written. I got a big kick out of it, and if you liked the idea of Fork, you should give it a try.

Oooh, thank you.

I did want to say to Yahtzee (on the off-chance he actually has the time to read these comments) that I would love to play Fork and I know at least one friend I am certain would love it too. The flexibility of circumstance and context is a truly awesome thing to play with, as long as you can make each of the potential outcomes self-consistant. :)

You could give the player a ship without shields/barriers/guns/whatever for the first part of the game, then gain them conveniantly just before the action starts.

Interactive Storytelling is a Holy Grail that Chris Roberts has been chasing for years. Decades. And then the creators of Dwarf Fortress, the Adams brothers, went out and done it. Their approach is a brute force one: Just Simulate F*ing Everything. And the sagas that game generates are just mind boggling.

Read up on Dwarf Fortress here:

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