Zero Punctuation: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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This basically shows exactly why DICE should stick to multiplayer.

Though, one interesting thing the single player did was set up context for the multiplayer by making the multiplayer the "sequel" to the single player.

Actually I wanted to hear a couple of words about multiplayer, since for a lot of folk out there it's the only reason to buy this game.

"Perfectly square-shaped hole". I have to ask: Is Yahtzee exaggerating, or does the game really blow SQUARE holes in things?

I was hesitant about playing this when I heard that the SP experience was like that of MW2 (ie SHIT) so after viewing this I think I can safely keep this off of my Gamefly queue and rest comfortably at night. Funny video.

"being stalked by google maps!" lol

Can I just say *cock* the penis *dick* refen *tallywhacker*-ces are getting *shlong* a little *todger* more use than the *wang* breasts *slobber* ones in the Tomb *boner* Raider ones?



I agree with yahtzee on basically everything he commented on. The singleplayer was shit. The multiplayer, however, is awesome.

Oh wow! I watched this without realizing it was the new one for today LOL.


Yeah, I kinda had an issue with the first bad company... Seems like all those issues returned for more eh?

I'm glad I'm not the only one sick to fucking death of modern warfare shooters... Can we get over gritty, dirt brown and gun metal gray, modern warfare "realistic" shooters? Please?
Funny review, not like I needed someone to tell me BC2 was shit... The trailers told me that!! ^_^
Great, as always.


Strangely, his reviews always make me want to actually play the game. In some instances, (Mass Effect), I've actually gone out and bought said game.

Loved the "Reading Where's Wally from across the street" sequence; that was a convoluted series of events that, having not played B:BC2, I can only imagine how that metaphorically describes the gameplay. Maybe a game that actually had all those bits Yahtzee mentioned would be more fun to play. I mean, vampire bats? Truckasaurus? Panthers?! C'mon, there's some great gaming to be had there! Oh, and dust. Shitloads of dust!

No mention of multiplayer? Isn't that like, I don't know, the focus of the game?

seriously, it's a multiplayer game with a tacked on single player mode.

Where did my comment go?

...Kick ass and chew brains. I love it. That frame is definitely up there on the awesomeness scale.

As to the game, I don't really bother with too many shooters. Play one, you've played them all. Most of the time. Bad Company seems to be in the most category anyway.

Another realistic shooter that only lets you carry two weapons and is set in a modern ruined cityscape? Wow, I'm SO shocked Yahtzee didn't like it! I was certain he'd go in for the chest-high walls, auto-regeneration of health and enemies with superior visual acuity!


Why are the russians the bad guys now anyway? Can't they pick a more accurate enemy for whole Modern part of the combat? Like the 3 eyed aliens of Zaraggon. Now those nasty buggers put up a good fight a few years back. You can't even sneak up on them because that stupid third eye is on the back of their neck. But the Russians haven't really done anything since the whole Georgia incident. Or is this more "Americans don't know jack about global politic" because I am getting really tired of not knowing...

I've never liked war movies, my dad watched them ALLL the dang time. I mean seriously, it was irritating. So, I guess thats passed on to where I just don't like regular shooters...but I couldn't bring myself to finishing Bioshock either.

Anyway, this one was pretty funny. The "pounded into the dirt" part cracked me up. I loved the little sparrow with a bone disease, lol.

Found it funny that the vid had that 30 sec add for Bad Company.

well I this games doesn't looks awful. Has a decent campaign also they say the online is a blast to play. But if it was MW2 or BC2 I would go with MW2 any day.

DUST!!! multiplayer is fun though. Not a bad game by any means. I was expecting GoW this week :(

i think you should have reminded everyone that you don't play multiplayer games, yet again, because as always the single player is not even close to part of the draw here.

DPPFFRWSIWWBTONOTMTWHAAFAPAHD shooter. That's hard to remember.

Also, DUST!

I expect God of War 3 next week if I assume Yahtzee would never touch another JRPG game, especially, IMO, the failure that is FF13.

