Stolen Pixels #179: Breen Interviews Chell

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Some fans did patch the ending of KOTOR II. They added all the stuff that didn't make the cut due to time constraints.

Too right they did. It's all good shit too.

The bit about Gabe was awesome! I love this Dr. Breen comics and hope you continue them in light of the events that occursed with Mr. Culp.

i actually kind of hope the title of the next comic is "Oh shit, I'm dead"

George Lucas is now working for Valve???

Only in Soviet Russia, everywhere else, it's the other way round.

so can you still use breen in your comic? or is that a bit taboo now.

Did they REALLY need to patch the ending? They could have merely plopped the continued ending into the intro for Portal 2.

This way they get to tease the fans with little bits of info about Portal 2, thus starting the hype-ball rolling. I wish tactics so transparent weren't working on me, 'cause now I really want Portal 2.

I hear Dr. Breen go, 'Oh...Shit' and realize his track record so far versus silent protagonists.
Sorry I missed this one the first time around. The Escapist's front page is getting crowded!


Actually, Chell isn't technically silent. She sometimes shouts in pain if you crush her with god mode on.

To a large extent, I don't think revising the original Portal ending was necessary. GLADoS seems a little... ambiguous on the whole concept of individuality with regard to test subjects. They're all vat-grown. The insults and threats all seem selected to *statistically* get reactions but without much regard for personal case. ANY human would be "you killed me", in the same way that "you were abandoned by your parents" (remember the vats?) or "you're fat", regardless of the actuality of the situation. Chells are all plentiful, replaceable, interchangeable, and all GLADoS's personal nemesis.

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