Where did my comment go?

instead of banning first posts they're just gonna delete them all.

lol that was damn funny

and Yahtzee's right,this whole game is almost an MW ripoff from start..who needs a loading screen with google maps?

You do realize the Battlefield series was out before Modern Warfare?

The Battlefield games have never really interested me, they just seemed like generic modern shooter games which are very popular so some reason.
I'm hoping a truly innovative shooter comes out in the near future, because we really need one of those about now.

Bahahaha, fantastic. I feel almost exactly the same way about most modern shooters, although I still think MW2 takes the prize for "spawn, walk three steps, get shot by a sniper you never saw, repeat" gameplay. Give me good old fashioned health kits any day over this piss-easy regenerating health. Even Mass Effect 2 got in on it, since apparently people found the first game's system of bulking up your shields to the point they can take anything too difficult.

i can forgive a game like mass effect for doing the regen-health thingy :P
after all.. it's space.. in the future... shields and self fixing armor :D
once that stuff is gone, it doesn't take that many bullets to die <.<

*edit* damn.. pressed post before i talked about the video :P shame on me..
anywho.. good video :) although... this is one of those games where the lack
of multiplayer review hurts the game...

I know the guy doesn't pay much attention to multiplayer, nor do I really, but Battlefield IS multiplayer, and I got it just for that, and I love it, despite the fact I generally hate online games (TF2 excluded).

Also, is it just me, but does this review feel like it's cut short?

Hahaha ah good stuff. I'll have to disagree with the man though, BC2 is a pretty damn sweet game :D Not the singleplayer, god no, I haven't even finished it which means it is pretty shitty because I always play the campaign first. And what's with everyone having problems with the mortar part? I did it in one try. I was like: They can not mean this part? There has to be another even crazier barrage around the corner. I enjoy the game immensly, such a nice uppgrade from MW2 :)

Though I don't like that DICE added two bullshit "specializations" perky stuff - Magnum Ammo and Body Armour. Basically Stopping Power and Juggernaut. Fucking *sigh*. Don't people get it? Remove the fucking perks bullshit. It's not fun and it's not balanced. I really hoped I would avoid that shit in BC2...


No mention of multiplayer? Isn't that like, I don't know, the focus of the game?

seriously, it's a multiplayer game with a tacked on single player mode.

I wouldn't call the single player tacked on. AvP has a tacked on single player. I would say this has a decent one.

I wasn't exactly thrilled with the first game either. What is it with destructable environments anyway? They look pretty but they never really seem to do anything other than clusterfucking the landscape and giving you an option between doorway and hole in the wall. They can bang on about (and I just read about the guy making Body Count bang on about for about three pages) how they alter tactics and strategy and you can't just hide from tanks in inpenetrable buildings anymore, but the fact is that pretty much every player out there is going to treat it almost exactly the same as they would any Call of Duty of Medal of Honor. I thought we were over this shit about the time Black came out.

online it stops campers

"hey that guys camping"


"not any more" ^_^

"the Russians are occupying the surface of Mercury, which is beyond the most liberal interpretation of lebensraum"

Ok, I laughed heartily at this.

Fox News jokes, Yahtzee? Seriously?

I don't want to pretend that a news network - or indeed anything - is supposedly above being mocked, but I've already heard every Fox News joke there is! Multiple times! From utterly unrelated sources!

Surely there must be something in the opposite hemisphere worth mocking beyond Mr. Atkinson, if only for the sheer thrill of hearing something new.

On second thought, just mocking Mr. Atkinson more would also be perfectly acceptable. That bizarre fellow is going to be out of the limelight before too long and it would be a shame to waste the time remaining. It is so rare to find someone who can legitimately earn universal scorn from all sides that it will be almost a shame to be rid of the brain-addled bloke.


I was wondering about Russian always being the enemy too (when its not Nazis ofc.). I would love to see a game were you fought against... a European country or as a European country fighting USA. Its not realistic but come on!!

I fail to understand what makes Battlefield Cad Company 2 'realistic'.
Since it's about as realistic as Super Mario Bros.
But it was a charming video nonetheless.

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